Apr 17, 2024

Theatre Salina Guild begins 38th Geranium and Plant Sale

Posted Apr 17, 2024 10:03 AM
38th Annual Geranium and Plant Sale. <b>Graphic courtesy Theatre Salina Guild</b>
38th Annual Geranium and Plant Sale. Graphic courtesy Theatre Salina Guild

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The Theatre Salina Guild began its 38th Annual Geranium and Plant Sale last week. Residents and visitors can place advance orders for Calliope Dark Red, Galaxy Orange, Patriot White geraniums, and more.

On Thursday, March 14, the guild began taking orders for hundreds of geraniums and plants to raise cash for the Theatre Salina youth programs.

"Our primary goal is to raise money and we split half of what we raise directly with the Youth Education Program," said Theatre Salina Guild Vice President and Plant Sale Chair Patti Breeding. "The other half we use toward scholarships for seniors that are going on to higher education in the arts."

White geraniums. <b>Image courtesy of Pixabay</b>
White geraniums. Image courtesy of Pixabay

The creative youth also participate in the sale each year, Breeding said, with many student volunteers assisting on the in-person sale days on Friday and Saturday, April 14 and 15.

Ordering geraniums in advance costs $7.50 each, but those purchasing in person on the sale days at Theatre Salina will cost $8. The special geraniums are $10 with advance orders and purchasing in the Theatre Salina lobby.

Breeding said that for advance orders, payment for the flowers must be made on or before Friday, April 12.

This year's special geraniums are for two previous guild members, Florence Jester and Judi Dunn, and their years of service to the Theatre Salina Guild.

"We have done it for people that have passed on, but these two ladies are still with us," Breeding said. "Judy had been vice president for a number of years, and Florence had been secretary. They just stepped down this last year, so we are doing it to honor them for the years of service they provided to the guild."

Guild members also have a raffle alongside the plant sale with various local prizes. One is an arrangement of potted plants by Sheila's Garden Market in Galva, a self-contained wooden water feature by a local artist, tickets to a few performances by Theatre Salina in April, and a grand prize of two season tickets to Theatre Salina.

Those interested in ordering flowers for the sale can contact a guild member at 785-643-3372. Theatre Salina Guild will have the flowers available for pick-up from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, April 14 and 15, in the Theatre Salina Lobby.

Geraniums on sale at Theatre Salina Guild

Regular geraniums — $7.50 each
Calliope Large Dark Red
Calliope Large Hot Rose
Patriot White
Patriot Lavender Blue

Special geraniums — $10 each
Calliope Cascade Violet, in honor of Florence Jester
Sunrise Rose+Big Eye, in honor of Judi Dunn

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