Jul 06, 2023

Smoky Hill River Festival Committee Member Appreciation

Posted Jul 06, 2023 1:55 PM
Smoky Hill River Festival 2023 t-shirt art.png
Smoky Hill River Festival 2023 t-shirt art.png

Salina Arts and Humanities

The following individuals and families served on key committees for the 47th Smoky Hill River Festival, giving generously of their time and talents. Thanks to each one, plus the 2,000 other volunteers who make the event possible.

Ambassadors: Amy Adams, Sheri Albright, Eddie Balluch, Trish Bandre, Missy Brodbeck, Loreen Buccigrossi, Anita Chase, Peter Clark, Jim DuBois, Jessica Haywood, Joe Jackson, Don Merriman, Byron Norris, Jodi Owen, Ron & Joan Reed, Kyle Smith, Susan Weis, Jill Werner

Art Show - East Side and Patron Program:Larry Bunker, Lauren Driscoll, Katy England, Mandi Hamilton, Kelly Hancock, Susan Hawksworth, Carolee Jones, Katy Kitchen, Gary Martens, Bill North, Brian Weigel, Leah Wilson

Art Show - West Side: Stacia Brenneman, Jim & Sherry Cates, Robin Cates, Angie & Mark Coble, Sally Finch, Amy Freelove, MariAnn Gies, in memory of Ann Headrick, Christi Nuding, Mollie Purcell, Sylvia Rice

Art Show - Parking: Randy Hardy, Amanda Littell, Rachel Loersch, Brian Morris, Karla Prickett, Julia Ramos

Artyopolis Children's Area: Carrie Carpenter, Pat Haas, Romeyn Lauber, Chris Lehecka, Mike Mattek

Baby Station: Beth Vinson

Art/Craft Demonstration: Kim George, Cori North, Hana North, Karen Olson, Karol Mobley

Entertainment: Milt Allen, Loren Banninger, Sarah Crews, Laura Easterday, Kay Engelland, Rick Hanson, Cash Hollistah, Larry Stoss

Smoky Hill River Run: Lisa Berry, Brandon Martinez

Festival Jam: Rick Hanson, Steve Hanson, Ryan McClintock

First Treasures: Heidi Brown, Gabe Grant

Food: Cary Brinegar, Kim Cairns, Bronson Farmer, Melanie & Craig Regnier, Dawn Smith, Max Wellbrock-Talley

Gates: Michelle Dolan, Hannah Holt, Chrissy Swagerty

Hospitality: Christal Lantz, Linda Rohrer

Info Booths: Beth & Tom Arpke

Marketing/Wristband Sales: Sandy Cole, Mary Lou Schneider, Darlene Stottmann

Shuttles: Trell Grinter, Andy Purdy, Sarah Quinn

Festival committee members are volunteer leaders who support event planning and operations. Committee membership requires a more significant time commitment throughout the year to help shape decisions and selections for the Festival.

Community members who are interested in joining a Festival committee to prepare for 2024 can find more information online athttps://www.riverfestival.com/committee/ or by reaching out to Festival staff at 785-309-5770 or [email protected].