Aug 19, 2023

Artist Talk: Candace Hicks, Point of View

Posted Aug 19, 2023 1:21 PM

Video Courtesy Salina Art Center YouTube channel

Salina Art Center

Point of View takes a cinematic look at dream fragments, crop circles, surveillance, and a world of light and shadows.

Candace Hicks suggests a story revealing that a fluffy, cumulus cloud is the main character of an inept plot of cover-up, and violence and you are part of the surveillance team. You are outside of the action but an essential witness to the crime. Other narratives throughout the installation are scenes and objects based on information from unreliable sources that may or may not be true.

Is that an actual video of a crop circle being formed? It makes you wonder. Who is providing the information? How do you know what is true and what are the stories we tell ourselves?

Summer Exhibition 2023 | Point of View | Curated by Christine Olejniczak Featured Artists: Candace Hicks, Alicia Kelly, Becky Hyberger, and Mandy Bernard Find Candace here: