Apr 15, 2024

Lewis Black to stop in Salina for his 'Goodbye Yeller Brick Road, The Final Tour'

Posted Apr 15, 2024 7:55 PM
Stiefel Theatre
Stiefel Theatre

Stiefel Theatre

The Two-time Grammy Award-winning, finger-wagging, rant-raving, comedian Lewis Black is coming to Salina, Kansas for his GOODBYE YELLER BRICK ROAD, THE FINAL TOUR on Nov. 3.

Tickets start at $49 and go on sale April 19 at 11 a.m. Buy in person at the Stiefel Theatre Box Office or online at www.stiefeltheatre.org 785-827-1998

Lewis Black

Lewis Black press image
Lewis Black press image

After 35+ years as a touring stand-up comedian, Lewis Black is parking his tour bus for good next year, marking the end of his legendary world touring career. Black will write the next chapter of his career by going back to his roots and focusing on writing a new play, penning a new book, and expanding his podcast, RantCast, to include live recordings. He will also return as the voice of “Anger” in the upcoming Pixar sequel, Inside Out 2.

Lewis on being asked about touring retirement

“For a while now I have been letting folks know that I am going to retire from touring. No one believed me. ‘Why would you retire from touring?’, they asked. This is after years of being asked why I was touring, ‘it must be exhausting.’ So, today I am announcing that I am retiring from touring. It is a life that has given me great joy and opened a world of possibilities for me. I thought the road would go on forever, well I was wrong about that. And the fact is as hard as the road maybe to be on, it’s harder to leave it. I am only retiring from touring. It’s time for me to explore other avenues such as writing, reading your rants, and pitching TV shows that will be rejected. (Which is why I know they are good.) More importantly, I can finally give my Fantasy Football team the focus and time it truly needs. And maybe, just maybe I can become the professional golfer I was born to be.”

The LA Times asks, “Is this the end of the road for Lewis Black? America’s crankiest comic reflects on his final tour”.

Lewis Black uses his trademark style of comedic yelling and finger pointing to expose the absurdities of life. His comedic brilliance makes people laugh at life’s hypocrisies and the insanity he sees in the world. He has performed throughout the world and the US, where he performed at Carnegie Hall and had two successful Broadway runs.

His latest stand-up special, Tragically, I Need You, was released earlier this year and has already surpassed 1.3 million views on YouTube. The brand-new special explores topics including his ways of coping with the pandemic, his frustrations with the evolving world, and of course his thoughts about the chaos of America these last few years.