May 28, 2023

Live KSHSAA area state track results

Posted May 28, 2023 12:53 AM

The 2023 KSHSAA state track meet is officially underway, and athletes from 11 of our area schools will look to stamp their names in the history books this Friday and Saturday.

Below you can find live results for all of our area athletes competing from Salina Central, Salina South, Abilene, Chapman, McPherson, Southeast of Saline, Smoky Valley, Sacred Heart, Ell-Saline, Solomon, and Bennington.

Live state track coverage is presented by Salina Regional Orthopedic and Sports Medicine
Live state track coverage is presented by Salina Regional Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

Saturday Results

4A Boys 4x400m Relay
Abilene- 7th (3:29.78)

3A Boys 4x400m Relay
SE of Saline- 2nd (3:24.79)
Smoky Valley- 3rd (3:24.88)

4A Girls 4x400m Relay
McPherson- 3rd (4:13.25)
Abilene- 8th (4:25.22)

2A Girls 4x400m Relay
Sacred Heart- 7th (4:19.02)

4A Boys 200m Dash
Jayce Schriner (McPherson): 7th (23.67)

3A Boys 200m Dash
Nakari Morrical-Palmer (SE of Saline): 2nd (22.35)

5A Girls 200m Dash
Elle Denning (Salina Central): 8th (26.99)

4A Girls 200m Dash
Jayla McLeod (McPherson): 5th (26.45)

3A Girls 200m Dash
Breanne Peters (Smoky Valley): STATE CHAMP (25.44)

2A Girls 200m Dash
Rori Miles (Bennington): 5th (27.06)

4A Boys 800
Darren Klukas (Chapman): 4th (1:59.29)
Triston Cottone (Abilene): 13th (2:04.21)

3A Boys 800
Jacob Bircher (SE of Saline): 9th (2:01.65)

2A Boys 800
Jace Douglas (Sacred Heart): 14th (2:06.70)

5A Girls 800
Ava Lemaster (Salina South): 11th (2:32.08)

4A Girls 800
Eden Bathurst (Abilene): 7th (2:23.35)
Chloe Clevenger (McPherson): 9th (2:24.62)
Jade Beary (Chapman): 13th (2:35.80)

2A Girls 800
Gracy Dorzweiler (Sacred Heart): 5th (2:29.06)
Darby Smith (Ell-Saline): 6th (2:29.9)

4A Boys 300m Hurdles
Judah Bowell (Abilene): 6th (41.07)

2A Boys 300m Hurdles
Jace Raccagno (Bennington): 7th (41.7)

4A Girls Discus
Tanith Elliott (Chapman): 3rd (117-8)

3A Boys Triple Jump
Nakari Morrical-Palmer (SE of Saline): 7th (42-2.25)

4A Girls Long Jump
Haley Litzinger (Chapman): 2nd (17-2.5)
Andi Buschbom (McPherson): (16-.05)

2A Boys Javelin
Brogan Rowley (Ell-Saline): 11th (149-10)

4A Boys Shot Put
Weston Langvardt (Chapman): 11th (47-.025)

3A Girls Triple Jump
Breanne Peters (Smoky Valley): 2nd (35-11)
Hope Duncan (Smoky Valley): 4th (35-7)

2A Girls Javelin
Jordan Bartlett (Bennington): 6th (121-2)

5A Girls Discus
Aunisty McNeal (Salina South): 8th (120-8)
Allison Robinette (Salina Central): 11th (110-10)

5A Girls Pole Vault
Anna Hogeland (Salina Central): 4th (10-6)
Bethany Hicklin (Salina South): 5th (10-6)

4A Boys High Jump
Tyler Green (Abilene): 5th (6-2)
CJ Holm (Chapman): 16th (5-8)

2A Boys High Jump
Brogan Rowley (Ell-Saline): STATE CHAMP (6-10)
Payge Rodenbeek (Bennington): 11th (5-8)

2A Boys Shot Put
Victor Ruiz (Ell-Saline): 5th (47-0.75)

4A Girls Javelin
Adelynn Kirkpatrick (Chapman): 15th

5A Boys Pole Vault
Dylan Brice (Salina South): 7th (13-0)

2A Boys Long Jump
Brogan Rowley (Ell-Saline): 2nd (21-3.25)
Joe Hiechel (Ell-Saline): 11th (19-5.75)

4A Girls 300m hurdles
Arihanna Koehn (McPherson): 7th (50.80)

2A Girls 300m hurdles
Lauryn Mikkelson (Sacred Heart): 5th (48.65)

3A Boys 400m Dash
Nakari Morrical-Palmer (SE of Saline): 2nd (49.81)
Omar Calzada (SE of Saline): 4th (51.28)
Wyatt Johnson (Smoky Valley: 7th (52.52)

5A Girls 400m Dash
Elle Denning (Salina Central): 8th (1:03.62)

2A Girls 400m Dash
Gracy Dorzweiler (Sacred Heart): 8th (1:02.26)

4A Boys 4x100m Relay
Chapman- 8th (44.69)

2A Boys 4x100m Relay
Ell-Saline- 3rd (44.48)
Bennington- 6th (44.65)

4A Girls 4x100m Relay
McPherson- 2nd (49.67)

2A Girls 4x100m Relay
Bennington- 4th (51.63)

4A Boys 1600
Caleb Muehler (McPherson): 7th (4:35.79)
Roman Mai (McPherson): 11th (4:51.69)

2A Boys 1600
Garrison Zerger (Ell-Saline): 5th (4:32.10)
Carson Fouard (Ell-Saline): 8th (4:34.17)
Thayne Trout (Bennington): 9th (4:35.11)
Jace Douglas (Sacred Heart): 12th (4:42.91)

5A Girls 1600
Katelyn Rupe (Salina Central): 2nd (5:03.46)

4A Girls 1600
Eden Bathurst (Abilene): 4th (5:17.66)

3A Girls 1600
Ashley Prochazka (SE of Saline): 3rd (5:23.04)

2A Girls 1600
Caroline Stone (Sacred Heart): 5th (5:38.18)
Eva Matteucci (Sacred Heart): 8th (5:43.88)
Lily Salazar (Ell-Saline): 12th (6:07.36)

5A Girls 4x800 Relay
Salina South- 12th (10:34.95)

4A Girls 4x800 Relay
Abilene- 5th (10:20.19)
McPherson- 8th (10:28.61)

2A Girls 4x800 Relay
Sacred Heart- 2nd (10:08.41)
Ell-Saline- 5th (10:27.91)

4A Boys 110m Hurdles
Judah Bowell (Abilene): 3rd (15.04)

5A Girls 100m Hurdles
Tamia Cheeks (Salina South): 6th (16.21)

4A Girls 100m Hurdles
Aislyn Soukup (McPherson): 3rd (15.73)
Arihanna Koehn (McPherson): 6th (16.25)
Maya Kirkpatrick (Chapman): 8th (17.47)

3A Girls 100m Hurdles
Elliana Smith (SE of Saline): 5th (16.02)

4A Boys 100 Meter Dash prelims
Jayce Schriner (McPherson): 10th, (11.31)
Devon Huffman (McPherson): 12th, (11.41)

Girls 100 Meter Dash Class 5A
Elle Denning (Salina Central): 8th, (12.59)

Girls 100 Meter Dash Class 4A
Jayla McLeod (McPherson): 6th (12.89)
Addison Chapman (McPherson) 8th (12.95)

Girls 100 Meter Dash Class 3A
Breanne Peters (Smoky-Valley): STATE CHAMP (12.19)

Girls 100 Meter Dash Class 2A Finals
Rori Miles (Bennington): 5th, (12.79)

Boys 4x800m Relay Class 5A
Salina Central- 15th (8:33.02)

Boys 4x800m Relay Class 4A
Abilene- 2nd (8:10.78)
Chapman- 4th (8:14.71)
McPherson- 6th (8:21.92)

Boys 4x800m Relay Class 3A
Southeast of Saline- STATE CHAMPS, Levi Allen, Drake Augustine, Damion Jackson, Jacob Bircher (7:59.59)
Smoky Valley- 2nd (8:00.58)

Boys 100 Meter Prelims
Riley Stone (Ellsworth) 3A , 3rd (11.10q)

Jayce Schriner (McPherson)  4A , 10th (11.31q)
Devon Huffman (McPherson) 4A , 12th (11.41q)

Girls 100 Meter Prelims
Elle Denning (Salina-Central) 5A , 6th (12.76 q)

Haley Litzinger (Chapman): 4A, 10th (13.14q)
Jayla McLeod (McPherson): 4A, 5th (12.85 q)
Addison Chapman (McPherson): 4A, 6th (13.00 q)

Breanne Peters (Lindsborg-Smoky Valley) 3A , 1st (12.45q)

Rori Miles (Bennington): 2A, 8th (13.06 q)

Friday Results

Gavin Wedel (McPherson): Boys javelin, 11th (161-6)
Ian Suther (Chapman): Boys javelin, 13th (156-4)
Samuel Becker (McPherson): Boys javelin, 16th (148-0)

Javyn Alexander (McPherson): Boys long jump, 3rd (21-10.75)
Aidan Whitley (Chapman): Boys long jump, 4th (21-2.75)

Maya Kirkpatrick (Chapman): Girls triple jump, 7th (35-6)

Amber Smith (McPherson): Girls pole vault, 10th (8-6)

Katelyn Rupe (Salina Central): Girls 3200, STATE CHAMPION (10:39.41)
Mallory Renfro (Salina Central: Girls 3200, 15th (12:53.82)

Caleb Muhler (McPherson): Boys 3200, 4th (9:53.27)

Elyssa Frieze (Chapman): Girls 3200, STATE CHAMPION (11:15.82)
Arissa Cathey (Abilene): Girls 3200, 7th (12:11.65)

Abilene boys 4x400m relay prelims, 6th (3:28.29) q
Chapman boys 4x400m relay prelims, 12th (3:34.74)

McPherson girls 4x400m relay prelims, 6th (4:12.80) q
Abilene girls 4x400m relay prelims, 7th (4:13.18) q

Jayce Schriner (McPherson): Boys 200m prelims, 4th (22.62) q
Gage Picking (Chapman): Boys 200m prelims, 14th (23.38)

Elle Denning (Salina Central): Girls 200m prelims, 7th (26.21) q

Jayla McLeod (McPherson): Girls 200m prelims, 4th (26.04) q
Renatta Heintz (Abilene): Girls 200m prelims, 12th (26.82)

Seth Robben (Salina South): Boys 300m hurdle prelims, 13th (42.36)

Judah Bowell (Abilene): Boys 300m hurdle prelims, 6th (41.64) q
Cory Muehler (McPherson): Boys 300m hurdle prelims, 11th (43.07)

Tamia Cheeks (Salina South): Girls 300m hurdle prelims, 14th (49.76)

Arihanna Koehn (McPherson): Girls 300m hurdle prelims, 7th (48.42) q
Maya Kirkpatrick (Chapman): Girls 100m hurdle prelims, 10th (49.45) 

Jameer Moore (Salina Central): Boys 400m prelims, 16th (52.55)

Drew Elliott (Chapman): Boys 400m prelims, 9th (51.15)
Zeb Shultze (Abilene): Boys 400m prelims, 16th (52.90)

Elle Denning (Salina Central): Girls 400m prelims, 5th (59.47) q

Chapman boys 4x100m relay prelims, 7th (43.92) q
McPherson boys 4x100m relay prelims, 10th (44.14)
Abilene boys 4x100m relay prelims, DQ

McPherson girls 4x100m relay prelims, 3rd (50.18) q
Chapman girls 4x100m relay prelims, 9th (50.82)
Abilene girls 4x100m relay prelims, 11th (51.01)

Judah Bowell (Abilene): Boys 110m hurdle prelims, 3rd (14.82) q
Asa Keough (McPherson): Boys 110m hurdle prelims, 13th (16.77)

Tamia Cheeks (Salina Central): Girls 100m hurdle prelims, 4th (15.84) q

Arihanna Koehn (McPherson): Girls 100m hurdle prelims, 4th (15.75) q
Maya Kirkpatrick (Chapman): Girls 100m hurdle prelims, 7th (15.94) q
Aislyn Soukup (McPherson): Girls 100m hurdle prelims, 8th (15.98) q

Hunter Wilson (McPherson): Girls shot put, 11th (33-10)
Ashleigh Long (Chapman: Girls shot put, 13th (33-1.25)

Sophie Cavanaugh (Chapman): Girls high jump, 3rd (5-2)
Avery Baer (Chapman): Girls high jump, 10th (4-8)

Olivia Beckman (Salina South): Girls triple jump, 10th (33-10.75)

Kaden Snyder (Salina Central): Boys discus, 14th (117-6)

Justin Holt (Smoky Valley): Boys shot put, 13th (47-2)

Madison Simmons (Bennington): Girls pole vault, 4th (8-6)

Elliana Smith (SE of Saline): Girls high jump, 12th (4-10)

Trystan Stambaugh (Smoky Valley): Boys javelin, 7th (165-1)

Isaiah Garrett (Bennington): Boys triple jump, 14th (39-11.75)

Jace Ohlson (Bennington): Boys pole vault, STATE CHAMPION (13-0)
Trey Huelsman (Bennington): Boys pole vault, 4th (12-0)

Breanne Peters (Smoky Valley): Girls pole vault, 2nd (11-0)
Noelle Peters (Smoky Valley): Girls pole vault, 10th (9-6)

Tate Nurnberg (SE of Saline): Boys high jump, 4th (6-2)

Ally Richards (Ell-Saline): Girls triple jump, 5th (35-1.75)

Smoky Valley boys 4x400m relay prelims, 1st (3:25.20) q
SE of Saline boys 4x400m relay prelims, 6th (3:29.40) q

Smoky Valley girls 4x400m relay prelims 9th (4:17.74) 

Sacred Heart girls 4x400m relay prelims, 5th (4:13.67) q

Nakari Morrical-Palmer (SE of Saline): Boys 200m dash prelims, 4th (22.81) q

Breanne Peters (Smoky Valley): Girls 200m dash prelims, 2nd (25.62) q

Rori Miles (Bennington): Girls 200m dash prelims, 5th (26.38) q
Lauren Mikkelson (Sacred Heart): Girls 200m dash prelims, 11th (27.37)

Jaden Raccagno (Bennington): Boys 300m hurdle prelims, 7th (41.9) q

Lauryn Mikkelson (Sacred Heart): Girls 300m hurdle prelims, 5th (47.74) q

Nakari Morrical Palmer (SE of Saline): Boys 400 prelims, 2nd (49.74) q
Wyatt Johnson (Smoky Valley): Boys 400 prelims, 4th (49.99) q
Omar Calzada (SE of Saline): Boys 400 prelims, 6th (51.23) q

Cameron Cleveland (Sacred Heart): Boys 400 prelims, 15th (53:23)

Gracy Dorzweiler (Sacred Heart): Girls 400 prelims, 8th (1:01.26) q

Ell-Saline 4x100m relay prelims, 3rd (44.38) q
Bennington 4x100m relay prelims, 8th (45.07) q

Bennington 4x100m relay prelims, 2nd (51.63) q

Elliana Smith (SE of Saline): Girls 100m hurdle prelims, 8th (16.58) q

Taleigh Watson (Bennington): Girls 100m hurdle prelims, 10th (17.22)

Damion Jackson (SE of Saline): Boys 3200, 4th (9:27.45)

Ashley Prochazka (SE of Saline): Girls 3200, 6th (11:54.83)

Carson Fouard (Ell-Saline): Boys 3200, 4th (9:49.85)
Garrison Zerger (Ell-Saline): Boys 3200, 6th (9:53.59)
Brady Wells (Sacred Heart): Boys 3200, 13th (10:28.56)

Eva Matteucci (Sacred Heart): Girls 3200, 5th (12:02.16)