Jun 13, 2024

Chiefs Player Quotes: 6-12-24

Posted Jun 13, 2024 1:43 PM


Q: How can mandatory minicamp help the team get prepared?

JONES: “I think most importantly OTAs are about building continuity with the team, chemistry, that’s a huge part of it. We have a lot of young guys, getting them acclimated to how we practice, the speed of practice and just being able to be around the guys and compete, I think most importantly. We kind of missed that aspect of it, we (have) been off since February the 13th and being able to be here to be competing with my guys every day.”

Q: Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo told us about when one of his previous teams had a top defense in the league and the next year they fell to the bottom. What is your takeaway from that chat?

JONES: “Just how easy it is to get complacent. I think that was 2016-2017 New York Giants, if I’m correct. He actually showed us the bulletin this morning on the board (and) how they were ranked second and went to (last). Just the complacency level. It’s so easy to get complacent. It’s so easy to get to, ‘We’ll fix it later,’ you know what I mean. Especially when you come off such a high, so you want to always keep that pressure applied and making sure that you’re challenging each other at the highest level.”

Q: On Kingsley Suamataia.

JONES: “It’s a Catch-22 at OTAs because you can’t bull rush, right? And you have no pads, so it’s more so hand work. And it’s also a level of protecting each other. Training camp I think we can open up that talk a little more on where we’re at, where we stand. Either we are getting our butt kicked, or we’re kicking butt. So, talk to me about it in training camp. Y’all have a beautiful day.”


Q: What are your initial thoughts on the wide receiver core, specifically Hollywood Brown?

WATSON: “It’s been great. Good mix of new faces and some guys that have been around here. I think just a lot of new energy. It’s been cool, we always talk about attacking the new season and using this time to improve, starting to figure out who we are. It’s just been cool to see some new additions like Hollywood Brown, getting Nikko Remigio back and then obviously Xavier (Worthy), he’s just dynamic. It’s been really great to add some great guys and dynamic playmakers out there.”

Q: Are you used to being one of the faster guys?

WATSON: “Last year we had a lot of debates and conversations I would say the last two years about who’s the fastest and I would always put my name in that ring. I’m going to defer to one of those two (Xavier Worthy and Hollywood Brown), those guys can absolutely fly so one of those two are definitely the fastest right now.”

Q: You have won three Super Bowls now, what about those experiences can you rely upon, learn from and teach the other guys about the rare chance to go for three?

WATSON: “I think it’s a (MLB Hall of Famer) Hank Aaron quote that I really like. He said, ‘Yesterday’s homeruns don’t win today’s games.’ That’s always how you have to attack the season. This time of year, nobody cares that you’ve won the Super Bowl last year. It doesn’t earn you anything except you’re getting everybody’s best shot. We’ve just used this time to (say), ‘Hey forget about the Super Bowl.’ We’ve got the Ring Ceremony tomorrow, that will be the last time we talk about or celebrate last season. Really since we’ve gotten here, it’s been the whole train is moving forward, nobody is talking about last year. It’s about what we want to do this year.”

Q: How much does an Andy Reid offense evolve each year?

WATSON: “I’m already excited about what we have going in for early next season. I think our coaching staff is so smart that they see any tendencies that we give, anything the defenses try to throw at us late in the season and we try to figure out a way, ‘How can we complement that? How can we use what they’re overplaying to our advantage?’ I know (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid’s record in the first month of the season has been good, and I think a lot of that’s been just all the film work, all the studying in the offseason. I mean they watch every single play from the previous season multiple times over so just that level of detail makes us feel really confident and comfortable out there running around.”


Q: How has your connection with Patrick Mahomes improved from when you first met him to now?

BROWN: “It’s been good. From when we first started going back in Dallas to now, it just keeps improving, and he’s trusting me more and more so that’s good.”

Q: Outside of talent, is there a reason why you think this team has been so successful?

BROWN: “Yeah definitely. I feel like everyone is on the same page, everyone has the same goal, same mission. The way we compete out there in practice and then – we teach each other like we help each other, defense talks to offense, offense talks to defense, so I feel like that’s a big part of it.”

Q: What do you think you’re capable of in this offense?

BROWN: “I’m excited to be here. (I’m) trusting (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid, (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Matt) Nagy and Pat (Mahomes). I’m just excited for the opportunity and what’s ahead.”

Q: Who have you become close with on the team?

BROWN: “I mean obviously Rashee (Rice) but Pat (Mahomes), Trav (Kelce), everyone really. We train together too like outside of here, so the whole receiver corps (is) getting together and just being around each other as much as we can heading into the season.”