Jul 28, 2020 12:48 PM

Schmidt: Roofing contractors fined; one case in Cloud County

Posted Jul 28, 2020 12:48 PM

TOPEKA – Ten roofing contractors were fined after being found in violation of consumer protection laws during Fiscal Year 2020, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said Monday.

In the period ending June 30, Schmidt entered into consent judgments with the roofers for violations of the Kansas Roofing Registration Act (KRRA). The settlements require the contractors to pay civil penalties for KRRA violations. They also require the contractors to comply with the KRRA when providing roofing services in the future. The 10 roofing contractors fined are:

KCRS, LLC, and KCRS Restoration Contractors, LLC, d/b/a Kansas City Roofing Service; Johnson County; Case No. 2019-CV-3906

Lionheart Contracting LLC; Shawnee County District Court; Case No. CV-2019-556

Garst Construction, LLC; Cloud County District Court; Case No. 2019-CV-30

New Era Innovations LLC; Wyandotte County District Court; Case No. 2019-CV-651

Absolute Roofseal, LLC; Johnson County; Case No. 2019-CV-6153

Weaver Construction Services, LLC; Sedgwick County; Case No. 2019-CV-2539-OT

Carlos Marquez d/b/a Marquez Construction; Decatur County District Court; Case No. 2020-CV-02

Jose L. Nunez-Vazquez; Miami County District Court; Case No. 2020-CV-19

Hometown Roofing, LLC; Johnson County District Court; Case No. 2020-CV-1969

Winterstone, LLC; Shawnee County District Court; Case No. 2020-CV-308

In each case, Schmidt alleged the defendants or defendants’ subcontractors engaged in advertising, soliciting or performing roofing contractor services in Kansas without registering with the attorney general’s office as required by the KRRA or violating other provisions of the Kansas Roofing Registration Act. Copies of the consent judgments are available at www.ag.ks.gov/roofer-enforcement.

Schmidt reminded consumers to make sure roofing contractors are properly registered before signing any contract or having any work done. Consumers should request a copy of their roofer’s registration certificate and then should check the attorney general’s consumer protection website at www.InYourCornerKansas.org to confirm that the roofer’s registration is in good standing.