Sep 21, 2023

K-State Salina continues commitment to leadership education with new programs

Posted Sep 21, 2023 12:59 PM
With a focus on the university's new Next-Gen K-State strategic plan, the K-State Salina campus is elevating leadership skills in its commitment to developing global leaders. <b>Photo Courtesy K-State Communications and Marketing</b>
With a focus on the university's new Next-Gen K-State strategic plan, the K-State Salina campus is elevating leadership skills in its commitment to developing global leaders. Photo Courtesy K-State Communications and Marketing

Submitted by K-State Division of Communication and Marketing

As the Kansas State University Salina Aerospace and Technology Campus settles into the new academic year, the campus continues to elevate the goal of developing global leaders on the campus.

K-State Salina now offers a new leadership course taught in collaboration with K-State's Staley School of Leadership. All incoming students participate in this introductory course, ensuring leadership competencies are developed for all K-State Salina students. Students who complete the course will also have the option to continue their education in leadership and obtain a minor in leadership studies.

The leadership studies minor is a complement to any degree option. During these courses, students will work toward personal leadership development and a practical framework to further self-awareness, values and purpose. The academic minor, through the Staley School of Leadership, will also help K-State Salina students become involved in the Salina community with service projects in support of organizations working on community challenges.

"Preparing our students for life after graduation and ensuring that they are career-ready is a huge emphasis on this campus," said Kyle Chamberlin, assistant dean of student life at K-State Salina. "With the competencies and quality instruction that the Staley School of Leadership is known for, we are expecting future graduates of K-State Salina to be not only career-ready but also ready to be leaders in their respective industries the moment they accept their first jobs."

Faculty, staff and administration are also getting the opportunity to practice their leadership skills by completing leadership education through the Kansas Leadership Center's Leadership Transformation Grant. This grant allows the campus to offer research-backed professional leadership development courses to its staff. This is the second year that K-State Salina has qualified for the grant, and more than 40% of employees have taken advantage of the opportunity.

According to staff at the Kansas Leadership Center, or KLC, the training fosters leadership for stronger, healthier and more prosperous communities in the state. KLC is working with K-State Salina to help create a culture of leadership that embraces change and tackles challenges through its unique approach. Those who complete the courses gain competencies and skills that encourage leadership to come from anyone — regardless of title or position.

With leadership engagement from faculty and staff continuing to grow, K-State Salina welcomed Julia Fabris McBride, chief civic leadership development officer of the Kansas Leadership Center and co-author of the book "When Everyone Leads," to be the featured guest speaker at the campus's annual Fall Kickoff. Fabris McBride took the opportunity at the yearly event to inspire and mobilize the faculty and staff of K-State Salina to practice their leadership skills.

"Our campus was thrilled to welcome Julia to speak with our faculty and staff," said Kirsten Zoller, executive director of strategic initiatives at K-State Salina. "Julia brought a unique perspective based on her years of professional leadership and management. This presentation encouraged our campus to continue to practice leadership and reminded us how important our mission of developing global leaders in aerospace and technology is."

As K-State Salina continues its dedication to leadership development, the campus hopes to foster a culture of leaders eager to embark on new challenges in support of the new strategic initiatives as part of the Next-Gen K-State strategic plan.