Aug 22, 2021 1:51 PM

Bethany College announces spectator policy update

Posted Aug 22, 2021 1:51 PM

LINDSBORG - Bethany College has updated its spectator policy. The following is a statement concerning spectators from Laura Moreno, dean of athletics

Effective immediately and until further notice, Bethany College has announced new spectator policies. Based on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is in the best interest of the safety of our students, faculty, and staff to have a reduced number of spectators at this time. Ticketing limits have been set based on practices suggested by the McPherson County Health Department (MCHD), the McPherson County Board of County Commissioners/Board of Health, and the Kansas Department of Health. 

Tickets for all home events for Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, and Wrestling are available at General admission tickets need to be pre-purchased online at the aforementioned website, as well as student/faculty/staff tickets need to be pre-reserved online at that same website. Tickets are available for purchase/reservation online until the conclusion of the contest; however, it is strongly encouraged that fans pre-purchase tickets in order to ensure availability.

For Volleyball, Basketball, and Wrestling events in Hahn Gym at Bethany College: Due to suggested guidelines 500 tickets will currently be available for these events. Tickets can be purchased at Currently 350 tickets will be available for general admission while 150 tickets will only be made available to Bethany College students, faculty, and staff. All Bethany students, faculty, and staff must provide a current Bethany ID along with their reserved ticket at the gate. Masks and proper social distancing are required inside of Hahn Gym. 

For Football and Soccer events held at Anderson Stadium at Bethany College: 350 General Admission tickets and 150 student/faculty/staff tickets will be available on Masks are strongly encouraged within the Stadium while proper social distancing is required.

For Baseball/Softball/Tennis events at Bethany College: Spectators are allowed at the Tennis Complex, Baseball field and Softball field. Bethany College encourages spectators to bring their own seating in order to practice social distancing. Masks and proper social distancing are required.

Bethany College understands that immediate family members, or "pods," represent a significant portion of the spectators attending athletic events. As there is typically no social distancing among members of a pod, all spectators are asked to be vigilant of social distancing and maintain at least six feet between themselves and other individuals or those outside of their pod. The College would also like to remind those sitting together in a pod to limit close interactions with individuals outside of their immediate family members.   

Home athletic events are available to watch online at no cost at Most visiting athletic events also have live video available. Links for those events will be posted on

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Moreno, Dean of Athletics, at (785) 227-3380, ext. 8369, or Brad Yoder, Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Communications, at (785) 227-3380, ext. 8178.

As more information becomes available and circumstances regarding COVID-19 in McPherson County change, Bethany College will continually re-evaluate the spectator policy. Continue to check regularly for further updates.