Feb 22, 2021 5:35 PM

Salina man arrested in theft and forgery case connected to his job

Posted Feb 22, 2021 5:35 PM
<b>William Tarpein. </b>Photos courtesy Saline County Sheriff's Office
William Tarpein. Photos courtesy Saline County Sheriff's Office

An independent contractor for a local construction company has been arrested on multiple requested charges related to his job.

Salina Police Captain Paul Forrester reported this morning that William Tarpein, 42, of Salina, is suspected of committing multiple frauds and forgeries.

Tarpein was an independent contractor working on jobs for Kape Roofing & Exteriors Inc., 315 West Pacific Avenue. He would visit potential job sites, give estimates, buy materials, and arrange the work to be done. He’d take payments from customers, but he would not provide those payments to Kape, Forrester explained. Tarpein also allegedly passed fictitious checks at local banks.

Total loss in the case as of now is in excess of $70,000, Forrester reported. The investigation is ongoing.

According to Forrester, Tarpein was arrested on the following requested charges.

Six counts of forgery

Eight counts of theft by deception

Seven counts of theft

Three counts of giving a worthless check