May 19, 2021 11:03 PM

Cloud County Community College easing COVID restrictions

Posted May 19, 2021 11:03 PM

CONCORDIA - Cloud County Community College began to ease its COVID-19 restrictions on Monday.

Following CDC guidelines, and state and local orders, the mandatory mask requirement at both the Concordia and Geary County campuses has been lifted.

Masks will no longer be required to enter campus buildings, but temperature screening kiosks will remain in place, the college noted in a news release. At the Concordia campus, all employees, students and visitors are to enter at either entrance two or three and self-screen using the kiosks. At the Geary County campus, self-screening will take place at each building entrance.

Beginning June 1, social distancing guidelines will be eased in the classrooms at both campuses. Desks and seats will be three feet apart, rather than six feet. The screening kiosks will be removed from the entrances, and all faculty, staff, students, and visitors will be asked to self-screen prior to arriving on campus.

On Aug. 1, all COVID restrictions at Cloud County will be removed. When students arrive on campus to begin the fall 2021 semester, there will be no social distancing in the classrooms or mask requirements.

Nursing clinical sites may require students to wear a mask, and instructors may still ask students in lab classes to wear a mask if three feet of social distance cannot be maintained.

The college noted that this is a fluid plan, and is subject to change without notice, pending approval by the college Board of Trustees.