May 19, 2023

Saline County Clerk announces precinct, voting location changes

Posted May 19, 2023 3:50 PM

Salina Post

Saline County Clerk Jamie Doss announced this morning changes to precincts and voting locations for the 2023 election year.

"The most significant changes occurred within the City of Salina. All precincts were renumbered, several combined, and a few will vote at new locations. Additionally, USD 306 - Southeast of Saline, due to new census numbers, amended their member districts this year," Doss said.

To see a list of the changes in Saline County, click here.

According to Kansas Statutes Annotated (KSA) 25-26a02, precincts may be combined in the year following redistricting and must be numbered consecutively. In accordance with those guidelines, the Saline County Clerk's Office conducted a comprehensive evaluation and restructuring of precincts in the county, Doss noted in a news release.

The clerk's office was to begin mailing updated information to all registered voters today.

Registered voters are encouraged to make themselves aware of the changes and familiarize themselves with their newly assigned precincts and voting locations before the next election. A primary election, if required, is scheduled for Aug. 1, according to the Election page on the Saline County website.

Registered voters also can find their precinct and voting location information on the Kansas Secretary of State's VoterView webpage.

"We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all residents as we work together to ensure a smooth and accessible voting experience for everyone in Saline County," Doss said.