Feb 09, 2021 10:31 PM

Saline County closer to next step in COVID-19 vaccination plan

Posted Feb 09, 2021 10:31 PM

Saline County is close to moving to the next step of its COVID-19 vaccination plan.

"We expect to meet our milestone of vaccinating 30 percent of the over 65 population by the end of this week!" the Saline County Health Department noted in today's Vax Facts. "This allows us to start scheduling high-contact critical workers (HCCW) to receive their vaccinations beginning the week of February 15."

According to the health department, HCCWs included in this group include the following.

●First-responders, including law enforcement and firefighters

●City and county critical infrastructure workers

●K-12 staff and childcare providers.

"Evening clinics will be available to accommodate the unique scheduling challenges of K-12 staff and childcare providers," the health department noted.

Additionally, vaccinations for those 65 and older, as well as those populations in Phase 1, will continue to be the priority until completion, the health department reported.

Persons age 65 or older, and anyone in Phase 1 who has yet to be vaccinated are currently eligible to be vaccinated.

Persons who fit into the above categories who wish to receive the COVID-19 vaccine need to register at the Vaccinate Saline County website by clicking on "Register for Vaccine."

According to the health department, once you have successfully registered online, you will see the following confirmation.

The health department asks that once you are registered, please do not call to ask for a timeline or "order in the queue" as health department personnel do not have the ability to answer those questions. Additionally, please do not register more than once.

Persons without access to the internet can register via phone or by visiting Saline County Senior Services at the senior center. See information below.