May 19, 2020 10:02 PM

Saline County: No new cases of COVID-19

Posted May 19, 2020 10:02 PM

Here's Tuesday's COVID-19 update from Saline County:

The Saline County Health Department does not have any additional cases of COVID-19 to report today.

Saline County has had 28 cases. Out of the total number of cases, four citizens continue to be actively monitored and isolated and there have been two deaths. The rest have met the criteria necessary to be considered recovered and have been released from daily monitoring and isolation.

Governor Kelly released her plans to move to Phase 2 of the Ad Astra Reopening Plan starting on Friday, May 22nd. All of the updated information has been uploaded to our website:

Here are the highlights in Phase 2:

•Mass gatherings of 15 or fewer individuals.

•All businesses/activities allowed in Phase 1 and 1.5 may continue to operate with outlined social distancing, mass gathering, and public health restrictions.

•Nail salons, barbershops, hair salons, tanning salons, tattoo parlors, and other personal service businesses where close contact cannot be avoided may continue to operate, but only for prescheduled appointments.

•Fitness centers and health clubs may continue to operate. In-person group classes will be allowed to begin with groups of no more than 15 individuals at a time. Locker rooms remain closed except for restroom facilities.

•Community Centers may open as long as they follow the mass gatherings and social distancing restrictions. Due to the high-risk population concerns, the Saline County Senior Center will remain closed; but meals on wheels will continue.

•Indoor leisure paces such as movie theaters, trampoline parks, theaters, museums, and bowling allies may open as long as they follow the mass gathering and social distancing restrictions.

•State-owned and operated casinos will be allowed to operate as long as they follow social distancing and mass gathering restrictions.

•Organized sports facilities, games, and sports practice may operate as long as they follow outlined mass gatherings and social distancing guidelines AND follow guidelines established by the Kansas Recreation and Park Association.

•In-person commencement or graduation ceremonies may continue to occur with no more than 15 individuals in a room, gymnasium, or facility at one time so long as 6-foot social distancing is maintained.

Under Phase 2 these are the things that are NOT allowed to take place:

•Opening of bars and night clubs.

•Outdoor and indoor large entertainment venues with a capacity of 2,000 or more.

•Fairs, festivals, carnivals, and parades.

•Swimming pools (other than backyard pools and those used for physical therapy or first-responder training).

•Summer camps unless they are a licensed child care facility.

Reopening Kansas comes by milestones, not on a timetable. Progress will be measured by monitoring our testing rates, COVID-19 hospitalizations, ability to contact trace, and the availability of personal protective equipment. Here’s what you can do to help reach reopening milestones:

•Stay home if you’re sick.

•Wear masks in public settings.

•Maximize physical distance (6 feet or more) in public settings.

•Avoid socializing with large groups.

•High-risk individuals should only leave the house for essential needs.

•Minimize nonessential travel.

•Check-in (via phone/letter/text/email) with friends and family who are isolated.

•Wash your hands frequently.

Help our community in slowing the spread of this virus. Only follow official sources to obtain information: or Stay Safe & Stay Healthy.

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May 19, 2020 10:02 PM
🎥  Kansas will move into modified Phase 2 reopening Friday

TOPEKA —Kansas Governor Laura Kelly discussed the latest updates on the coronavirus battle in Kansas prior to her meeting with President Trump at the White House on Wednesday.

The governor opened her press conference admitting she did get her hair cut. She also reported that the state will move into a modified phase 2 reopening plan on Friday. 

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly will sign Executive Order 20-34, which moves Kansas into Phase 2 of “Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas.” Phase 2 will be modified to include data-driven restrictions necessary to prevent community transmission of COVID-19.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, all of my administration’s decision-making regarding our reopening efforts has been driven by data – not dates,” Kelly said. “Because of the great work Kansans and businesses have done to keep others safe, data now indicate we are seeing a more consistent decline in hospitalizations, COVID-19-related deaths and a consistent decrease in disease spread. This puts our state in a position to safely move into a modified version of Phase 2.

“I would like to be clear – moving forward in Kansas’ reopening plan does not mean that COVID-19 no longer threatens our communities. Modifying Phase 2 to keep some restrictions allows us to reopen Kansas’ economy as quickly and safely as possible, while exercising necessary caution to keep Kansans healthy.” 

Key changes to Phase 2:

  1. Mass gatherings of more than 15 individuals will be prohibited;
  2. All businesses and activities slated to open during Phase 2 will be allowed, with the exception of bars, night clubs and swimming pools. These will be moved to Phase 3;
  3. Businesses and activities that will be allowed to open in Phase 2 include:
  1. Recreational organized sports facilities, tournaments and practices will be allowed to begin on Friday, May 22, and must adhere to social distancing requirements and follow Parks and Recs guidelines, which can be found on;
  1. Community Centers will be allowed to open, except for indoor and outdoor swimming pools;
  2. Indoor leisure spaces such as arcades, trampoline parks, theaters, museums and bowling allies will be allowed to open on May 22;
  3. State-owned-and-operated casinos will be allowed to open once their re-opening plan has been approved by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment;
  4. In-person group exercise classes will be allowed to begin with groups of no more than 15 at a time. Locker rooms remain closed except for restroom facilities;
  5. Everything opened in Phase 1 and Phase 1.5 remains open pursuant to the restrictions outlined in Executive Order 20-34.
  1. Phase 2 will last until Sunday, June 7, assuming the current trends continue. Phase 3 is expected to begin on Monday, June 8, with mass gatherings of more than 45 individuals prohibited.

Under Phase 2, the following, unless they are repurposed for use in an essential function under the Kansas Essential Function Framework, shall remain closed to the public:

  1. Bars and night clubs, excluding curbside and carryout services;
  2. Outdoor and indoor large entertainment venues with capacity of 2,000 or more;
  3. Fairs, festivals, carnivals, parades;
  4. Swimming pools (other than backyard pools);
  1. Summer camps (with the exception of licensed childcare facilities).

The Governor will evaluate the state’s disease spread, testing rates, death rates, hospitalizations, ability of state and local public health authorities to contain outbreaks and conduct contact tracing, and personal protective equipment availability when determining if the state should move to the next “Phase.” Regardless of phase, the State Health Officer retains the authority to impose additional public health interventions in any area that contains an emergent and significant public health risk.

Throughout all phases, Kansans should continue to adhere to hygiene and social distancing protocols, including:

  1. Washing hands frequently, while avoiding contact with one’s face;
  2. Remaining home when sick or running a fever;
  3. Following isolation and quarantine orders issued by state or local health officers;
  4. Wearing a cloth face mask when in public;
  5. Working remotely, if possible.

Kelly’s “Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas,” is available in full at, in addition to industry-specific guidance for Kansas businesses.