Mar 30, 2020 11:45 AM

KDOT’s Cost Share Program deadline postponed

Posted Mar 30, 2020 11:45 AM

The deadline to submit project applications for the second round of the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Cost Share Program has been postponed to May 18.

“Given the impacts of COVID-19 on communities across Kansas, we want to give our partners more time to develop and submit their Cost Share applications,” said Secretary Julie Lorenz. “Getting infrastructure investments into the Kansas economy and putting people back to work will be a top priority of COVID-19 recovery.”

The Cost Share Program is designed to provide financial assistance that leverages state funding with local and private funding for projects related to economic development as well as job growth and retention. It will provide funding to local entities for construction projects that improve safety, increase the total transportation investment and help both rural and urban areas of the state improve their transportation system.

A minimum of 15% non-state cash match is required. Additional consideration will be given to project applications that commit more than the minimum required match amount. A portion of this funding is part of the remaining one-time $50 million approved this fiscal year by the Legislature and Gov. Laura Kelly.

All transportation projects are eligible, including roadway (on and off the state system, rail, airport, bicycle/pedestrian and public transit. They must be construction projects that address an important transportation need such as promoting safety, improving access or mobility, improving condition or relieving congestion. Selection criteria will include consideration of projects that meet program objectives, eligibility categories and requirements. Geographic distribution will also be considered during project selection.

An application form and a fact sheet on the Cost Share Program can be found at or with the links below:


Fact Sheet