Jan 14, 2020 7:00 PM

County: Vidricksen to continue as chairman; charter resolution OK'd

Posted Jan 14, 2020 7:00 PM
Saline County commissioners, from left, Monte Shadwick, Roger Sparks, Robert Vidricksen, Jim Weese, Mike White. Photo courtesy <a href="http://saline.org">Saline County</a>
Saline County commissioners, from left, Monte Shadwick, Roger Sparks, Robert Vidricksen, Jim Weese, Mike White. Photo courtesy Saline County

The Saline County Commission reorganized this morning, putting in place the same officers as last year.

Commissioner Mike White noted that the officers had "done an excellent job," and then moved that the officers be retained for another year. His motion was approved.

Commissioner Robert Vidricksen will remain chairman, Commissioner Rodger Sparks will continue as the vice-chairman, and Commissioner James Weese will serve as secretary, according to a news release from the county about this morning's regular meeting.

Other meeting highlights, as provided by Saline County, include the following.

Jim DuBois, county treasurer, told commissioners of the amounts of interest that have been received on idle funds for the fourth quarter and all of 2019. For the last quarter of 2019, a total of $169,236 was received in interest, making the total amount of interest received for the year $866,401.

Michelle Barkley, emergency management director, provided commissioners with a fourth-quarter update of her department. She noted that for 2019, 258 controlled burns were called into the emergency management office or the 911 dispatch center. Additionally, rural fire departments responded to a total of 546 calls for service.

Additionally, Barkley told commissioners that after evaluation, the fire on East Magnolia Road on Wednesday burned an estimated 80 acres, rather than the 100 acres originally reported. She estimated that more than 175 responders were involved in the incident, either by their response or standing by ready to assist.

Hannah Stambaugh, deputy county administrator, provided an update to commissioners on the status of the emergency radio communications system project. She said proposals are due at 3 p.m. Thursday. According to Stambaugh, the names of companies submitting proposals will be announced, however, the cost of each proposal will not be announced until the proposals are reviewed to make sure they meet the technical specifications and requirements as set by the county. The county’s consulting Team, TUSA, and staff representing the different public safety agencies will spend about 30 days reviewing the proposals to ensure compliance with the specifications, Stambaugh said. She noted that it is the intention to have a recommendation before the governing bodies on a recommended selection by the time budget preparations begin.

Commissioners voted unanimously to sign a charter resolution that will exempt them from K.S.A. 19-209 that requires counties with populations greater than 50,000 to meet twice weekly. This statue was last revised in 1923 and is not uniform to all counties. The charter resolution will be published twice and 60 days will pass before it is fully implemented, meaning that in March, the second meeting that usually occurs in room 107B will be eliminated and the county administrator’s update, study sessions, etc., will all be televised in the main meeting room.

During the second meeting, commissioners met with David Arteberry of Stifel Public Finance, and Mitch Walter, Gilmore & Bell, who will serve as the county's financial advisor and bond counsel. The men will join the collaborative team, including TreanorHL and Turner Construction for work on the Saline County Jail project.