Jan 11, 2020 5:12 PM

Chiefs' Reid: Kelce practiced, Jones held out

Posted Jan 11, 2020 5:12 PM
<b>Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid.</b> Photo courtesy <a href="http://chiefs.com">Chiefs</a>
Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid. Photo courtesy Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid fielded questions during a Friday presser. Following are his responses.

OPENING STATEMENT: “Alright, as far as the injuries go, the primary ones, (Travis) Kelce practiced. You could say partial practice, I’m not sure the exact term, but you’ll see it. He was out there practicing. He did a nice job on the plays he was in. Chris Jones tweaked his calf a little bit yesterday and we held him out today. He did not practice, so we’ll just see how he does. (Morris) Claiborne again was excused for personal reasons. Other than that, everybody went and had a good practice. We look forward to the challenge again of playing the Texans. We know they’re a heck of a football team and well coached, good players. Our guys have had a good week of practice and again, we look forward to that challenge. Especially in front of a home crowd here. With that, time is yours.”

Q: When did Chris Jones tweak his calf?

REID: “Yesterday.”

Q: What will he be ruled?

REID: “I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Q: What did the Texans do so well against you all in the second half of the last game?

REID: “They played well the whole game. They’re a good defense and we just came back and tried to study them a little bit better. Try to do a little better job coaching and try to do a little better job playing. With that combination, hopefully we do better and we’re more productive.”

Q: As far as Travis Kelce, what is that injury, was it tweaked in Wednesday’s practice?

REID: “Yes. That’s more of a bruise than anything there. That’s what it is.”

Q: When you say Chris Jones tweaked his calf, was that something that occurred in the natural flow of practice or was it an issue prior?

REID: “Yeah, he didn’t practice today. For the injury thing, you got what you need. Do you need to know the play? He tweaked it. He didn’t practice today. We’ll see how he does, and we’ll follow up with all you guys.”

Q: Is there anything extra you guys are doing to prepare weather wise?

REID: “Tomorrow could be a little messy getting in, but we’ve talked to the guys about it. Right now, no, but we’ll just see how it goes. I think Sunday is going to be fine, it’s just a matter of getting through tomorrow and the mess there.”

Q: What’s the message to your fans coming out on Sunday?

REID: “First of all, it should be a great environment. Two great football teams playing each other, and we love playing in front of our crowd because they’re loud and they get here early, and they are excited to welcome the other team in. I know they’re going to do a great job and we look forward to playing in front of them.”

Q: Have you gotten that cheeseburger yet?

REID: “I haven’t. That’s normally like a 4:30 cheeseburger. It’s a little early. Although, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”