Sep 11, 2020 10:52 PM

McPherson County: 4 new COVID-19 cases; case data updated

Posted Sep 11, 2020 10:52 PM

MCPHERSON -- The McPherson County Health Department today reported four new confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the county total to 242.

Following is information about the most recent cases, as provided by the health department.

●Positive case No. 239 is a symptomatic male in his 20s with unknown exposure.

●Positive case No. 240 is a symptomatic female in her 40s with known exposure.

●Positive case No. 241 is a symptomatic male in his 40s with known exposure (family of 240).

●Positive case No. 242 is a symptomatic 19-year-old male with known exposure.

Additionally, the health department updated the following case data.

●Asymptomatic cases: 25

●Cases with unknown exposure: 98

●Cases 60 years old and above: 58

●Cases 50-59 years old: 27

●Cases 40-49 years old: 32

●Cases 30-39 years old: 31

●Cases 18-29 years old: 71

●Cases under 18 years old: 23

●Female cases: 121

●Male cases: 93

●Hospitalized cases (may not represent current hospitalizations): 18

●Ventilated cases (may not represent current ventilated cases): 4

●Deaths: 1

Of the 242 total cases, 207 have met Kansas Department of Health and Environment recovery guidelines and four of the active cases are hospitalized, the health department reported.