Sep 18, 2023

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Postgame Quotes

Posted Sep 18, 2023 12:17 PM
Chiefs Logo no cut off
Chiefs Logo no cut off

ANDY REID: As far as injuries go, Kadarius Toney, left foot. We'll check it out. Played most of the plays that he was supposed to be in on. Justin Watson was dehydrated. He got an IV and then he was going to come back out. Our guys really sucked it up, for lack of terms. It was hot and humid out there. You know, I'm an offensive guy, but that was a beautiful thing defensively. Offensively we got to take care of the penalties and the turnovers, but the battle through it shows me a little something. So, we'll get the other stuff fixed as we go. Defensively great to have Chris Jones back. He obviously influenced the game in a positive way for us. McDuffie, I mean I can go on and on. The guys on defense. Steve Spagnuolo had a phenomenal game plan. His coaches did a great job there. Offensively, Pacheco, offensive line picked it up, Pacheco did a nice job with it after the line picked it up. We had some good things happen that second half. Pat had a couple nice plays too, along with the receivers. The other thing is Doug Pederson has done a great job here for the Jacksonville people. Heck of a football team and they're very well coached and they got a lot of toughness there, too. With that, time is yours.

Q. Did you get more out of Chris than you expected?

ANDY REID: I figured he would be able to play about half a game. We shuttled him in and out. He did a great job. Listen, I mentioned this before, over the years here he's learned to keep himself in shape. When I saw him at practice he was moving around pretty good and endurance seemed good.

I felt comfortable that he would go in and be able to do his thing. Maybe not to that level. That was a heck of a job by him.

Q. You mentioned playing through, battling through showed you something. Is that your biggest takeaway? Obviously a lot to clean up on your offense.

ANDY REID: Well, my biggest takeaway, I thought our defense did a nice job, and then the offense battled through it. But you had the elements. We all felt it. All you guys felt it. You got the elements that you got to fight through. You're not walking in the park here. Both teams are battling through some heat and humidity.

Q. Is that how you account for an inordinate number of mistakes?

ANDY REID: No, that wasn't the problem. Just too many procedure penalties, turnovers. We'll get that taken care of. That's not the heat. That's us needing to take care of business.

Q. Do you attribute that to Week 2 of the season?

ANDY REID: We normally don't do this, so, you know, it got us today. We're not a big penalty team, and offensively we're -- we're not a big penalty team, and surely not the turnovers.

Q. How did you feel about T Jawaan Taylor’s performance?

ANDY REID: I took him out for a couple plays. Stepped back. This is home, not only home, but also where he played. You know, just stepped back and let's get you back out there. He had some big blocks later in the game there. Did a nice job finishing.

Q. How did TE Travis Kelce look?

ANDY REID: Trav did a good job. He's a pretty good shape. He had a lot of routes in there, so looked like he felt pretty good.