Aug 18, 2023

KDOT reminds drivers to stop for school bus stop signs

Posted Aug 18, 2023 12:39 PM
Stop means stop. KDOT image
Stop means stop. KDOT image

Kansas Department of Transportation

As students head back to school, the Kansas Department of Transportation is reminding drivers of the Kansas School Bus Stop Arm Law. 

Within Kansas law KSA 8-1556, all motorists are required to stop when approaching or overtaking a stopped school bus displaying its flashings red lights and stop arm. Motorists are also required to remained stopped until the bus is no longer showing the red lights and stop sign arm. 

When a bus turns on its flashing red lights and stop arm on a two or four-lane roadway, traffic must stop from both directions. 

The violation of this law not only endangers children, but those who violate the law will face a fine and courts costs in excess of $420, according to KDOT.