Apr 29, 2021

🎙 Mann: Biden's expansion of government 'will affect everybody'

Posted Apr 29, 2021 3:02 PM
Rep. Tracey Mann
Rep. Tracey Mann

Hutch Post

HUTCHINSON — Kansas First District Congressman Tracey Mann says the optics of Wednesday night's speech by President Joe Biden did not send the right message to the country.

"Everyone in Congress that wants to be vaccinated has been," Mann said. "Everybody sitting six feet apart, that image is not what we want to portray to America. It's time to get through this pandemic. It's time to take the masks off. It is time to move forward, return to regular orders in the Congress."

Mann sees the pandemic as the pretext for expansion of government.

"We've seen that accelerated the last four months, the last 100 days of the Biden administration," Mann said. "First off was the American Rescue Plan, which was $1.9 trillion. Only nine percent went to actual COVID health relief. The rest went to other things. Money we don't have, spending it on things we don't need. Then, a more than $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, then last night, the American Families Plan, another $2 trillion. That totals $6 trillion on top of the almost $30 trillion in debt we already have."

The plan is being touted as only having an effect on those with high incomes, over $400,000 a year.

"This is the largest tax increase proposed in a generation," Mann said. "It's very concerning, because it will affect everybody. It has to. Most of those folks employ other people. This notion that it's going to impact a few but not everybody else, is just simply not true. The corporate tax rate as proposed would be higher than communist China."

Mann believes there is a good chance that Republicans could retake the House in 2022, because he says the country doesn't want to see this expansive growth of government. That would leave a very small window for Biden's agenda to get through Congress at all.

Below is the interview with Congressman Mann in its entirety...