Feb 26, 2024

Man rescued at Kan. construction site following basement fall

Posted Feb 26, 2024 7:00 PM


A man sustained multiple injuries Friday following a fall at a house under construction in Hays, according to the Hays Fire Department.

Just before 9a.m, the Hays Fire Department received a dispatch  regarding a man who fell into a basement on Larned Circle.

At the scene and worked with EMS who administered medical care to the man, according to Hays Fire Chief Ryan Hagans. "EMS treated the patient in the basement while our guys were getting what's called a low-angle rescue ready," Hagans said.

A low-angle rescue is essential for situations where slopes range from 0 to 30 degrees and require the use of ropes. EMS stabilized the man in the basement, and he was brought up by 9:12 a.m. before being transported to Hays Medical Center in serious condition.

Hagans said that construction workers should conduct regular walkthroughs of their work sites to identify both hazardous and safe areas. "It goes back to common sense in construction areas and being aware of your surroundings," he said.

The Hays Fire Department has not received any updates regarding the man's condition.

Hagans said the rescue team of the Hays Fire Department was fully equipped and ready to respond to the call on Friday. "We have been trained extensively on all types of technical rescue," he said. "We had the equipment, knowledge and the training to to take care of the situation."