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BeKind Salina is the BANK VI Hero of the Week

A small, random act of kindness can have a dramatic impact on a person’s day. BeKind Salina has made it their goal to be a positive influence for the community, focusing on all the good things happening in Salina. BeKind Salina is the BANK VI Hero of the Week.

BeKind Salina was started by Rachel Guillot back in 2015. As the political climate became a hostile, nasty place, it inspired her to spread some cheer. She began forming a board and getting members together. The small group of volunteers would make baked goods they would deliver on “Kindness Runs.”

“I know there are a lot of kind people, it was just a matter of highlighting them,” Guillot said. We just tend to focus on the negative.”

About a year and a half ago, BeKind Salina became an official nonprofit and members began exploring other ways to spread cheer. Alisha Jester started running the organization’s social media accounts. A news feed can be a bitter place, but BeKind Salina only spreads stories with a positive message and has made it their goal to highlight other nonprofits in Salina.

“We still have our Kindness Runs, we have just moved it to a brand of cookie that says “Be Kind,” Guillot said. “The cookie is large enough that you kind of have to share it, which is the idea.”

Guillot said that the members are still looking for different ways to spread kindness. They are currently working on a “Deck of Kindness.” The deck can be used in the office or at home and suggests nice tasks, such as “cleaning the microwave even though you didn’t make the mess.”

Those interested in planting positive stories in their newsfeed can follow the group’s Facebook page, “BeKind Salina.”