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Bulk Solid future in North Salina

That cup of coffee and bowl of cereal you had for breakfast, the wool in you sweater, the rubber in the tires on your car, all have something in common. The materials used to make those products involved the handling of bulk solid materials.

And groundbreaking of the only North American university –level research center to study bulk solids materials handling is scheduled to take place in June in North Salina. There are currently three university level centers in the world: one in Australia and two near London.

The nearly 13,000-square-foot facility will be used to study and develop the understanding of bulk solids materials handling, in turn enhancing the businesses that use these materials or manufacture the systems that convey store and dispense them.

Kansas State University will be the key tenant in the center along with two Salina companies Vortex Valves and Coperion K-Tron.

Companies like Dow, Dupont, Shell, Procter and Gamble, and other major industries will be coming to Salina to learn about the challenges and improvements that can be made in the handling of bulk materials.

Employees of these companies will be staying in Salina, eating and shopping in Salina. The construction of the center will also provide several jobs in Salina.

The price tag for the construction of the center is $3.5 million. $1.1 million is coming from the federal government, with $200,000 from the City of Salina and the rest from private sources

The primary partners in this endeavor are Kansas State University, the Salina Chamber of Commerce, Salina Economic Development Corporation, U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration, State of Kansas, City of Salina and several private companies. The expected completion date is 2015.

Here is the link to a you tube video of the center near London that does the same thing that will take place in Salina: