Bulk Solid future in North Salina

Kansas State University Bulk Solid CenterThat cup of coffee and bowl of cereal you had for breakfast, the wool in you sweater, the rubber in the tires on your car, all have something in common. The materials used to make those products involved the handling of bulk solid materials.

And groundbreaking of the only North American university –level research center to study bulk solids materials handling is scheduled to take place in June in North Salina. There are currently three university level centers in the world: one in Australia and two near London.

The nearly 13,000-square-foot facility will be used to study and develop the understanding of bulk solids materials handling, in turn enhancing the businesses that use these materials or manufacture the systems that convey store and dispense them.

Kansas State University will be the key tenant in the center along with two Salina companies Vortex Valves and Coperion K-Tron.

Companies like Dow, Dupont, Shell, Procter and Gamble, and other major industries will be coming to Salina to learn about the challenges and improvements that can be made in the handling of bulk materials.

Employees of these companies will be staying in Salina, eating and shopping in Salina. The construction of the center will also provide several jobs in Salina.

The price tag for the construction of the center is $3.5 million. $1.1 million is coming from the federal government, with $200,000 from the City of Salina and the rest from private sources

The primary partners in this endeavor are Kansas State University, the Salina Chamber of Commerce, Salina Economic Development Corporation, U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration, State of Kansas, City of Salina and several private companies. The expected completion date is 2015.

Here is the link to a you tube video of the center near London that does the same thing that will take place in Salina:

  • John32070

    Where in town is it going to be built?

    • Fabian Nava

      Its right across from the post office the old hotel that was run down and its already being built it almost done

      • Stephanie

        I thought that was an insurance building that was being built there where the hotel was.

        • tsks

          Assurance Partners will be on the corner of Iron and 5th. This facility is located off of North Street near K-Tron’s facilities.

  • name

    Will? there be full time jobs w benefits or part time college student type jobs

    • gunner

      I am going to retire in several months, CAN I get a part time job there ?

  • doljshs

    It will only employ 41 people? Sounds like another wasted idea thanks for spending hard earned tax dollars on something %90 of Salina won’t give 2 fucks about

  • jimbo

    It will be built between the 2 buildings Coperion K-Tron own on the north side of North street between Front and 2nd Street.

  • Fuchs Mi

    Once again the city and chamber of commerce really thinks about the taxpayers. The taxpayers want a grocery store in north Salina but once again both of these entities have ignored that and now are going to build some bulk solids plant. Evidently it is not something they want in the south part of town or out at the airport so it gets stuck in north Salina.

    • Black Hercules

      How come the government won’t fund a third of my venture?

    • tsks

      You don’t think that the construction and operation of this facility won’t bring in more than $200,000 to the Salina community? Between property taxes, the workers to build the facility, the people who will work in the facility, and the hotel and food purchases by the visitors to the facility will easily bring in more then $200,000 to the community in its life time.

      The city is not going to operate a grocery store and if no private company sees the potential for a store to be run profitably then it is not going to happen. Small grocery stores are very hard to make profitable and north Salina will not support a large scale store. Even when Dillon’s was on Iron people complained it didn’t carry enough and went elsewhere. That store did not have the support it needed to be profitable so I don’t know why you think someone else can come in and make one profitable. Unless you think the city should be subsidizing a grocery store to keep it open but that is a slippery slope.

    • really!!

      and theres always gotta b 1 ! erase the hate!

    • Get real

      Salina had a grocery store on the north end of town and it CLOSED. It closed because it wasn’t making enough profit. If people on that end of town were so desperate to have a store than they should have not complained when they had one and actually shopped at it regularly. This town can not build and grow on grocery stores and restaurants. It need big companies and brands to plant roots here and that’s what is happening here. This is an amazing opportunity for Salina. This will bring in tons of profit and offer above minimum wage jobs to local people, unlike a grocery store.

  • wise spender

    Oh good, now there will be enough tax dollars to build a river project that we already voted down, new schools that we don’t need, more ugly public art, and still have enough left over to settle the lawsuit for electrocuted kids.

    • tsks

      I don’t know why everyone is so bent out of shape that Friends of the River hired a director. That doesn’t mean that they are all of a sudden going to get tax dollars from the city. If they can acquire grants and private funding and begin making progress; it could be lead to more private funding and support. Even if all they do is make small improvements to the river and surrounding areas and the large scale project never happens it is still a positive for the community. I understand that many people don’t want to spend tax dollars on the project and that is fine but to whine and complain about it on every post (even when not related to the topic) just seems petty and annoying.

      • simple man

        Quit trying to ramrod things thru that are none of your business. Will YOUR house be taken by eminent domain if this proceeds? Of course not, they don’t build stuff like that on the hill. If your taxes go up, you get a BMW 250 instead of a 325. If my taxes go up I have to choose between feeding the kids or clothing them.

    • wiseassspender

      Try a day without complaining. I know seems impossible to you, but by the end of the day you might even have smiled once.

    • j

      The district isnt building new schools genius. They are adding more rooms for all day kindergarten and tornado shelters and making the schools safer and fixing the problems at south high

      • fair play

        I have to pay taxes so your kids can go to school, so you can put up your ugly art, so your TSA agents can strip search my grandma. None of these benefit me. How about you pay more taxes to subsidize my beer and strippers? I gotta pay for your habits, you should pay for mine.

      • Gone without schools shelters

        How many years have we gone without tornado shelters? Don’t need them. Why didn’t they fix south High before building the alternative school? If you do not have room for all day kindergarten don’t do it. They are just being dumbed down anyway with the public water.

  • Dill Pickles

    This is a good thing for Salina

  • Jenny

    One Dupont executive to another: “Where is Salina Kansas and how many airport transfers, buses, and taxis will it take for me to get there?”

    • tsks

      With Manhattan and Wichita getting increased service from airlines the trip shouldn’t be as bad as it would have when options were limited more to KC. Plus a lot of these large firms may fly privately and be able to use the Salina airport.

  • True

    Only in salina will you find people complaining about something actually being built here

  • Tell me more

    rest from private sources? several private companies? Why can’t we know who all is going to profit off this?

  • Fall Guy

    Did I miss the # of project jobs?