New Arrest Made in Connection with the 2013 Murder of Kristin Tyler

megan wellsMegan Wells, 21, of Abilene, Kansas was arrested on 2-25-14 on a Saline County, Kansas warrant for Conspiracy to Commit 1st Degree Murder; her bond is $1,000,000. This arrest is in connection with the Kristin Tyler homicide in April 2013. A Joel Heil, 25, and Dane Deweese,33 , have already been arrested in this case. The Saline County Sheriff’s Office and the Salina Police Department are continuing with their investigation.

Click here to read more about the 2013 murder of Kristin Tyler.

  • Bit(h#1

    Too bad it wasn’t her nasty sister instead of her!

    • fucku

      She has to sisters which one

  • productive citizen

    Who’s her sister?

    • Dfwm

      Amanda wells

      • FromAbilene

        Nope. Wrong Family. Not related to Amanda.

        • Amanda West

          Thank you, whoever you are, “FromAbilene.”

  • Christal Douglas

    The links to read more is just a redirection to some ads.

    • BabetheBeagle

      I think they fixed the link.

  • Fred Hanson

    Boy that was some group of drug users that was running around together. And they turned on her just like that. Shows you the thinking of those on drugs and how they attack each other for no apparent reason..

  • Fuchs Mi

    Why did it take almost a year to catch her?

    • Hmmm

      My guess is that the didn’t have a genius like you on the force!!

    • Now You Know

      It took one year for the cops to get enough money to offer the first suspect a large pepperoni pizza and a quart of cold beer if he would tell who was working with him.

  • gypsy

    FACT: This is the evil of meth.

    • john

      no that meth is good stuff just like pot all natural unlike beer

  • Anonymous

    She is Dane Deweese’s fiancé.

    • THEFK


    • Sad…

      Off and on fiancé. When they weren’t both out being ratchet. Just goes to show, good boys gone bad just aren’t as cute now that your not 12 anymore. Pull your head out boy. You sadden me. We were brought around our family. I remember being a younger kid looking up to you as the “cool guy”. Glad I had a change of guidance!

  • cowtown

    thanks spd for taking our(abilene) trash off the streets we owe you one

  • Confused

    I thought this girl was married with kids? Is her maiden name Brock?

    • FromAbilene

      Nope. Wrong family. There are two Megan Wells here in Abilene.

      • Amanda West

        Thank you “FromAbilene” for clearing this up! I have been getting so many calls and texts about this! I am Megan N Wells’s sister (The other Megan Wells). We are in NO WAY connected to this! What a mess.