Man drives pickup into several vehicles and mailboxes Tuesday afternoon

Salina PD ShieldA 29-year-old Ottawa County man is currently being evaluated at Salina Regional Health Center after striking a parked vehicle and three others stopped at a traffic light about 2:20 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Lt. Sean Morton of the Salina Police Department said the man had been brought to the hospital by a family member concerned about his well-being. When the relative went inside the hospital the man drove away in a pickup striking a vehicle in the parking lot of the hospital.

The man also struck other three vehicles that were waiting on a traffic light at 9th and Ash, and struck four mailboxes in the 1000 block of West Ash. Police were able to take the man into custody after he got the pickup stuck in the snow in the area of North 9th and Broadway. A citizen kept officers informed on the location of the man.

The man while being brought into Salina did fire a shot from a rifle into the windshield of the pickup.

No one was injured in any of the vehicles that were struck.

Lt. Morton said a white female who was driving a green Chevy S-10 pickup that was struck at 9th and Ash is asked to contact police. She had driven to the Police Department to report what happened, but left before an officer was able to get her information.

No charges have yet been filed. The case is under review by the Saline County Attorney’s Office.

  • Brenda

    Sounds like he is on a lot of drugs.

    • BabetheBeagle

      According to the Journal, he was a mental patient. A relative was trying to get him to the hospital. I don’t know why SalinaPost, KSAL, and Salina Journal didn’t get the news out yesterday. This was a dangerous situation. I was following it on SalinaScoop, and could find no info until this morning. Our news sources seem to be taking a nap lately. No article I read mentioned drugs.

      • smdh

        LOL Salina Scoop bahahahahahhaahah bunch of scanner geeks with nothing better to do. Like the idiot trying to use his camera phone while he was driving to get something to post for his other idiot friends…salina scoop is awesome for a laugh…it’s on face book if you havent heard of it

        • BabetheBeagle

          One thing they don’t do is put down others.

          • Barb Squirrely

            Go read their page more often. They do it all the time. Act like they are a real news outlet and slam posters daily

          • BabetheBeagle

            No they don’t, and when someone posts anything derogatory they are asked to edit their comment or be banned I read it daily, there are some good folks in that group, and I often find out pertinent news that isn’t published elsewhere.

      • Terry, Ryan, and Vikki

        The Salina Scoop ask the citizens of Salina to be put into DANGEROUS Situations. Also they put Officers at risk by posting where the cops are. Once a Hot Call goes out, their “Stingers” get there before the police. These people work at Wal Mart. So these are typical, a No One in School and now they have a chance to be someone. I personally asked facebook to remove them for Officer Safety, but facebook won’t.

        • here’s a thought

          Actually I believe only one of them works at Walmart. I also don’t recall reading that any of them jump in their cars and rush to where something is going on. I appreciate when they post something going on near me so I know to avoid the area. And you obviously read their posts also. Otherwise you would have no idea what they are posting. If you don’t like the page, unsubscribe to it and maybe think about getting a life of your own!

        • BabetheBeagle

          and you are so much better than someone who works at Wal Mart … If it’s on the scanner, it’s public knowledge. They aren’t endangering anyone, but may actually help because they report accidents, and tell people to avoid the area.

        • LibertyOrDeath

          Thanks for the info cop. I didn’t know about this until just now.

        • Vikki, Scoop admin

          First, I don’t appreciate you using any of our names and posing as any of us. We do NOT all work at Walmart. We do NOT have “stingers” that go in search of anything. We haven’t really been the ones posting any breaking news for a while now. Terry has a couple times, but there are 5 of us admins. We have never asked nor have we suggested or recommended that people actually go searching for these situations. We DO recommend that people AVOID these places, not go to them. I’m not sure where you got anything about any of us being a no one in school or what that has to do with anything. I’m 33 years old. School is long since behind me, or so I thought.

  • john

    no I would say he just couldnt control is auto on the crappy roads

  • Some people never think!

    Why didn’t the family member call law enforcement to transport him in the first place! Common sense people come on!

  • Barb Shirley

    Without the fine efforts of our snow removal crews, this man may never have been apprehended. Had the KDOT snow removal crews worked our city streets, he may still be a danger to the community today! I just can’t believe everyone is whining about the snow removal.

    • Barb Shirley

      No I’m Barb Shirley!

      • BabetheBeagle

        No you are not, and you’ll find that out if Barb decides to take action against you. You’re not as anonymous as you think.

        • You’re funny

          Really babe? That is a laugh. Big difference between identity theft and using a screen name/tag. Also, it would next to impossible to track someone or even find a person using a free Wi-Fi, Hotspot, hacked wireless or an unsecured wireless router. This is why you don’t see anyone running scared at these minor threats.

          In this instance would Barb use the tax payers money to pursue a lost cause? Probably.

          • BabetheBeagle

            It’s still dishonest. You are not as anonymous as you think. Evidently the post thought it wasn’t a good idea to leave it up, either.

          • anonymous?

            Not entirely true. Your device still has a mac address and other unique data strings. When you connect to your home router repeatedly, then wander down to the corner store and use free wifi, the “serial number” and all the tracking cookies in your device remain the same. Actually quite easy to prove your device was connected to a public hotspot at the same time a post was made. Don’t take my word for it, tho, keep on posting and pretending you’re anonymous. Will make good reading on here tomorrow :)

          • Easy enough

            The MAC is easy enough to change, yes it can be done. There are also several hard-to-track OS’s out there and now Tor makes their own browser so you don’t even have to be that computer savvy to stay anon. Every good hacker/cracker knows that. I’m not sure where anyone believes that using someone else’s name as a tag, called ‘Shilling’ btw is illegal. It is only illegal if they are gaining something from it and trolling is not gaining anything but aggitation…the purpose of it. So when Beagle bites or anyone they are giving the troll the attention they are looking for.

          • BabetheBeagle

            Well, their posts have all been deleted, and the beagle had nothing to do with that. Not a lawyer, so IDK if it’s illegal or not, but it’s wrong. Lots of hackers doing time right now, so I’m not sure any of them are as smart as they think. If you are counting on TOR, better think again.

        • Troll Shirley

          Troll posting as Barb Shirley..

          I’m shaking in my boots at the thought of barb taking legal action against me! If these stupid posts are allthe courts have to worry about then so be it! The fact is Barb sucks and so do the commissioners I want these simpletons out of office!

          • BabetheBeagle

            Not loving Barb either, but posting using her name is wrong. If you want to post your opinion, fine. Use your own screen name.

            True, she probably won’t bother with the likes of you, but it is still illegal, and for a reason.

          • guest

            Man Babe you really need to get a life. When you try and act like some authority on here you come off looking like a complete idiot. Honestly it’s sad.

          • BabetheBeagle

            Back at you! I just have opinions, and like to express them like everyone else on here.

      • Babs

        No, I’m the real Barb Shirley.

        • barb e

          Dunno if you’re the real one or not, but I think Barb has done a decent job recently. There’s a learning curve to every job, but she’s getting the hang of it.

          • B Squirreley

            Hahahahah that is the funniest comment yet barb e….thanks for the laugh

  • dirtybeaver

    I wish we could all shoot at the windshields of people texting and driving maybe that would get them to pay attention.

    • LibertyOrDeath

      Nothing like hot lead flying at your head to save you from danger.

  • gripy

    The city of Salina did a very good job on the streets, as did the state and county. Christ, you people act like you live in Siberia.

    • jo


    • Lost in space

      You my friend are an idiot if you think our roads were done well. Then yesterday some fool in city truck went down middle of street with a plow. No snow was there, 5 ft from curb solid snow. Wonder what mayors street looks like.

  • shawn

    If you were to compare our road crews with other communities you would not think they did a good job. Its not their fault I just don’t think enough funds are dedicated to this..and that’s fine, but don’t think for a second they did a “good” job.

  • concernedcitizen

    I saw him stuck in the snow. Sounds like the city failed to clear the streets properly.

  • Fuchs Mi

    YUP ANOTHER DRUGGIE WHO GOT STARTED ON POT. Our mayor is busy doing her own thing and what a reputation. But with all the security this web site spouts off about they cannot pick up on people using other people’s names which means someone is not do their job.

  • sumtingwong

    Never leave a vehicle and keys with a crazy person