Disturbance Call Leads To Arrest of Two

Rice and TaniusSalina Police responding to a disturbance early Sunday morning, arrest two people on drug charges and charges of battery and aggravated battery.

Captain Mike Sweeney said officers were sent to 2660 Highland #7 around 4:45 a.m. Sunday morning.

When they arrived they found 29-year-old Michael Tanuis with blood running down his face. He had been hit in the head with a revolver, and propane tank while fighting with 23-year-old Christine Rice. Rice also allegedly had threatened to kill Tanuis.

Tanuis was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries and released.

During the disturbance,Tanuis allegedly had hit Rice in the face and grabbed her by the neck.

During the investigation of the fight, Officers found several prescription drugs, drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine residue and a pistol in the purse of Rice. They also opened a safe belonging to Rice and found more prescription drugs and handguns.

Recovered from a backpack belonging to Tanuis was a 9mm handgun, 7.6 grams of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

Rice was arrested on drug charges and a charge of aggravated battery. Tanuis was arrested on drug charges and a charge of battery.

  • Reason

    Wow. Thats amazing.

  • gunner

    Sounds like he got his butt kicked.

  • Iseenit

    But drug don’t do any harm!

    • http://mises.org/ LibertyOrDeath

      Correlation does not show causation. Any high school child should be able to tell you that.

      • annamolly

        But in this case it does.

        • Steve

          Prove it. Prove that it was the drug that caused this. Are you positive that she is not just a biotch, and he had finally had enough of her crap. Or perhaps it was the other way around.

          • getitright

            I know she is just a “biotch”! Michael however used to be a church going good boy! Meth will destroy anyone!!

          • Steve

            No it doesn’t. There are people around who use responsibly. We never hear about them though.

            He may have been a church going good boy, but that still doesn’t prove that it was the meth that was his downfall. Could just be the scum that he chose to hang with.

          • Obama ate my dog

            I’ve met a lot of tweakers in my life……can’t say that I met one that I’d label responsible….quite the opposite actually they were the most creepy fuqed up people I’ve ever come across

          • Steve

            Then all I can say is you haven’t met the right ones. I won’t disagree to the point that there are some people who just can’t handle much of anything. But then there are those who can.

          • getitright

            Yes. The scum he chose to hang out with that eventually led him to meth. There is no way to responsibly use meth! That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!

          • it’s true

            It’s called moderation….believe it or not, there is a low percentage of people who can be recreational users. Heck of a gamble to take though.

          • Steve

            And you know this because………………….

            You are wrong. I know people who have responsibly used. Know this one fellow who, on weekends, worked to take a $20,000 dump of a house, and turned it into an historic showplace.

          • Ice Road Trucker

            “Responsibly” used Meth and Oxycontin (per this story)?? …..no such thing as responsible meth heads.

          • Steve


            Tell us, IRT, exactly how many people who use drugs do you actually know?

          • Ice Road Trucker

            I know many whom have partaken of illegal controlled substances, some smoked, some snorted some injected.
            While there may be some debate about functioning pot users…
            Your claim that there are responsible folks using meth is bovine excrement.

          • Steve

            That is your opinion. You are entitled to it, no matter how wrong you are.

            I have known several users who go to work, pay taxes, do not steal, do not cause trouble, are not violent, and like a little meth every now and then.

            Just because the ones you have met are scum, does not mean all are scum.

            But the bottom line is, the feds have no constitutional authority to tell me, nor anyone else what they are allowed to do with their bodies.

          • Ice Road Trucker

            There are ‘funtioning alcoholics’ that show up to work on time every day and everyone is shocked to find they are angry drunks that beat their wives, or rape their kids.
            Drugs users like drunks can have an outward persona…. not all users are laying on the street slapping thier arm and begging.

          • Salinas resident

            You have got to be the dumbest person on here. LMAO. Aren’t you the same guy that thought if the cops don’t have there lights and sirens going then there just driving around doing nothing. You kill me steve. LOL

          • Steve

            Actually, I am quite intelligent. However, you and others are in close competition for being the most brainwashed.

          • gotcha

            I know plenty of them, dealing with them is part of my job. NOT ONE has been “a responsible” drug user. Don’t make stuff up, drugs destroy lives.

          • Steve

            If dealing with people on drugs is in fact part of your job, then you are not dealing with people who use drugs, but rather the people who let drugs use them.

            But lets assume I am wrong and you are correct. What business is it of yours, or anyone else’s if someone wants to ruin their life?

          • ksmom4

            I truly can’t believe how stupid you are Steve. I want is drug using morons of the street for my safety not theirs. you get a thumbs up for being the idiot of the day.

          • guest

            Be careful or the grammar police will get ya. However I get what you’re saying, steve will always be Salinas biggest idiot. Anyone that can’t see how illegal drugs strip us of our personal liberties can’t be that intelligent.

          • BabetheBeagle

            Steve, I don’t consider that responsible use. It is true that people can be more productive on meth, but the body can’t handle it in the long run. One guy I met at work had used it for productivity, and eventually it got him into trouble. He said his supervisors always praised him for his hard work. Sadly, he ended up going off the wagon, and ended up getting fired.

            I don’t do drugs, but the few people I know who’ve dabbled in it went down really quickly, and none of them were really into it just for kicks. You can see it on their skin, their teeth, the paranoia. First day – real productive and sociable, second day – paranoid and irritable as heck, third day – they crash and miss work. They lose their job, then the next thing you read they’re in jail for something, usually violent.

            The saddest case in someone that I knew was Kyle Nelson. He was younger than the men from work, a friend of my youngest in grade school. He was a smart kid, and funny! I knew he was doing drugs, and by the time he was a sophomore, he was kicked out of school. We really didn’t see him after that until his picture was in the paper for killing someone. I couldn’t believe how bad he looked. He had been a nice looking young man, and he was never violent when I knew him. He was exceptionally kind, and liked helping people a lot.

            Look in the Erowid vaults. Most of the meth stories don’t end up well. Maybe one or two, but the rest are nightmares. I won’t discount that some can handle it, but that isn’t the norm. It’s like playing Russian Roulette. Just not worth the risk.

            I seriously hope if you are dabbling with it you will stop now! It’s dangerous stuff. None of the people I knew that did it were “bad.” I’m sure there are some that get away with it, but the odds aren’t in your favor.

          • Steve

            Sounds to me like your example liked to continue to stay awake until he finally crashed. A responsible user would not do this. He would realize there are limitations and would not attempt to go beyond his personal limits.

            But regardless, people can have their opinions, but the bottom line is the federal government does NOT have the constitutional authority to tell people what they are allowed to do to their own personal bodies.

          • BabetheBeagle

            No, the federal government does not, I agree. If there are people who can responsibly use meth, then good for them, but from everything I’ve read they are in the minority. If your house fixer upper could not have done this without it, then IMHO, there is a problem. There is truth to the old motherly advice that you can’t burn a candle at both ends.

            Realistically, I don’t see any trend to legalize it in the near future, though. Pot more than likely will be legalized in most places in this country by the end of this decade. There are still dry counties in this country, if that gives you any idea how long it takes for attitudes to change.

            Groups of people and government will still be trying to control others long after I am gone. Probably long after you are gone, too. This may sound weak, but I prefer to pick my battles. I would like to see marijuana legalized first, because I do know people who use it responsibly. Meth reminds me too much of Obama, with its promise of wonderful things, leaving you with nothing but ruin and destruction. Not seeing any good coming from it. That said, laws and more laws won’t stop people from falling into what I perceive as a trap.

          • Obama ate my dog

            Love the Obama/meth comparison

          • BabetheBeagle

            Actually, this country is on a bad trip, so we could compare him to LSD or shrooms.
            How about alcohol, because we are going to be left with the worst hangover ever.

          • guest

            honestly you can’t make this stuff up folks. Did someone say narcissistic.

          • BabetheBeagle

            Steve is very intelligent. Do you even know what narcissistic means? How about “opinionated?”

          • guest

            Awesome, Steve knows a meth head with a HISTORIC SHOWPLACE. Holy crap you can’t make this stuff up. I’m falling off my chair. Lol

          • http://mises.org/ LibertyOrDeath

            Actually, doctors prescribe it to people. Children even. (Adderall) Read a book.

          • Obama ate my dog

            You re correct many medications for add are generic meth……this is why I don’t advocate the medication of children in this manner…….seems like the lazy approach…your kids out of control here’s some meth….disgusting

          • Obama ate my dog

            A.D.D. not add

          • BabetheBeagle

            Adderall isn’t methamphetamine, it is an amphetamine. There is a difference. Around here it isn’t prescribed that easily. A kid needs several evaluations, and letters from teachers, etc. The process takes several months. Also A.D.D. is different from A.D.H.D., which is what you seem to be talking about. A kid with A.D.D. isn’t hyper active at all, and, weirdly enough, people with either disorder react very differently to meth or amphetamines than people that don’t have it.

            They aren’t as easily addicted to it either. There is way to much hype out there!

          • Sally

            Seriously? You’re going to defend drug abuse? Breaking the law and using responsibly are not terms that belong in the same sentence. We never hear about those people because they don’t exist. If you are behaving responsibly, you aren’t breaking the law. I don’t care if your opinion is that it shouldn’t be a law, if you break the law, you aren’t being responsible.

          • Guest

            Really Sally? Would you say I was being irresponsible when I participated in the school’s bingo fundraiser? Because I was clearly breaking the state’s gambling law. Or how about when our church had a cake raffle and I bought a ticket? I was breaking the law then too. Just because most everyone agrees that the gambling laws shouldn’t include charity events, doesn’t change the fact that it is still a law.

          • Sally

            1. At the time folks were rebelling against the king, there was no procedure for protesting a law. Now, we have procedures to appeal laws we don’t agree with and allow the people to voice their opinions. Until the time that happens, I’ll consider the laws we have in place to be the policies the majority of the people agree upon, and until those laws are changed, it’s our responsibility to follow them. There are lots of laws I don’t agree with. I have the right to disagree with them, but I have the responsibility to follow them. If I want them changed, then I follow the proper channels. It’s not being a sheep, it’s being a good citizen.

            2. Yes, some prescription drugs come with risks. Patients work with their doctors to determine if the medical benefits outweigh the risks. Highly different from choosing to put some random substance in your body hoping to obtain a high/rush of some sort.

            3. There are exemptions for educational facilities as well as non-profit religious events if they hold events like that. And seriously- you’re gonna go ahead and use a school’s bake sale as an argument for justifying meth use?

          • BabetheBeagle

            http://www.gambling-law-us.com/Charitable-Gaming/Kansas/ and http://kspress.com/sites/default/files/ag_letter_on_raffles.pdf
            Raffles can be held if they request a donation, but do not charge for the tickets. Schools and many charitable groups can legally obtain a license for Bingo. So you probably aren’t breaking any law.

          • concerned

            Sally to me steve is pretty much stating “you become the company you keep”. Which is a very true concept to be taught to every child going up. As for defending drug abuse he didnt do that either. Drug abuse is abuse. Drug use can be done responsibly. Lets think about this for a second, your doctor will give you a pill (xanax, oxycotton, hydrocodone, etc) that will help alleviate your symptoms. Now these pills are very addictive, therefor you have the choice to abuse or not. Some people can be responsible, others cant

          • addict

            Drug abuse can be done responsibly. I’ll see you in a NA meeting real soon.

          • Steve

            Seriously? You are going to defend an unconstitutional law?

            I guess the founding fathers were not responsible either, as they knowingly broke the king’s law, and went out of their way to do so.

          • guest

            just so you know our founding fathers would shun something like this. Do you even know what the Constitution is.

          • Steve

            I know exactly what the Constitution is. Apparently you do not agree with the part regarding personal liberty.

            A crime with NO victim is not a crime.

          • guest

            It’s pot heads like you that don’t understand all the damage you have done over the years by supporting illegal drug dealers.

            The liberty of an individual to do his or her will freely except for those restraints imposed by law to safeguard the physical, moral, political, and economic welfare of others.

            Really steve you can’t see how drugs have stripped us from personal liberty. We laugh at you at work wondering what you would do if it were your family member or friends that got hurt by these drug using morons.

          • C_B

            You’re arguing that if something is illegal, it is inherently wrong. The “Duty/rule-based ethics” argument, IMO, is just as fallacious as an “appeal to tradition” argument.

            It is a cop-out argument that essentially means that a person is willingly foregoing any critical analysis and free thinking of their own and blindly following whatever the government has decided is right and wrong.

            Do you believe segregation was okay just because the government said it was okay? Was Rosa Parks irresponsible when she refused to give up her seat to a white peson? I’m not saying that drug prohibition is anywhere near the magnitude of unjustness of segregation, but arguing that only legal actions are responsible actions is beyond naive.

            This is one of the huge problems with this country. So many people are too apathetic/lazy/stupid/busy to have an individual thought. So many people are more than willing to forego any critical thinking or analysis before formulating an opinion, and instead rely on politicians and the media to tell them what should be their opinion on any given subject. Sheeple are ruining this country.

            (steps off soapbox and sits back down)

          • http://mises.org/ LibertyOrDeath

            Best comment all year.

          • ksdad

            I dont need a govt to tell me drug use is wrong. Common sense tells me that, a quality drug users lack.

          • beintrue

            Ur wrong, we drug users know it’s wrong. We choose to use any way cause it numbs our pain, and for that moment when we r pain free we actually feel some wat “normal” which feels, GREAT….so until u know wat we addicts think and how we feel, please don’t try speaking on our behalf.

          • Obama ate my dog

            I think many laws are stupid and I don’t obey them…..however I am a very responsible person…..I pay my bills, my taxes and I am not a burden on the citizenry…..some law’s are bull shet…..examples….seatbelts, obamacare and marijuana

          • guest

            idiocracy have you seen the movie?

          • SMH

            He used to be so much fun to be around, not to mention a total cutie! Now id rather not admit that. Ugh, when will people learn?!

          • beintrue

            She’s FAR from a biotch!!! Back off!!!

          • annamolly

            Yes. I’ve met her more times than I have ever wished.

          • guest

            You have got to be one of the dumbest people on this post. The only good thing about a libertarian is you vote conservative when need you.

          • Steve

            In your case, it is most obvious that ignorance is bliss. I pity you.

        • http://mises.org/ LibertyOrDeath

          Many shady people do meth. The meth didn’t turn them shady.
          The shady turned them on to the meth.

          • Ice Road Trucker

            The shady also influence others to try meth… and once the drug takes over their capacity for rational thought, makes them shady – meth is a cancer.

          • http://mises.org/ LibertyOrDeath

            I’m sorry. Science says otherwise.

          • Ice Road Trucker

            Your science is telling you meth is a good thing?
            You need to stop channeling Tom Cruise

          • http://mises.org/ LibertyOrDeath

            Nice strawman. Please address the statements I made. I said that science has shown that meth doesn’t turn a good person bad. Bad people happen to use it at a higher rate. It may legally under prescription of a doctor, that is why it is a sched II substance, not sched I.

          • Ice Road Trucker

            Shady people get others to try drugs and hook them on it… give them a “free taste” then get them coming back.
            Meth is adictive, and so you turn a formerly good person into an addict, willing to lie, cheat, steal, prostitute themselves etc. for their next fix.
            So it does turn a good person bad.

          • http://mises.org/ LibertyOrDeath

            The persona of the “pusher” out to hook the kids on their poison is a contrived one. You watch way too much TV, me thinks.

          • Ice Road Trucker

            Actually the problem is that you dont think.
            You actually believe that drugs have no effect on personality…. so I suppose all the psychiatric drugs are all placebos right?

          • Obama ate my dog

            While we disagree on pot….I’m definitely with you on this trucker……meth is cancer

          • Steve

            10 geniuses and their drugs of choice

            Sigmund Freud liked his cocaine
            Francis Crick — LSD
            Thomas Edison — Cocaine Elixirs
            Paul Erdös — Amphetamines
            Steve Jobs — LSD and marijuana
            Bill Gates — LSD
            John C. Lilly — LSD, Ketamine
            Richard Feynman — LSD, Marijuana, Ketamine
            Kary Mullis — LSD
            Carl Sagan — Marijuana

          • Obama ate my dog

            Freud liked cocaine until his good friend died of an overdose….then he abandoned all research into the drug……

          • Steve

            The point is, that IRT, and others, seem to have the opinion that drug users are all low life ignorant deadbeats who need the government to step in and dictate what they can and cannot do to themselves. This is simply not true. 10 geniuses, that we know of, liked their “evil, mind rotting” drugs.

            IRT, and others, are fixated on the people who let drugs use them, and have no regard for the god given liberties of others who enjoy using drugs. Whether or not you wish to consider the responsible use of drugs is really irrelevant. The fact is there are people who use drugs and still seem to be able to function as a productive citizen. They work, pay taxes, do not cause trouble, and do not create violent situations. In short, their actions do not create a victim. No victim, no crime. If someone decides to stay up all weekend to work on a project within the privacy of their own property, it is no no consequence to anyone else.

            I will agree that, for most people, meth is not good. But this is still no excuse for allowing the government to dictate what I am allowed to do to MY body.

            You know people who have had bad experiences with the drug, and I know people who have not. I know people who have had bad experiences with everything from fast food to guns. Should we let the government dictate how much fast food someone should be allowed to eat, or what kind of gun they are allowed to have?

            I’m actually kind of surprised by your stance on this matter. Aren’t you the one who said individual liberties cannot be cherry picked? That you have to accept the good with the bad?

            Now if you are going to try to claim that you are a victim because you watched a good friend go down hill, I could use the same argument about many things. Same goes for the insane argument that drug users cause insurance rates to go up. Same goes for fat people, so again, should the government start dictating caloric intake?

          • guest

            The point is, that IRT, and others, seem to have the opinion that drug users are all low life ignorant deadbeats who need the government to step in and dictate what they can and cannot do to themselves.

            I’ll say this s l o w so you get it I’m not worried about their safety I’m worried about mine. Put down the bong Steve and pay attention.

          • Ice Road Trucker

            You contort a concept of Drug of Choice – as if they were ongoing recreational users… versus whether they EVER TRIED LSD in the 60’s and early 70’s
            You are usually a bit more honest in debate than this.

          • LOL

            Well she is far from a genius… that’s for sure

          • Steve


          • Ice Road Trucker

            by BS you mean “Brilliant Synopsis”

  • they failed…at life

    A couple of real winners.

    • theRealMcCoy

      Ahem_ I’d like to point out that any man who comes in contact with this same sucubus has suffered the same fate, financial ruian and DEATH. Two men have died because of her. Yet Saline County has seen to keep releasing her and let her continue to reside here.. poor guy is her victim. Maybe by his own poor choice but a victim nonetheless

      • Amanda Raccagno

        What two men?

        • mouth full

          One guy killed him self over her and the other she killed in a car wreck driving drunk

          • Disgusted

            Both of whom she introduced to some pretty serious drugs before this happened to them. Sad deal one of whom was a friend of mine also.

        • ashley

          Amanda some people like to start stuff. No one knows who was driving that night.

          • I WAS THERE

            NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only would she have been found guilty due to overwhelming evidence, SHE CONFESSED!!! She was INFACT found guilty in Ottawa County Kansas for vehicular manslaughter.

          • Amanda Raccagno

            I just asked because the way he worded that was that she actually murdered people or didn’t buy her own hands once he stated that statement I wasn’t going to respond

      • ells

        Poor choice and morphine addiction.which she pumps ppl full of to get what she wants

  • dirtybeaver

    Match made in heaven. If you overlook the psychotic behavior and drugs i bet she is a real nice person. Maybe I should ask her out….romantic date to the best drive through window in town and then we can go watch a movie at the Wal Mart until they kick us out. I’ll treat her like she is my trailer park queen!!

  • shoot ’em somebody

    Spent all their money on drugs and couldn’t afford bullets?

    • beintrue

      She doesn’t truly want to harm/kill anyone!!!

      • LOL

        LOL… it just always works out that way. She may not want to but she sure doesn’t show any remorse when that is the end result.

  • Obama ate my dog

    hit him in the head with a propane bottle?

    These white trash stories melt my precious heart……

    • soft stool


    • guest

      Be careful or the Liberals will want to band assault propane bottles. What cracks me up with the people on here is trying to use the Constitution to say it’s okay for people bring crap like this into Salina. I’m not worried about their safety I’m worried about mine. But don’t tell Steve that all he’s worried about is his next bong hit.

      • Obama ate my dog

        I think you’re being a little hard on Steve……though I disagree with him on the meth issue he is usually spot on for issues of freedom and individual liberty…..I know he argues that meth is an issue of individual liberty but I’m not ready to take that leap yet…..

        • guest

          I disagree I don’t feel Steve knows the first thing about freedom or individual liberty. I think its disgusting that he tries to use the Constitution to justify is a Illegal drug use. if he wants to use illegal drugs then he needs to move to a state where its legal. until then he’s infringing on my freedom and individual liberty. steve is WRONG

          • Obama ate my dog

            I think it’s a bad idea for conservatives and libertarians to be at odds with one another…..as the old phrase goes “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”….conservatives have much more in common with each other than they do blood sucking maggot parasites AKA liberals!

  • concerned

    The only response i have is Hahahaha. Figures itd happen sooner than later. On a second note way to go salinas finest, i see how it goes… if the woman is the aggressor they both go to jail, and when the guy is the aggressor only he goes to jail…two words pitiful

    • Mr. Bill67401

      Actually I believe in domestic cases, both parties can go to jail.

  • Courtney

    Not sure any of these comments matter… But I knew her in jr high and she was a good friend. She had a horrible childhood from physical abuse from her father and no one had her back when she was younger. Personally it didn’t start with the drugs for her. She had no one to lean on as a parent and as a result she found her own ways to heal herself. Yes she isn’t doing well know and it’s from her own choices but seriously? Stop trying to analyze someone’s life when all you know about them is their record

    • Stop coddling the meth heads

      Life is full of hard knocks…stop making excuses for someone that decided to be a loser in their life…..

    • idiots

      A bad childhood is no justification for her deceitful behavior.shes a creature with no soul.playin every pitiful card available to get what she wants, no matter whose life is affected or in some cases, ruined.Most people have had traumatic expriences.we all still have to be functioning members of society. What she has done to herself since middle school is pathetic.but the people that don’t know just from her reputation, its a terrible idea to mess with her, are extremely moronic.the people that know her personally have worse stories than those told by her record.I see where you’re comin from but you obviously don’t know her anymore therefore have no idea what youre talkin about.

      • Courtney

        Regardless it’s not our place to judge or slander another verbally. There are better ways to spend ones time then talking about how bad another person is. No ones perfect or even close to perfect.

        • If only you knew

          Evidently she hasn’t been responsible for the death of anyone you care about yet

      • beintrue

        Let me inform u, not everyone handles life on life’s terms the same way. Some can easily put stuff behind them and move on like it never happened, while others can not. Her bad childhood is no excuse to act in a bad manner, but is the exact reason for her to act like she does:::doing meth is her way of dealing with the pain she feels inside…so now that I’ve shined a little light on how everyone handles pain differently why don’t u stay out of it. U dislike her from her PAST, so u don’t know her now in the present either. I DO, she’s a sweetheart with problems she’s learning to handle and trying to grow.

        • guest

          so you’re telling me she’s unique? that’s her biggest downfall!

        • Hmmm

          Most problems can be solved with meth, guns and a propane tank. I’m sure she’ll have lots of time to grow while she sits in jail! Good for her!

        • Name

          hahahahahahahaha…omg your ignorance is simply to ridiculous to even respond to.NO “beintrue” you don’t know her in the present OBVIOUSLY.Robbin people at gunpoint.Lying to every single person that crosses her path, even her own family.Maybe you and i know eachother if we both know her now.You apparently are the weak, vulnerable, easily misled one of the bunch that she preys on…I apologize for your stupidity.omg…i literally smiled from what you said out of the entertainment factor.Salina really is full of complete morons.

    • mouth full

      Just because it lives aren’t the best didn’t make it okay to hurt other! She needs to be made an example out of! I’m sure she has great potential to become a good decent person, however she chooses to act like a fool…the both need Jesus!

  • Govitas

    Last I read about her, she was busted with opiates in a rehab facility a few months ago. She could have been a California model making $250,000 a year.

    • Strider

      She used to strip as ‘Star’ in JC

      • Obama ate my dog

        How’d she look naked?

        • Twerkittweaker

          Not too bad. Just a little too skinny.

  • Fuchs Mi

    To Steve the druggie…. Why do people use drugs? To disconnect from reality and life in general. I have yet to see anyone use drugs responsibilly

    • BabetheBeagle

      You don’t have a clue.

      • ksmom3

        Wow babe I think the only thing funnier then steve is you running around with your nose up his but. You really need to check yourself. You’re not that special so quit trying to be so brilliant. I like you babe just try showing some humility.

        • Obama ate my dog

          uncalled for!

          • BabetheBeagle

            Now I’m running around with my nose up steve’s behiney, and you’re running around with your nose up mine! This is getting weird, even for a beagle. LOL

        • BabetheBeagle

          OK, give me a lesson. I’m open.

          • guest

            “If people are using, I would be the last one to know, unless their use has become apparent”

            What if the people writing and supporting these laws were recovering drug addicts? What I’m wanting you to see is wouldn’t they no more then you the dangers?

            “Meth, from what I’ve read and seen in a few people, scares me. But we have strict laws against it, and they haven’t stopped it’s use. I don’t think my stand against the drug war is without merit.”

            Strict laws that steve would like to go away. I feel the war on drugs goes much deeper. When are we going to start again investing in family and community? The war on drugs is a good thing I Love my family.

          • BabetheBeagle

            I love my family, too, but fail to see what that has to do with the fact that all the laws on the books have not been effective curbing drug use. What is wrong with exploring other solutions?

            “What if the people writing and supporting these laws were recovering
            drug addicts? What I’m wanting you to see is wouldn’t they no more then
            you the dangers? ”

            That’s a big “what if,” and I don’t see how you make a case based on an assumption. Likely, some of them are and some of them aren’t. My point is still that our current policy is ineffective. Here is just one article with an overview of the history of the War on Drugs, and an outline on the debate.


            We had alcoholics when it was illegal, and we still have them now that it’s legal, but there is more money for rehabs, people aren’t dying of wood alcohol poisoning, and we get to tax liquor instead of paying law enforcement to chase moonshiners. When it comes to drugs, alcohol is about as dangerous and destructive as any of them.. Yes, I’d like to stop drunks from driving, starting fights, coming to work drunk ,and jeopardizing the safety of others. Show me how to do it. Reality is you can’t control others behaviors.

            I do appreciate that you took the time to debate respectfully. Thanks for taking the time to present your views. Even though we disagree, your ideas are not without merit, either. I wish more people would take some time to study the situation, instead of resorting to putting down those they don’t agree with. Thank you.

  • beintrue

    I also LOVE how everyone talking crap on her, is HIDING behind screen names and a computer!!! Baby girl, you KNOW exactly who I am….SMH in total disbelief……grow a pair for crying out loud, quit hiding behind your computers!!! That’s all….gnite all….love you Christine, I’ll be here for you for as long as possible, that’s a promise!!!

    • BabetheBeagle

      I hear you. Welcome to the kangaroo court of Salina Post. It’s a sport with them, kicking someone when they are down. This is why they canceled comments on the booking pages I’m sorry your friend is going through a hard time in her life, and I’m glad she has you.

    • Screen Name

      We hide behind screen names because she has a propane tank and knows how to use it! Just wait. Death and/destruction is what comes to those who spend time with her. Then continues on with her drug filled life of happiness as if nothing ever happened and oddly enough, consequences never happen. She is immune to the justice system it seems. I hope you are in store for a much better fait than others who have trusted and loved her.

  • nonsense

    This is the same girl that got shot in the leg in a drug deal gone bad on south Ohio st. She has been given opportunities to turn her life around. She makes the choices to hang around the wanna be gang bangers, the drug dealers, and has been abusive in more than one occasion. I have zero pity for her. There are people that have been through more than she can imagine and have become assets to society.

    • guest

      Be careful cause steve or babethebagel Will tell you none of this took place because of drugs.

      • BabetheBeagle

        I’m not a bagle! 😉 But, seriously, why should nonsense be careful just because we have different opinions. Drugs may have played a role, IDK, but there were other factors involved, too. I’m just not going to judge it based on this article. It doesn’t even say who attacked first. Maybe it was self defense for one or the other. There are posters who are saying all kinds of things about her, but we don’t even know who any of us are here, so how do you decide which of us to believe?

        I have not said that doing drugs is a good idea, just that drug laws and the war against drugs has been a total failure and waste of resources. IMHO we should be looking at methods of harm reduction. Don’t you think it is time to at least try something else? I don’t use any drugs but ibuprofen. Not even a script, and I drink very little … like a glass of wine with a holiday dinner. If people are using, I would be the last one to know, unless their use has become apparent. Meth, from what I’ve read and seen in a few people, scares me. But we have strict laws against it, and they haven’t stopped it’s use. I don’t think my stand against the drug war is without merit.

        Just what has caused this county more harm, drug use or the draconian laws designed to prevent it? You may have a different answer to that than I, but it is a question worth thinking about and exploring. In Holland, and a few other countries, they constantly review and revise drug policy. There has to be a better way than the way we are handling it right now. The status quo isn’t acceptable.

  • Screen name

    We use screen names because she has a propane tank and knows how to use it LOL. If you question the accuracy of any of the “trash” people are talking on her do a google search on her. Bad news! People who spend time with her end up injured or dead and she continues her happy little drug infested life as if nothing ever happened.

  • crackhater

    this is what happens when theres just not enough crack to go around for everybody.Christine got shot a couple years ago and robbed supposedly by Armani but that story is real flaky if you ask me.As for the dude who got hit with the propane tank..u got beat up by a bitch chump….

    • Armani

      i didnt ROB that girl!

  • curious

    so why werent they charged wit the guns

  • Guest

    All I have read on here is about what the people did, does no one realize the police broke the law when they opened a safe while investigating the fight after they found the alleged pistol in the purse. The police broke the privacy law but using the fight to look to be able to charge them with more, without legal grounds. You should feel unsafe that the police down there think they have the right to break the law!

    • BabetheBeagle

      If they did, all that evidence will be kicked out of court. I’m not so sure that is the case, though. They may have called for a warrant. I doubt this story tells every detail of the investigation.

      • beintrue

        I promise they opened the safe without a warrant, and Christine didn’t open it for them. Also known how is she being charged with manufacturing when it clearly says they found “meth residue” in her purse, no large amounts to suggest manufacturing. The whole story is full of, well holes….but I’m sure her lawyer WILL handle it all. It’s bogus, end of story.

  • lol

    lets not jump to conclusions about christine…….once a meth head always a meth head in salina.!

    • beintrue

      Well ur wrong!!! I know ppl who WERE “meth heads” who r clean now….

      • guest

        Then listen she not unique! Give it up.