Coca-Cola commercial seeks Kansas vintage barn

barn in brown county

This Brown County barn is closes to the commercial’s specs, but a wood roof is preferred.

Hays Post

The director of an upcoming television commercial for Coca-Cola wants to shoot it in Kansas.

According Marci Penner, Executive Director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, Zach Lowry is a New York City-based director wanting to come to Kansas to shoot a Coca-Cola commercial late May or June.

“They are seeking an old, vintage barn surrounded by wheat fields,” said Penner in a news release Thursday.

coca-cola logoHere are Lowry’s preferences:

– Wooden barn (first choice red but can be any color or no paint)
– Probably wooden roof
– Weathered
– Located right beside or with wheat all around it
– Interior dimensions 30′ x 30′ or wide enough to fit a 1965 Mustang inside of the barn sitting at a diagonal
– Preferably ceilings of 20′ or higher
– Windows and slits in the side of the barn for light rays to poke through

Anyone with access to such a Kansas barn is encouraged to get in contact with Lowry at or call 610.710.5245.

“It would be great to send him pictures of the barn and proximity to or in the field, and the interior,” said Penner.

The mission of the Kansas Sampler Foundation is to help preserve and sustain rural culture.

  • Cheese wizz

    Didn’t coke sing the national anthem in Japanese during the Super Bowl ?
    They ain’t using my barn

    • tsks

      They had a commercial that had ‘America the Beautiful’ sung in multiple languages.

  • Barnyard Mare

    I would hope that Coca-Cola would be denied access to a Kansas barn after the latest super bowl commercial. If they have their commercial singing the US national anthem in languages other than English, they can go to another country to do their commercials. I will never use another coke product.

    • Guest

      OH MY GOD PEOPLE! It was not the national anthem! Figure out what your national anthem is!

      • hugh Jass

        They’re farmers, go figure. They only know two things: complaining & where to get freebies

        • Steve

          Three things. They also have the knowledge it takes to provide you with food. Or are you one of those people who thinks the grocery store manufactures all that stuff in the back room.

          • hugh Jass

            True that Z. Now get back to work fleecing them out of their welfare checks/subsidy payments selling the trucks

        • Barnyard Mare

          I am not a farmer. I am an agriculturalist. I don’t have time to sit on my back side and watch the boob tube all day on the weekends. I WORK for a living.

      • Barnyard Mare

        excuse me, I don;t watch TV but heard about it. I meant a patriotic song. get over it. Coca-Cola is controlled by china so I try to avoid using coke products anyway. Geez. If you live in the United States, you should speak the English or go back to where you speak the native language. When I lived in another country, I spoke the language, even if I couldn’t speak fluently. The people in the country smiled and was happy I made the attempt.

  • American

    Your stance against Coca-Cola is pretty sad. Maybe you should know the difference between the national anthem and America the Beautiful before you comment.

  • Lee

    Look at all the ignorant racists coming out. You all make the rest of America look bad. Not a song being sung in different languages