Presenting the “Salina Hero of the Week” Awards

salina herosThe Salina Post turned three years old this past September and over the Post’s brief history, we have tried to entertain all of the requests and comments regarding what a local news source should be and what type of information we should provide.

One request stands out above all the others, “We want to hear about more positive news in the community.”

You asked, and now we’ll deliver.

Over the coming months we will be rolling out a series of positive news features involving the Salina community. The first begins today.

We are happy to announce the Salina Hero of the Week, brought to you by Bank VI. Each week, we will select one person to receive the honor of Hero of the Week.

The Hero of the Week could be your neighbor who helped shovel your driveway when the latest snow hit. It could be that teacher who spent a little extra time to help your child. Or, it could even be someone that didn’t help you specifically but someone who you have witnessed help this community in some way. The possibilities are endless.

It’s these unique individuals, these heroes, that make a community strong and help it to grow in the right direction.

In order to nominate someone for Hero of the Week, simply fill out the form at (

Let us know who the hero is, and what they did to deserve the “hero” title. Then, every Saturday morning, you will be able to read a story about the hero and what each is doing in the community.

If your hero isn’t selected right away, don’t worry, we will keep every submission in a database and your hero could be selected in subsequent weeks.

The first hero is scheduled to be covered on November 23rd. So if you have a hero, let us help share the good news here in Salina.

(You may also share your hero on our Facebook page – add the link

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