Update Tuesday : Body Found in Parked Vehicle

pic1Update Tuesday 10:40a.m.:Salina Police do not believe foul play was involved in the death of a Colorado man who was found dead Monday afternoon in his car near the Petro 2 north of the 9th and I-70 interchange.

Lt. Scott Siemsen said 67-year-old Terry Hamilton of Aurora Colorado was found dead about 4:30 Monday afternoon, after police were called to do a welfare check on a man in a car.

Hamilton was reported as a missing person by his family in October.
An autopsy will be performed to determine cause and time of death.

Update: The man that passed away was served at the Iron Skillet, next to the Petro Station, on Friday night. Employees stated they witnessed him stumble out after eating.

The body of a man was found in a vehicle Monday evening in the parking lot of the Petro Gas Station, 2125 North 9th in  Salina.

The white sedan was parked at the edge of the parking lot overlooking 9th street.

No additional details are available on how the man died or as to how long the vehicle had been there.

Additional information will be posted when available.





  • Adam

    Crazy I work at the shop at Petro got off at noon dam see what I miss

    • Robert Gerleman

      I waited on this man days ago. He seemed healthy then. Odd. I pray for his family ….

      • Shusho Mountain

        quit touching kids Girlyman

    • maria

      I mean really? Seriously, you have one employee stating he’s mad he missed it. Are u kidding me? That’s what im talking about. So mad at me for posting facts but u don’t care one of the employees is mad he missed it? Get real!!!

      • iron stomach needed

        maria…you are really queen of the drama queens…..you are the biggest reason I will never go there again.

        • maria

          Lol. Again if your going to speak directly too me make yourself known. Im the least drama person and if u don’t still work there its cause u got fired which wouldn’t of been because of me. So again nice try.

        • really??

          oh please, maria has always been the least drama person. Lets not forget when she worked at this store we all went too her with almost everything because we all knew she wouldnt be spreading anything around or lying. maria only went too a different store because when she was supposed too move up, one person get jealous and started making rumors. she is talking truth about EVERYTHING she has said. And we all know it.

          • Nice try Maria

            Are you Maria? Because both of you are using “too” incorrectly.

          • maria

            obviously not seeing as I am the one from there thats not afraid too show my face. why dont you other employees try to do the same rather than hiding behind the menue, just cause now all the sudden you wanna get all butt hurt even though you all know exactly what i am saying true. 100% And again. I never ever said anyone was at fault. I said people show be aware of their surroundings and think about it, if it was your mom or your dad or grandpa or 7 year old child you would feel the same way.. Dont like what I said then you shouldnt have kept it going. you have the right too ignore anything I say just like I have the right to post anything I have said.. So just leave it alone!!!

          • Nice try Maria

            We are just wondering why you are having conversations with yourself? Multiple personalities? Huh Cybil?

          • maria

            LOL. I am sorry that you can not accept what others are saying. However, again, I am the only one outta the workers that is not afraid to show my face. So when Melanie and Kelly and I believe the one up there that cant spell anything at all is Alyssa, and Leslie, oh but wait Leslie doesnt work there cause they wouldnt hire her, huh Melanie? Wonder why that was. when you all can show your face then you can talk. Dont get all mad cause I am stating facts!!! Now I deleted every comment I have made other then the one above this, and you people just dont stop, so why should I? I ubderstand you dont want me telling the public about the truths of the TA Petro Iron skillet company cause you still work at this store, but you all know everything I have said is true cause we have ALL got into with the managers over every disgusting thing that goes on in there, so do not act like its false information when its not. This is the first post that I have made since deleting all of them. So why dont you all grow up..

          • Kelli Lynn Barnhart

            Um, excuse YOU, but if it were me i would put my name. I came to see if there was an update and I see all of the pathetic comments and half being you (before you deleted them). So first of all keep my name out of this and out of your mouth period. And second of all, none of this should have started. This is about a man that died. Should’ve could’ve would’ve doesn’t matter now, We know to be more cautious in the future. You’re saying to care about others when you are doing exactly the opposite. Instead of sympathizing for him and his family and leaving it at that you keep yappin’ away. You’re saying to grow up and you’re the one that keeps fueling the fire and bringing up topics that have NOTHING AT ALL to do with this story.

          • Nice try Maria

            You tell her sexy!

          • guest

            Kelli, if you signed a media agreement, delete your comment. :) (a friend đŸ˜‰ Just report to Salina Post. :)

        • careful

          FYI….the awesome general manager has weeded out the employees causing the most amount of issues and please consider giving it another chance. I eat there frequently and absolutely love most of the wait staff. They really have undergone a transformation in teamwork and the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable. Please don’t take the words of one individual. Yes, we have freedom of speech, however, please exercise caution in reading future posts.

          • Letsbehonest

            from what i know the ” awesome general manger” stole money out of one persons drop just so this person could get fired.. sorry but word does get around town..

  • maria

    Wow!! Leave it to petro iron skillet too not pay attention too what’s going on. They almost let one of their manager pass away also cause her colleagues wouldn’t go check on her. Wow!! Prayers too the family, may he R.I.P.

    • seriously

      most people don’t pay attention to others because they are worried about there own lives

    • Truth

      Know what your too stupid to even have me be serious towards when something happens there the one idiot who points there figure’s. A man is died in stead of only saying I feel bad and I pray in for his family. There is always people who want to blame someone else. Probably no body noticed cause he was in a employee parking spot, probably he was faced towards the road instead of the store, maybe though it was a coworker’s care and didn’t bother checking. Don’t jump to conclusion’s.

      • Truth




      • skool is out lmao


    • Confused

      What? How is it Iron Skillets fault? He might have eaten there but his car was in the gas station parking lot.

    • Rocket Science

      For all you know he died or heart attack right after he sat down in his car and that they found him right away. Way to jump to conclusions!

      • guest

        NO they didnt find him right away. read where it says that at. Friday too Monday evening and I know what the police officer said when he opened the car door.

        • beintrue

          They say he was served Friday and found Monday…doesn’t say he died Friday and not found til Monday! They also said they’re doin an autopsy to see how long he’s been dead cause it’s UNKNOWN….if ur goin to “TRY” and state facts, make sure they’re TRUE FACTS!!! Thanks :)

          • Catch 22

            Per radio scanner traffic, “apparent code black”. Dying and being found hours later is not apparent.

          • beintrue

            (sorry so late, haven’t had access to a computer lol) Again, the call came in on Monday NOT Friday…..

  • M

    Maria….seriously!?! Way to judge. You obviously have no idea what the story is.

    • shelly

      Right? Way to judge

  • SalinaCitizen

    Im never eating Iron Skillet!!!!! Prayers to the family.

  • JustaDude

    I agree with Maria, do you all not see where it says the employees at the Iron Skillet “witnessed” him stumble out. I think that violates the Good Samaritan Law and they should be prosecuted.

    • Vet

      You should be prosecuted for attempting to impersonate a rational human being.

      • JustaDude

        Vet, you had no point or in this case counterpoint, only an unsupported statement, so you appear to be trying to impersonate someone intelligent. Failed!

    • Confused

      The Good Samaritan Law protects someone from being charged with wrongful death if they try to provide help and the victim dies. In the US, the average citizen isn’t required to help anyone. Perhaps they should have considered calling for some help, but I’m sure in that establishment they witness a lot of odd behaviors. Prayers to the family.

  • guest

    This is maria and this is my point.. You as employees see some one STUMBLE out after eating and NOBODY asks if he is ok? Thats a shame really. I am sorry but it is.. That is my point. And it says you as employees said that the car was in an employee parking and obviously thats where the petro employees park and nobody questioned this at all? Sorry but its the facts. Yes a man died and yes I am sorry that it happened, but how many people could be saved by others taking initiative? Thats all im saying, and no for you Iron Skillet workers, nothing is aimed at you.. So stop texting my phone!!

    • beintrue

      Shoot for all they knew he was drunk!!! It was a FRIDAY, a lot of ppl get drunk and go out to eat and stumble outside!!! R they supposed to investigate or call 911 on every person that stumbles in or out the doors??? Come on they’d be on the phone and investigating all night every Friday and Saturday and a lot during the wk, that’s NOT their job, their job’s to serve the guest!!!!

      • maria

        Lol. Yes I am well aware that now for no reason at all you all are saying he was drunk. Yes I heard that conversation from the field manager. And yes we’ve had some young people come in high for dinner but drinks? No. Lol. There no bar crowd as u say. And still not the point. We help the elderly too their car with an umbrella when it rains right? But not an elderly who comes in the evening then stumble out? Guess it was just me.

        • rll

          beintrue did not say that he drank there at that place simply said that he could have been drunk. And to say there is no bar crowd hate to tell you this but there are alot of bars in Salina, and people do go out to eat after drinking. I am not saying anything is or is not right but alot of people do not show consideration for others. If it would have happened at any other place they wouldnt have asked what was wrong with the man either.

  • Robert Gerleman

    I am so sorry for this mans family. My prayers will continue to go out to his family. May God be with all in this.

  • Vet

    Reading the comments, I see where some of you are ready to throw everybody who disagrees with you into prison. Example: “They seen him stumble out, so they should be prosecuted.” If I called 911 every time I saw someone stumble or weave while walking, they’d have me arrested for abusing 911. Live your own life and stop worrying about everybody else. It was the man’s time to go and he went after getting a last meal of what he wanted to eat at a good restaurant. We should all be so lucky.

    • Mikey Fiorini

      Think u

    • Stan

      Good restaurant? I ordered a double bacon cheeseburger to go last week and got a half cooked single cheeseburger.

      • Disappointed

        I agree. i had to stop going there because every time I took my family it smelled like mold in there and the buffet always looked so dried out like last weeks lunch. And all we ever heard in there were servers ” complaining” about other servers. And a I guess the cook in the back with ear buds in his ear. we would spend 50 dollars or more in there, and kept saying maybe this time itll be good, but nope. Always disappointed.

  • Jjbimp

    Yikes, is the food that bad?!

    • oh my

      I don’t know if it’s bad enough to kill, but it is BAD…as for the service…THAT is REALLY BAD!! I haven’t and will never recommend anyone ever eat at the Iron Skillet.

      • maria

        Oh its bad. Wait until Thanksgiving, the food they make will be from bread they’ve saved for a year, “the hills ” if they run outta coffee decaf we’re told too use regular and say its decaf. Sell regular fudge and say its sugar free. None of the food is ever wrapped up at night, good luck finding a clean plate. One manager sleeps with children, the other has his employees buy his alcohol. They only deep clean during inspection and that’s only half the things that go on there. So too those of you who wanna make direct comments too me and not shown yourself, don’t get me starter cause I will tell all..

        • isnt that the truth!!!

          yep all very true!!

  • Carefull

    Disgruntled workers should not make this tragedy about them and should be careful not to slander. The people who work there care about their customers and there are usually police offers who travel through that parking lot at least once a day.

    • maria

      Obviously whoever said this works there and lets not forget im not a disgruntled employees or an ex employee. I.am stating facts. I know exactly where the car was parked, and it was right in between where employees park. Now obviously not many would, but if u see someone there When u go in and someone same one when u come out, wouldn’t u tap on the window or something? This coming from people who call the police if a semi isn’t parked right, or u send a text out defending yourself. Again, im not blaming anyone, im saying, care about others, and im sorry but TA doesn’t care about their employees or customers, I’ve seen it too many times on both sides and im sorry too those workers that wanna be invisible, we all know they don’t because we’ve had numerous amounts of conversation on the subject.

      • maria

        And lets not forget I was the exact same way when they were willing too let your boss lay dead on her living room floor because they wouldn’t go check on her and I sent the police too her house with the help of her mother from Michigan, and they broke in her window to find her in a diabetic coma. So this is in no way about me. Its about principal!!

        • from the past

          Oh Maria…PLEASE…..I don’t know where you found that high horse you are sitting on. But… I do know what kind of person you really are. You really think you of all people should judge anyone?? LMAO that’s priceless….absolutely priceless

          • maria

            If u know what kind of person I am then you know im real and honest. So if your going to speak directly too me then make yourself known because none of you know me. You know my work ethic and you know its very good. So nice try.

          • Juanita Simmons

            High Horse, if this is the same maria that worked there when I was a frequent customer then she was always polite and always a good server. When she left or went wherever she did we stopped coming into the restaurant. Maybe some of the waitstaff should take trainging from her. I have been following the postings and I can see that too many employees are having to much free time and that is another reason me and my husband no longer come out there. DO SOME WORK AND BE BETTER AND WHAT YOU DO!

      • careful

        Wow…if you’re not then maybe you should be. If you have such a negative perspective then maybe you shouldn’t be working for a company you don’t believe in.

  • Mikey Fiorini

    I really hope this mans fam dont read any of this cuz most of u r just out right disrespectful its none of your concern or position to judge others so drop it your only making thing worse for his famliy

  • bob

    I now feel completely stupid having read this thread. Here are the facts: 1) man stumbles out of restaurant. 2) man found dead in his car. It sucks but it happened. My question would be did he stumble IN to the restaurant? But my main concern would be for the family he left behind.

  • Ted Bartram – Saline County

    I say all should boycott the Iron Skillet and The Iron Skillet just due to the clear misconduct of their employees and the staff at both locations. Not nescerally the staff that may or may not have been in the restaurant or store when this man passed but the ones that should have been checking the parking lot, or the one at the shop that was sad he missed it and all the other bullshit on here. I am not stupid and I hope others are not either. Obviously most if not all of the things posted on here are coming from employees that are feuding and that is not where I would like to send my hard earned dollars!

    • Eric Timmons

      I will be joining in on this and I hope others will join. Until this company (Travel Centers of America) can at the least issue an apology for this not being noticed sooner.

  • Jack

    Comments make my head hurt.

  • Jack

    Why isn’t anyone blaming God or Satan, or the people on the “hill”, or the new or old police chief, or the republicans or democrats or commies, or Obama or ACA?