Obamacare “Navigator” has Outstanding Arrest Warrant in Kansas

Rosilyn-Wells-for-websiteA woman by the name of Rosilyn Wells has an outstanding arrest warrant in Shawnee County and is also the only full time “Navigator” with Heartland Community Health Center for the Affordable Care Act enrollment.

With the Affordable Care Act implemented, online enrollment is available. To help with the process of online enrollment, positions were created called “navigators”.

An organization in Lawrence, KS called Heartland Community Health Center has hired Rosilyn Wells, the only full time Affordable Care Act Navigator they employ. Rosilyn Wells has an outstanding arrest warrant from the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office. The Salina Post did try to contact the Shawnee County ¬†Sheriff’s Office but could not find anyone to elaborate on the charges in regards to Well’s warrant. Furthermore, she has a 2007 civil charge from a local business for trying to cash a bad check.

There are concerns that personal information is at risk because “Navigators” have access to Social Security Numbers along with other personal information from the people they are assisting.

Link for 2007 civil charge:


Link showing arrest warrant:


Link to Heartland Community Health Center:


  • Ray

    Didn’t know writing a bad check meant a person could never work in civil services again. This is non-news propaganda.

  • Guest

    “In Laurence, KS an organization…” Seriously, do you have an editor? I’m avaiable for freelance work.

  • annamolly

    “In Laurence, KS an organization …” Seriously, do you have an editor? I’m available for freelance work.

  • sameolbs

    Do you really want to give your personal information to someone who is writing bad checks? I don’t.

  • productive citizen

    This is absolutely Non-News Propaganda!! The headline is misleading, saying “obamacare” and it has nothing to do with the act. There are many professionals who have old criminal warrants and charges. We have met the Navigator here in Salina, and she is pretty cool. What a waist of a news story.

    • More productive than you!

      Oh don’t try to mislead us now productive citizen. We know it’s Obamas fault!

    • gotcha

      Well, you go right ahead and give her all your information. And, if Juan calls from Zimbabwe, give him the info too.

    • sickofit

      It has nothing to do with the act? How can you say that – she was hired to enroll people into it. It has everything to do with it. Productive Citizen’s name should be changed to Obama a$$ kisser!

    • Guest poster

      “Waist” of a news story? Really? No wonder this country is going downhill. The dumbing down of America is in full swing.

    • Kevin Groenhagen

      Nothing to do with the act? Obamacare authorizes the navigator program. And this was not an “old” warrant. It was an outstanding arrest warrant. You should read before you post. It would help prevent you from appearing so ignorant.

  • Seriously

    My point exactly, criminals get better jobs then the ones that obey the rules of life and have a COLLEGE Degree.

    • sick of it all

      criminals get better jobs when hired by criminals..what did you expect from a crooked administration? Honest people?

  • wtf…

    trying to cash a bad check?
    her checks? or someone else’s?
    how many people cash bad checks?
    As if she was a convicted serial killer… and what does her job have to do with her trying to cash a bad check in 2007?

    it’s mind baffling what people call “news” … how about posting some real articles that people actually give a crap about.
    I don’t believe she is any kind of identity thief?

    • Seriously

      But it is an Outstanding Warrant. How would you feel on giving her your security information and next thing you know, you have a $300,000, car, a $1.2 million dollar home, and a yacht that you never purchased?

      • Kevin Groenhagen

        Some of these posters, such as wtf, lack basic reading comprehension.

  • Brandi Slavens

    hmmm….going to shawneecounty.org and going to public records will bring that stuff up