Salina Musician Releases Children’s Album

Screenshot 2013-10-12 14.00.03By Tom Wilbur

Ann Zimmerman, is an attorney — with an emphasis on being a mediator, by day. As a lawyer she brings her experiences in life to the table in helping resolve problems, and she is one sharp cookie— a graduate of the Harvard School of Law. She is soft spoken, but passionate about many things, and is fearless in her beliefs.

In her other life, she is one of Salina’s musical treasures, with a wonderful voice, and an incredible talent for bringing a smile to your face, as she presents songs that have often been written long ago— or songs she has penned over the course of her lifetime. Ann has been in the recording studio, and has just released a new CD of children’s songs for the child in all of us. It’s called “Meadowlark” and it’s honest, engaging and endearing. Those of you who have seen Ann ‘live and in concert’ know how special she is– and how she captures the passion and spirit of the folk music genre she loves so much. She has a wonderful voice, and is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter. Her new album is titled with a song that features Ann, a meadowlark, and children— singing in concert together.

Ann shares a voice with each of us in the Midwest, as she sings fun-spirited songs of life grown from her roots in this part of the world. It’s as if she uses the prairies of Kansas as part of a language from which her ideas and creativity stem—and if you love Kansas like I do, that’s an easy thing to find attractive. She travels the nation, singing at festivals, theaters, schools and yep, even farmer’s markets– and those of us who know her, and have watched her grow as an artist are so proud that she calls Salina home. She has a number of other CDs with beautiful folk songs, intended to raise your spirits, or share a special moment, and if you seek them out, you will find them endearing, as well.

My recommendation? If you have children who like to sing along with fun songs, or you just want to enjoy a beautiful voice presenting pretty songs from your childhood, you need to get yourself a copy of this new album, available on CD. On a number of the tunes, as mentioned, children accompany her – she is leading by example, and encouraging your kids to follow along. And the world needs a whole lot more kids singing simple, happy songs, in my humble opinion. “Meadowlark” allows you to wander back, and take a journey wherever the Kansas wind might blow, or you might simply enjoy a song you once sang around a campfire somewhere.

 “Meadowlark” would make a great Christmas gift for your kids– for grandchildren, nieces and nephews– and even Grandma and Gramps. Past that, it’s just a whole lot of fun. To order one of these terrific CDs, and find out more about Ann and her body of work proceed to —- or find her page on Facebook.

We are all part of the song called life. Let’s make the journey together. Spread the love.


TomPortraitFullrev2 Tom Wilbur is President/CEO of BANK VI, in Salina, Kansas, and a regular contributor to The Salina Post. He is a member of The Last National Band, and The NINE:50 Worship Band, at Trinity United Methodist Church. He is an avid lover of all music, and is cast in the upcoming musical production of “A Christmas Carol” at the Salina Community Theatre. He can be reached at