Kansas WIC Checks Held for November and December

Kansas WIC clinics holding November, December checks during federal shutdown


TOPEKA, Kan. – Today, Oct. 9, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment directed local WIC offices to limit the issuance of WIC checks to only those checks dated October 2013 and to withhold checks dated November and December until further notice. KDHE is able to fund WIC purchases made with October checks; however, the agency cannot at this time guarantee its backing of grocery purchases made with checks dated November and December because it cannot predict the end of the federal government shutdown.


KDHE will keep authorized WIC grocery stores informed regarding the current situation including specific instructions if restrictions are placed on the redemption of WIC checks.


The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women Infants and Children (WIC) is a federally funded program administered in Kansas by KDHE through contracts with county health departments. Currently, all Kansas WIC clinics are fully operational and serving clients.


Printed on each WIC check is a date labeled: “Do not use before this date.” WIC checks are valid for 30 days from that date. For instance, October checks issued today are valid from Oct. 9 through Nov. 9; the October checks issued tomorrow are valid from Oct. 10 through Nov. 10, and so on. All checks with a “Do not use before this date” in October or September may be redeemed by participants and grocery stores will be reimbursed for purchases made with those checks.


“Limiting the issuance of WIC checks is the appropriate response at this time,” said Dave Thomason, Kansas WIC Director within the Bureau of Family Health at KDHE. “We are hopeful that the shutdown will be resolved before it impacts WIC past the month of October, but we must be fiscally responsible during this time of uncertainty. KDHE understands the inconvenience of our current situation, and we appreciate WIC staff in their work to ensure that WIC participants receive proper nutrition education and assistance during this time.”


WIC provides nutrition education, breastfeeding support and supplemental, nutritious foods to low-income families. The Kansas WIC program serves approximately 70,000 participants every month, including:


  • ·        Pregnant women
  • ·        Breastfeeding women through the first year of their infant’s life
  • ·        Women who have had a baby within the past six months
  • ·        Infants under the age of 1
  • ·        Children from age 1 to 5.


  • Sarah Roe

    Honestly I feel the babies that are on formula and baby food should be the only ones to get it at a time like this. I get WIC for my toddler and wouldn’t mind cutting things tighter for the little babies.

    • Guest

      I really agree that it’s most important for the babies. I really hope that momma’s don’t start watering down that formula! I am on WIC because I nurse my child and we would be ok without my checks but I wish my son could keep his baby food checks.

      • mother of three

        Good for you for breast feeding!!!

        • Linda

          Not all of us could breast feed. My son couldn’t have it. I tried for 3 weeks but he would vomit it up. We had to switch to formula but couldn’t find one he could be on. Then found he had acid reflux and he is allergic to soy, whey, and casean. So he has to be on Elecare. I can not afford that without help. It can only be ordered through the pharmacy and WIC would only cover it with his GI specialist saying that he HAS to have it. Just one can is $45. He goes through a can in 3 days. I couldn’t buy more than that a week. When this stops, idk what I am going to do. I am a little worried.

          • Anonymous

            There are some recipes using goat’s milk. I understand that many moms around the globe have had much better success with goat’s milk because it is easier to digest. I began drinking it personally when I began having difficulties digesting cow’s milk. That may be something to research on the web.

  • Shea Lewis

    This is just a mess. How is baby formula not an essential thing for families? I get WIC for my 4 month old because my boyfriend is the only one working right now and I can assure you that $18 cans of formula aren’t able to make it into our budget. People on food stamps can still get their food stamps to sell or do whatever they please with them and my baby doesn’t get to get his formula. Wonderful system we have here.

    • Sarah Roe

      I really hope they get this resolved before babies run out. I would be making bottles more watered down if I was in your shoes.

      • kreaswhan

        You’re an idiot shed starve the baby of its nutrients watering down is never the answer.

        • Sarah Roe

          No you do what you gotta do. When completely out then what.

          • Guest

            You make your own formula. There are recipes out there. Watering down formula is extremely dangerous. A) babies under a certain age shouldn’t have *just* water because of the risk of water intoxication. Watering down formula could lead to the baby getting too much water and B) watering it down means the baby isn’t getting enough nutrients and that can lead to failure to thrive, illness, and a whole mess of issues.

          • andtothinktherearegoodpeoplewh

            Then you dont buy your cigs and feed your damn kid!

          • Kim Ferrari

            What makes you think that all people who use WIC, or are in need at all, are smokers?

    • taxpayer

      If you couldn’t afford to feed a child you should have taken steps to prevent conception…. of course formula is a necessity for your baby but not for me so why should my tax dollars feed your child while you sit at home…. heres an idea you may not get wic next month you have a months warring to find a job and support your child yourself

      • James P Jr Bettes

        And how, exactly, do you know her situation? Maybe she had a job before getting pregnant. Many jobs pay less than what daycare costs, especially at minimum wage..

      • Shea Lewis

        That’s exactly right James, I did work through my entire pregnancy and daycare is 800 dollars a month for daycare for my two kids so I am currently a stay at home mom. I can do a better job at taking care of my kids than pretty much anyone else and I am currently looking for part time work for after my boyfriend gets off work so “taxpayer” please know your facts before you start running your mouth. Oh and also, my prevention of conception is none of your business but I was on birth control thank you very much. Accidents do happen, or do you do everything right? Sounds like that’s what you’re trying to say. I know I’m much better off than some people who are living off the system and WIC is the ONLY thing that I get so please, take a walk.

        • Sarah Roe

          I’m sick of people being so judgemental about people in their time of need

        • OMG

          Just curious how many jobs does your boyfriend have? And why isn’t he your husband?

          • E

            I would think all that information would be none of your goddamned business.

          • Kim Ferrari

            Maybe she only wants to take care of ONE baby. Oh, and because people like you are just as snotty and judgmental when people get divorced, too. And, before you go “there”, it is NOT always “The Woman’s Fault”.

        • concernedtaxpayer

          How is it that birth control is over 99% effective but EVERYONE still gets pregnant? If you missed a pill then you weren’t “on” birth control…just saying

      • Sarah Roe

        Yeah sure prevent Pregnancy since we all know they are 100% effective.

      • Cry me a river

        I agree with you, taxpayer. WIC is meant to be temporary and there are too many people abusing it, which is why KS is running out of funds. Not only that, people should plan for the future instead of depending on the Government. Accidents do happen, but instead of searching for the state to help with their “accidents,” they need to get off their butts, figure out a way to better themselves and get a better paying job.

        • Kim Ferrari

          WIC is a FEDERAL program. Brownback would have yanked that first thing when he was elected. So, NO. It is NOT the reason we are “running out of funds”. That would be due to Daddy Sam’s Magical, Wonderful Tax Plan that places MORE burden on the poor, and gives his financiers more tax breaks. I see the MASSIVE cuts to education that he has made are already working for you.

          • Cry me a river

            Working for me??? I am educated 4 year degree. And federal or state funded they’re running out. You have more people taking out of the pot than putting into the pot. I have a good paying job, because I’m educated, which is why I don’t need WIC. When I had kids, I CHOSE to better myself so I can provide for them. Not the government.

          • Cry me a river

            Correction: Each individual state gets a federal grant. A certain amount. When that state runs out, there isn’t anymore to give until the next grant. So, with that being said, if KS did run out, apparently Federal isn’t giving grants for November or December which equals with held checks. Get your facts straight.

          • Cry me a river

            And I think it’s cute how you assume I needed assistance with education. This cuts didn’t effect me. I paid for it myself. No grants. I know and CAN do things without assistance of anybody. I have a back bone and I know how to struggle. People lack the balls to buck up take charge. It’s easier to hold your hand out for others to slap money in.

    • arp84

      Wow really. .. the state of kansas is not only limiting wic they are cutting back on food stamps… so dont think your the only one who is getting hurt by this… it was on wibw news. Please research before slandering people on state assistance. I am not on state assistance but you shouldn’t pass judgement when it sounds like your in the same situation as they are..

    • taxpayer#2

      18.00 cans of formula not affordable. ..what!? That should be your first purchase above all else…?

  • Steve

    Well I’m just thankful that the golf course at Andrews AFB is still open!

  • worried mom

    Really!? Does anyone know if your child has a medical need for special formula if they will still cover it?

    • Jess

      I doubt it…. but i would start by writting a letter to the manufacturer. Some companies will send coupons for a few free cans in trying times. Best of luck!

    • Kim Ferrari

      WIC? Yes. The PCM has to write a letter or a scrip, and it’s taken care of.

  • worried mom

    13-1/2 oz. Carnation Evaporated Milk
    26 oz. sterile water (boil water for 10 minutes)
    6 tsp. brown karo syrup
    Add a couple drops of liquid baby vitamins (tri-vi-sol)

    as child grows, decrease water, (as they need more milk).
    If loose stool, decrease amount of karo syrup.
    If hard stool, increase amount of karo syrup

    • glorybee76

      My baby sister, in her 40s now, was raised on this formula. There was NO formula in stores. When I had my children, cans of formula were terribly priced, about $3 or $4 a can. $18 now? That’s just crazy.

      • worried mom

        The only thing is my daughter cant have it she has to have a formula called EleCareJr do to medical issues

        • worried mom

          a 14oz can for us is $50+ and we have to put 4 scopes of formula to 5oz so one can don’t last long.

    • workswithbabies

      NOT RECOMMENDED!! Karo syrup is not recommended for a baby under the age of 1, due to the risk of botulism (albeit a small risk, botulism spores have been found in Karo syrup). For the record, all eligible people will receive October checks. By November 1, the hope is that the budget crisis will be addressed. So at this point, if you are not breastfeeding your infant, continue to use approved formulas.

    • workswith babies

      NO! It is a risk to use evaporated milk, as the proteins are different, and can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and kidney issues. Plus the issues with Karo syrup. There is a reason we stopped making baby formula this way!

  • green tiger

    Did you ever try breast feeding…it’s the absolute best for babies and the cheapest!

    • Sarah Roe

      Some people try and don’t produce

      • mother of three

        Statistically only 2% of mothers do not produce enough milk to feed their babies. That is what my lacation consultant told me when I was having a had time learning how to be an effective nursing mother. I took her advise, studied up on it, and was able to nurse until he was a year old. Feeding formula to your baby doesn’t make you a bad mom. Breast feeding is just worth fighting for.

  • Outraged mother

    I am disgusted by the people in these posts that don’t care. So what that they use WIC. I used WIC vouchers for all 3 of my children because I couldn’t afford the formula. I was a working mother who couldn’t breast-feed and if it wasn’t for those vouchers, I couldn’t give my children the nutrients that they needed. I used it for the first year of their lives because the cost of formula was outrageous. Not all people who utilize the WIC program are “milking” the system. Not all of us are abusing the system. While my children were babies, I worked a full time job AND came home to be a full time mother. So .. my opinion is get off your @#&$ing high horse and have some compassion.

    • Another Outraged Mother

      In my opinion, here’s the problem. You had your first baby and found you couldn’t afford the formula. Perhaps it was unplanned, perhaps you fell on hard times after you were already pregnant. Fine, I’m happy to help you out in this emergency time. After that baby, baby two and three shouldn’t have come along for you to have a need for WIC. Baby 2 and 3 should have been put on hold until you were financially stable. WIC is a program designed to help us in emergencies, not to supplement people building their entire family. You were abusing the system because you went ahead and felt okay to have more children knowing you couldn’t provide. As someone not on assistance, I’m spacing out my children so that I can provide for each of them. I may have to limit my family size because our finances don’t allow. It disappoints me, but I know it’s the responsible thing to do.

      • Dissapointed

        Thats not rite! WIC is there to help mothers who want to have kids. Sorry not every one makes good money and formula is EXPENSIVE! It doesnt matter how much your life is on track some people who are living pay check to pay check need the help! I do and I just have one kid! And thats good for you that your spacing out your kids and you dont need the assistance but your not in the same situation as some of us! So quit bashing people who actually need it! Walk a mile in our shoes!!!!!! Thank u!

        • Another Outraged Mother

          WOW…um, no…WIC exists because educated people hold the belief that it is important for children to have a good start in life in order to start developing appropriately. These same people believe that it is more cost effective to try and get a baby started off on the right foot than it is to try and reform them later. WIC also exists because we have compassion for the less fortunate. WIC does NOT exist to help you have the babies you want to have, that’s just a ridiculous thought.

          My life is on track because I’ve made it on track. I’m not living paycheck to paycheck because I went to college, then got married, then had my babies when we could provide for them. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck then don’t have anymore babies. Please don’t continue to think that folks hope to subsidize your family desires.

        • Cry me a river

          And this is why KS is running out of funds. Because people believe WIC is for people who want kids. No, it’s an assistance. If people can barely make it with one child, then why pop out two more??? If people can’t afford children, then prevention needs to happen.

      • Kim Ferrari

        How about “When the baby was born, I found out I couldn’t produce enough milk”? SOMETIMES it happens every time. Sometimes, it only happens with the first. There are a myriad of reasons people can’t nurse, and a myriad of reasons people need WIC. Or should people have somehow figured that out before giving birth, and let the child die of starvation? Oh, yeah! You must be one of those “Pro-Forced-Birth” idiots!

        • Another Outraged Mother

          If you don’t have the funds to provide for a baby, don’t have a baby. I’m glad to help if you find yourself in an emergency situation you didn’t plan for, but it’s frustrating to have people think that they can do what they want and there is a program that will bail them out.

          • Kim Ferrari

            Circumstances change. Funds go away. Health declines, jobs are lost, medical costs happen, vehicles break, spouses leave, or become ill. That makes “funds” go away.
            Health issues happen that make nursing impossible, and when they happen, most people aren’t willing to run out and get abortions, or “get rid of” the child that is already here.

            Self-righteous, outraged piety doesn’t do anything, except say a whole lot about you.

          • Another Outraged Mother

            If you’ll notice in each of my posts I’ve said I’m glad to provide assistance to folks who find themselves in an emergency or unplanned hardship. However, once in that position, don’t choose to bring another child into the mix. The original poster I replied to said that all 3 of her children used WIC the first year. So she had a baby, got on her feet, and fell on hard times each time her babies were born? I doubt that, although I don’t know. It would seem more likely that she was struggling and felt it was acceptable to have another child assuming that WIC was available to help with expensive formula purchases. Many folks make this choice, much like the “disappointed” poster and in my mind that is abuse. Which is why folks are frustrated- abuse.

          • Kim Ferrari

            So your solution is to sanction who can and can’t have children? Great! China has that!

          • Cry me a river

            It’s called being responsible. Yes, hard times happen, but why bring a child into this world while IN hard times?? OH WAIT….because WIC will bail me out. If you can’t afford a child, there are alternatives. Birth control, condoms, etc. it’s more cruel bringing a child into this world and not being able to provide. Like I said, yes…hard times happen. That’s fine. But people bring kids into this world already in hard times. If you know times are hard, then be responsible so a child doesn’t have to suffer. Common sense. But, common sense isn’t that common anymore.

          • Another Outraged Mother

            No, China has limits for everyone on who has children. I’d like to avoid being forced into that position by asking people to make responsible choices. It does nothing for our country to increase the number of folks who need assistance.

      • Momto2

        I agree completely!!! My kids are spaced out 6 years so I wouldn’t have two babies or toddlers…

  • WICemployee

    I am very concerned with what I am reading. People are posting about diluting their formula to make it last longer, or making homemade formula using evaporated milk and Karo syrup. Cow’s milk is not digested as completely & easily as formula. Cow’s milk contains higher concentrations of protein & minerals which can stress a newborn’s kidneys. Also cow’s milk protein can irritate the stomach and intestinal lining and cause bleeding. Use of cow’s milk runs the risk of poor growth, kidney damage and serious anemia in infants. Diluting formula can cause growth issues, and lead to a condition called water intoxication, causing seizures, brain damage and death. Also, Karo syrup contains spores of Clostridium Botulinum which could lead to infant botulism because of an infant’s susceptible & immature digestive tract. I would like to assure people that all clients can still receive their October checks. WIC is hopeful the government shutdown will be resolved by November 1. Other agencies in Salina besides WIC have been working together and making plans in the case of a WIC shutdown, so we are encouraging families not to overact in a way which may harm their baby.

    • mother of three

      Please promote breast feeding. Formula should be the last option not just an easy solution. Most woman can breast feed they just choose not to. I am worried too about what they will feed their kids with the WIC issue.

  • Taxed to death

    Sounds like a bunch of welfare cases. If you can not afford food for your child you should not have them. I as a tax payer should not have to take care of your kids with my tax dollar.

    • Kim Ferrari

      So, the child is born, parent loses a job, and needs help. Or cost of living increases by a VERY large index, and salaries don’t keep up. So you suggest the parent takes the child to the pound, or use their amazing psychic abilities to anticipate ridiculous antics from the Right Wing?

    • Micro-oreemie Mommy

      Have you ever thought about parents that expectantly give birth to a child months in advance for reasons unknown? Those parents that have babies born only weighing a pound that have medical bills, travel expenses, and so many unknowns coming up every day with a child that was born so so early? I get help from WIC for the formula my son needs that is specialty formula with him being 14 months old and still smaller then a 6 month old. Not everyone is a welfare case.

  • Tax payers

    You know some people do have full time jobs and still need help. Some people don’t take advantage of the system. And some people don’t drink or smoke and buy the formula before paying for rent. All these people pay taxes just like you . And yet here you all are judging before knowing everything. Maybe if everyone would come together as a community and helping hand and people work together and rise up we could make a betterchange for everyone.

  • Pamela Burks

    The US needs to STOP sending money to other countries and start worrying about their own hungry children and babies. This is awful to have to deny these children of the WIC benefits because some adults in congress can’t figure out what needs to be done. You can bet they’re eating good during this shutdown.

  • Worried about the Babies

    Another plea to moms- please please please do not water your formula down. It is so dangerous for babies. Please do all you can to provide for your baby. Consider the food bank, your church, asking family for help, or contacting your pediatrician for sample cans.

  • mm

    No matter who has been irresponsible, or what measures could have been taken, the facts remains that people depend on this program to feed their children. Whether you believe it right or wrong, there are children and babies who need these items to be healthy and happy. The children are not at fault, but they will be the ones who suffer.

  • disappointed salinan

    After reading some of the comments on here I am absolutely disappointed in some of you! I did what society thinks is the “right” thing to do…I graduated high school, got married, and waited to have a baby till we were financially “ready.” Well I’ll tell you one thing…today with the way the economy the way it is you are never financially ready! My husband and I both work full time. We don’t have a house payment or car payments and my sister has a daycare and gives a us a discount on that and with all that we still struggle to get by! So you shouldnt be so quick to pass judgement on others just bc you are selfish and don’t think you should have to help the less fortunate!

  • dissapointed

    In a time like this we should be pulling together and helping each other out, now is the time to become more Christ like and do what he would do not bash each other for the assistance that we get,
    we need to pray and ask god to get us through this tough time. Loosing wic does stink I’ve got a six month old that’s on it and a two year old, but I’m not griping instead I’m praying and you all should do the same

  • sw

    This is sad. Women, Infants and Children…. they NEED this!!

  • Micro-oreemie Mommy

    My son was born 4 months early, and if anyone has been around a baby that was born being a 1 pound baby, you know that it is expensive no matter if you have help or not. To people that are being rude and negative to all those using WIC, people with micro-preemies do not have to financially qualify, they are given WIC because of the babies low birth weight and their high need for special formulas to feed them and hopefully help them gain weight. My son is over 1 now, and still on special formula and not quite the size of a 6 month old. Losing WIC for a month is a huge expense that is going to be hard to budget in when you already have traveling for medical appointments across the state and everything that already goes along with having a preemie.

  • amandav

    Honestly people should be ashamed of themselves saying and judging people the way they are i sure hope these people who are being so judgmental do not call themselves christians if you do be ashamed of yourself because im sure he is ! And to tell people they should of used birth control every situation is different i had infertility issues and thought i would never be blessed with a child so no i didnt use birth control but there isnt a day that goes by that i dont thank god for my daughter and every child is a blessing u act like people should regret there children and ive worked since i was 16 and didnt have my daughter tell 27 i paid taxes for years and i never wouls have said the things people are saying there is nothing wrong with assistance if your trying your best for your child there will always be people who abuse the system but we are not all like that and my daughter will not go hungry or have watered down formula or have homemade formula if that meNs i go without eating or eat noodles for weeks thats what ill do just stop judging all of us this is when people should come together but of course some people just cant wait to start bad mouthing grow up

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