Brown Murder Trial verdict is in

antonio-brownBy Michael Pagels – Little Apple Post: After three and a half hours of deliberation at the Riley County Court House, the jury declared a verdict in the case of Antonio Brown Sr. vs State of Kansas.

Brown was found guilty of first degree murder, two counts of abuse of a child, and one count of obstruction of justice.

The state prosecution also sought to extend the severity of the punishment for the two counts of child abuse due to aggravating factors in the case. The state submitted that the aggravating factors of the case were due to the age of Clayden during the abuse, the severity and extent of the injuries to Clayden, the fact that Clayden and Brown were in a fiduciary relationship, and the fact that Brown failed to render aid to Clayden after Brown was aware of Clayden’s injuries.

The defense explained to the jury during her closing arguments that the aggravated factors would increase the punishment for Brown’s sentencing. She submitted that the fail to render aid should not be considered in the factor, due to Bown and Betzold’s inexperience as parents and ignorance.

After 15 minutes of deliberation the jury unanimously concluded that there were aggravated factors in the two counts of abuse of a child. The sentencing date for Antonio Brown Sr. October 25th at 10:00 a.m. In Saline County.

  • Bella

    Justice for Clayden! R.I.P. lil Angel

  • Justice!

    Yay!!!!! I got a tree we can use!

    • Death to you

      Why hang him. That’s to easy of a death. I believe suckaface has the right idea a eye for an eye. Only make it ten times worse. Then we can use your tree.

  • KansasPop

    His sentence will not be harsh enough for what he deserves. The mother too…she got off way too easy.

  • suckaface

    The only justice coming from this is eye for an eye! Instead he will be in prison while my taxes pay for his food bed education etc…death penalty for this coward!

  • Chris

    Bet he cried like the weak-azz punk b*#ch he is…. enjoy “life,” turd.

  • bob

    Die in prison you P.O.S.!!!!!! I hope you get beat daily until the day you croak!

  • ijkgkpughpi

    Effenbeck was effencrazy for taking on this case…

  • Melissa Urbanek Mcreynolds

    Best news we as Urbaneks could have recieved. On the day he killed one of our angels he is fould guilty . Praise the Lord. Clayden your life was cut way to short by the hands of this man, however we have not nor will we ever forget you. The man who took you from us will now lose his life as he knew it on Oct 25. Now sweet angel you may rest in peace and in the arms of you great grandpa. Uncle David kiss this baby for all us……………………………………

    • cherrykiss16

      I posted a couple of pictures of Clayden on my comment above. You can have them if youd like, can just crop me out… He was such a handsome little guy!!! I am so sorry about your loss, and Jorden was really such an amazing Dad, i hope he is doing okay. Have not heard from him in a while….

    • Tater Salad

      He was no Man! Clayden was more of a man than this POS!

  • gramma3

    RIP little one, he will never hurt another poor little child like you..

  • Free Antonio brown

    I hope he is safe and will be set free one day he was a good man who gives a crap what he done he will live as a hero strew what y’all say free Antonio brown free him lets all protest for his freedom

    • disqus_JopwYiWvHs

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      • Free Antonio brown

        I’m proud to be his family my last name is brown if u got a problem come step to this mess with my family and see what happens

        • Jimmy Russells

          If you’re so proud of who your family is, then please let us know how to contact you further. What’s your name boy? I’d love to discuss how much I’m going to enjoy hearing about how Tony is going to be raped and killed in prison. Word travels fast. I bet the inmates at his new home are already expectinghim. You Salina “gangstas” are weak. That’s why you goons kill babies and toddlers instead of each other!

          • Jimmy russells

            I’m sorry to the family of Antonio brown forgive me

        • hawklvr

          Looks like his family is made up of losers too. Do all of you beat up little kids?

          • Hawklvr

            I’m sorry free Antonio brown didn’t mean to say your family is losers and you beat kids

        • Obama ate my dog

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          • OMG

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          • Obama ate my dog

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          • obamaatemydogfeces

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        • Obama ate my dog

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          • Nurse

            I’m not really tough I just said that to piss you off and scary you

          • Nurse

            I didn’t post anything to you it was to free Antonio brown

          • OMG

            You want to beat someone up because an annonymous person on salina post claims to be his family member and support him?? That person didn’t say anything violent at all.. Just supposed support for a supposed family member. You are showing low class yourself and I didn’t even expect to have this kind of reaction to a story about this… Grow up, show some class

          • Obama ate my dog

            No maybe I should grow up and not post crap on here

          • love the hater

            good idea

          • Free Antonio brown

            i live at 1800 s pennsylvania ave

          • Free Antonio brown

            It’s really 255 north 10 street

          • cherrykiss16

            You do know we can track your IP address, and when you give out personal addresses like that, you can get in trouble…The addresses you mentioned are probably innocent people. Like, a really old couple sleeping right now, or a mom of 4 children with a dad who works at night. If I was you, I would not be so stupid with your comments. These can easily be tracked. If i really wanted, i could call the cops now and have them track where this comment came from and track the location of it, and we can find you. If you’re still in the same location.

          • MomOf3

            I would venture to guess that the first Free Antonio Brown meant 1600 S Pennsylvania which would be the White House. The second address would be that of the Salina Police department/Municipal Court, etc. I’m pretty sure it isn’t illegal to give out such addresses. So you go right ahead and call the cops and make yourself look like a moron. I wanna hear THAT scanner call! PS There is no Pennsylvania Ave in Salina. The closest is in Hedville and it is an East/West street, not North/South.

          • cherrykiss16

            either way, this person is being very immature about this, its not a joking matter.

            But yes, I do apologize for not knowing WHERE the actual addresses went to… not everyone in this town knows the exact location of everything. Unlike you miss smart thing.

        • Goober

          “Free Antonio Brown” is a douchebag white trash loser…LMAO!

      • OMG

        Regardless what this is all about.. Some of you idiots on here sound like a bunch of criminals yourselves.

    • Goober

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    • hawklvr

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    • Nurse

      Maybe you need to join him in prison, maybe you need to be beaten like he beat that poor baby who was defenseless. Tie you to a tree and let him hit you. You are sick! Let’s hope I am never your nurse anywhere

      • Obama ate my dog

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  • salina girl

    That is what this P.O.S gets that baby didn’t deserve the abuse

  • debb

    His attorney is no better than he is for taking on this case. Did she really think he was innocent. I wander what she would think if something like this happened to one of her family members. Inexperience and ignorance as parents should not even be an excuse for these two losers. I hope they both get what they deserve in prison. My heart breaks for this little guy and his family. May he REST IN PEACE.

    • Nurse

      That is what defense attorneys do! They defend and I am sure with no money she was assigned to him. When you become an attorney you choose what kind you want to be. If you work for the state you do not have a choice who you get assigned to.

      • Goober

        She still gets paid by the state or county. Doesn’t matter who she represents. My guess is about $80,000 @ year.

    • OMG

      Hey Deb.. Someone HAS to take the case.. It’s the law. You will never find a story where there is no lawyer to take the case. Guess why? Without lawyers you can not put away deadly criminals.. Bad lawyers can have a criminal set free because a conviction can be thrown out if there is proof the lawyer didn’t do their job. Blaming the lawyer is ignorant.

      • debb

        Omg and Nurse, I am in total agreement with both of you. I do know that’s what attorney’s do and my statement does indicate some ignorance. Anger does bring out ignorance in people and I guess that is what happened with me.

  • Nurse


  • OMG

    This guy is taking the majority of the blame when in my eyes, this mother is JUST as guilty if not MORE guilty…. This is all her fault.. She ignored bruises, she chose to let her kid be taken care of by him. SHE was supposed to protect the child.. This guy wasn’t even the father, he had no connection to this baby, he had no obligation to this baby. He didn’t care.. The whole situation should be taken now as a lesson to young mothers.

    • Yep

      I love how you accuse “young mothers”….not just the young ones sweetheart!!

      • Obama are my dog

        Shut up yep go home your drunk

    • Tired

      She took a plea deal for 12 years in exchange for testifying against him.

  • Obama ate my dog hates trolls

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  • Obama ate my dog

    I think brown and his whole family should be shot……..after all it takes a family of crap to raise a piece of good for nothing piece of crap like Antonio! Kill this piece of crap and anyone related to him!!

    Wipe the whole family tree out! None of them deserve to live!!

    • cherrykiss16

      Sorry, but I have to say… His family has nothing to do with his actions.. This guy is a grown dude, the family is probably living in a different state doing their own thing. His actions are all him, he is not being controlled by a remote control by his family telling him to do this. It’s him, not his family.

  • kiityred

    He got what he deserved. .but it its really not enough got a child life that he’s has taken.. rest in peace clayden..

  • cherrykiss16

    Rest in peace handsome Clayden..
    I am so glad you’re with God now <3

    • realitycheck

      photos make me sad.

      • cherrykiss16

        i know :(

    • Andrea

      This is super adorable

    • Melissa Urbanek Mcreynolds

      Thank you

      • cherrykiss16

        You are very welcome! I forgot about this post to be honest..

  • Pi-Wacket

    Am I correct in thinking that the first trial he had, he did a plea deal and wasn’t going to get much time but the day before sentencing he ran, then came back and requested a new trial in hopes of a new jury believing lies and the penalties would be greater? So now that he has been found guilty his sentence will be way harsher than if he would have stayed with the first one? Plus he will get extra time for his escape? Good for him!! he deserves all the time he can rack up in prison for what he did. All the more time the other inmates can play with him like a cat plays with a mouse!

  • Mark

    May Clayden finally rest in Heaven knowing that his killer was found guilty in his death.

  • sad in solomon

    hope he goes to general population

  • HateWorthlessParents

    Brown & the mom make me sick! I know too many parents out there that are just like them only they haven’t been caught yet & may never get caught! That little man didn’t even get to live because they chose to end it too soon. RIP little angel & glad you are safe & No longer hurting. This people will never know what they put this angel threw. I think they should do to them what they did to that little boy!

  • Scott

    hey both should have gotten life the baby did.