Two Salina residents charged in kidnapping and beating

Thomas Beatty and Chivon Leon

Thomas Beatty and Chivon Leon

Two Salina residents are in jail on charges that include aggravated kidnapping,aggravated battery,aggravated assault, aggravated robbery,and criminal restraint in an incident that apparently began sometime Friday in Reno County and ended in Salina.

25-year-old Thomas Beatty was arrested Friday, and 27-year-old Chivon Leon arrested Saturday in a case where a man who used to live in Salina, moved to Hutchinson and was taken against his will. He was beaten, and was eventually able to get away and contacted Salina Police. The victim was taken to Salina Regional Health Center and treated for injuries and released.

Reno County Sheriff Randy Henderson tells the Hutch Post that investigators are still trying to piece together what happened but it appears the incident started in the city of Hutchinson and then moved out into the county, and eventually to Salina.

Salina Interim Police Chief Carson Mansfield said the case stems from a domestic issue.

  • sam

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    • NI4NI

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    • purplesmirk

      Kinda hard to feel sorrow or pity for someone that puts themselves into a situation like that by committing a crime of their own.

    • sam

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