Abilene man arrested on drug charges

Randy MeierOn August 26th, the Dickinson County Drug Enforcement Unit, the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office, the Abilene Police Department, and the Kansas Highway Patrol Special Response Team executed a search warrant at 1623 SW 2nd street, in Abilene, after a two month investigation into the distribution of methamphetamine.

As a result of the search warrant the home owner, 55-year-old Randy Meier was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Due to living conditions, two children ages 9 and 5 were taken into protective custody and placed with a family member.

The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office had been receiving citizen complaints about Randy Meier possibly selling methamphetamine.

Randy Meier is currently incarcerated in the Dickinson County Jail awaiting first appearance.

More arrest are expected as a result of this investigation.

  • Whitewater Rick

    Poor kids. They will grow up just like him. They won’t know any better. It’s a way of life.

  • Jsmith22

    So your parents must have been ignorant idiots… And that’s why you grew up just like them?? Because its a way of life..?! Or did you just pick that up on your own? Your comment was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!

    • letmesee

      It’s the parents responsibility to raise up their children and if they are raising them in a house that they are making and dealing meth out of……what else do the children learn??? Parents set the example for the children……unless someone else intervenes and shows the children there are OTHER ways of living….how do they know any different??

  • Cheyenne67401

    A police officer in Abilene once asked me if I knew Randy, which I never knew this person, and every day that I rode my bike past his house I always wondered why if a police officer was asking if I knew about a known drug dealer why he hadn’t been arrested. That was a year ago. Guess the D.P.D. take awhile to make an arrest.

    • Melissa Doris

      Better to take a while to arrest someone and have the evidence to make charges stick than to arredt someone on suspicions and not have any evidence and out them back in the community …

      • HMMMMMM

        True, and generally it is not the Police Officer, it is the channels through the city and county attorney’s that hold up their progress. Police Officers are not Miracle Workers, just because they know doesn’t mean those above them will act. People need to get involved and informed before pointing the finger.

        • ABILENE

          yes, its big JER asking the d.a to cut deals with the people that will nark for the 50th time. Like L.W

          • funny girl

            Li ver? I don’t understand why these individuals keep being accepted back into the fold even after they throw other people under the bus.

    • Old Hippie

      Waiting just gives them a chance for more people to get addicted so they can be busted too, makes the stats look better than if they practiced halting crime and preventing addiction.

  • just curious

    maybe someone should look at 500 sw 2nd that’s a drug house frickin losers


      you obviously do drugs if you know peoples address .. that’s just apparent though you have things confused!

    • nonley bonley

      hateabilenejunkies, that’s nonsense. Some years ago a rental unit on my block was rented for the summer by some teens or college students with a gal or two living there, and they were the clerks for a drug dealership. Everyone on the block knew it. My crotchety neighbor used to walk by there giving them the evil eye. But they were never busted.

      • hateabilenejunkies

        you have no idea what youre talking about get a life


    Part of the losers on SW 2nd moved to Spruce by Casey’s nothing will ever be done about them…bad checks & drugs guess stupidity and being worthless give you a free ride


      get your info correct before running your mouth

      • funny girl

        Right? There are still plenty of drug selling junkies in the 1400 block of SW 2nd. They’re snitches though so they have no real fears.

  • finally

    It’s about time!!! This guy has been a major pusher, along with Sarah Jo Hansen, for years. So happy that they are finally cleaning up Abilene.

    • funny girl

      Really? Sarah is the name out of all the people in Abilene that you want to throw out? Please. Be real.

  • Put them away

    5 and 9, how sad these sorry scumbags would expose children to the life of drugs and druggies. Deserve prison.

  • nonley bonley

    A potential distribution strategy: get yourself a piece of land at a dead-end extremity of a city that borders on a major highway. Then while the entrance to your land may be under surveillance, use the area along the highway to ship or receive contraband, and it looks like someone’s just stopped along the highway to check a map or look up a local motel on the internet. Where could there be any such properties around Salina?

  • Strider

    Why no Child Endangerment charges?