Update: K-State Rape Suspect Found Dead


Update 9:30 pm:Police say the suspect in a reported sexual assault in Manhattan has been found dead.

The assault occurred early on the morning of Aug. 11 near the campus of Kansas State University, prompting authorities to caution students and the general public against walking alone at night.

Riley County police said Monday that investigators had located a 26-year-old suspect outside their jurisdiction, but the man had died before officers arrived to make an arrest over the weekend.

The man was from northeast Kansas, but police declined to be more precise or to release any details about the death.

Police also said the man was not suspected in any other crimes in the Riley County area.


Original: The following is a news release from the Riley Co. Police Dept.:

The Riley County Police Department and the Kansas State University Police Department are cautioning the K-State community and the general public about walking alone at night after a sexual assault was reported in the early morning hours of August 11, 2013. It was reported that a rape occurred in Manhattan near campus by an unknown suspect. This case is currently under investigation by RCPD.

Those who walk at night are reminded to walk in pairs or small groups. Persons with affiliation to K-State are urged to use services like Wildcat Walk (a free service to students, faculty, staff and guests of KSU).

Those who observe or may have observed suspicious persons or have information about this case are encouraged to contact the Riley County Police Department (785-537-2112) or the Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers (785-539-7777). Kansas State University Police Department may also be contacted with tips via an anonymous web service, “Silent Witness” (www.ksu.edu/police/silent).

  • mower gal

    Be aware always, there are even unreported Rapes in Salina by Kansas Wesleyan.

  • Jjevans

    Everyone carry your rape whistles!

  • Shoot em

    The ac guy at KWU is a danger with all the meth he does

    • beintrue

      Just cause he’s an addict, doesn’t make him dangerous…..Most guys that are addicts are more protective than guys who aren’t addicts,,,I know for a fact.

  • Rosie

    I guess maybe I am chicken, or to cautious, but i think no one should walk at night by themselves – safety first…

  • Bob Bowser

    And the Board of Regents got a waiver so would-be rape victims can’t legally defend themselves on campus… these rapes are a direct result of government interference against the right of Citizens to adequately defend themselves.
    Gun-Free Victim Zones put blood on the hands of those who create them and they should be held accountable.

    • Irony

      Are you saying a female victim who is ambushed on a college campus would be properly trained and certified, much less capable of adequately discharging a firearm at such identified perp?

      If so … I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

      • Bob Bowser

        This may hurt a bit… I mean… logic… who needs it, right?
        Gun bans prevent trained citizens from carrying and defending themselves.
        A Concealed Carry Permit holder is much higher trained in self-defense than a rapist is trained at rape.
        I’d rather have an injured or dead POTENTIAL rapist than a rape VICTIM… trained or NOT.
        So go on about yourself… you DO have the right to become an unarmed VICTIM… but leave MY rights alone.
        IF you are ever in a situation where you might need protection, just tell all in the area “Please do not use a weapon for my defense…. just allow this perp his time with me.” That’ll satisfy ALL liberals.
        AND sorry but I can’t afford a bridge… spent all my money on firearms, ammunition, and self-defense training.
        AND no. it doesn’t mean I am afraid of anything… With my friends Smith, Wesson, Sig, Remington, and Winchester on my side, what do I have to be afraid of?

        • Ice Road Sucker

          Actually, you must be very fearful to think that a weapon is the key to a safe life.

          • Bob Bowser

            Naw I’m confident in my own capabilities and much more so in my own than reaction time for 911. it’s all about personal responsibility and I am personally responsible. How about you?

          • Ice Road Sucker

            I am…thanks for asking

  • Big Palooka

    This happened on the 11th and just now they put out the warning. Once again the Police doing a great job protecting and serving!

    • S

      Don’t be heartless. It isn’t about the response time. The police do a lot of things to keep this town safe.

  • Tom Stedham

    no description of the attacker???

    • george wallace

      The perp was black. But they won’t say that in “post Trayvon” America

      • JS

        Um…no, he definitely wasn’t black. I knew him and know most of the details of his death. He was white, caucasian.

        • Phil

          Yeah right. Okay I call your bluff. Tell us how you knew him, why he was a rapist, and how he croaked.

      • Call-em Like ya see-em

        Good one Stupid-azz

      • Jay

        Team Zimmerman?

  • <3

    or get a taser, or pepper spray.

  • Jj mclovin

    Just vomit on the perpetrator!