Public Outcry After Man Drowns Pet

cat(AP) – Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd says Missouri state law does not allow him to charge a Kansas man who drowned a cat in Lake Waukomis.

Thomas Newhouse of Shawnee, Kan., admitted to Lake Waukomis police that he placed the cat in a carrier and drowned it July 14. He said the cat had bitten and scratched a family member.

The case was referred to Zahnd’s office after what the prosecutor called a “significant public outcry.” Zahnd said in a news release Tuesday that his office had received numerous calls and emails. More than 1,200 people signed an online petition seeking Newhouse’s prosecution for a felony.

But Zahnd said Missouri’s animal abuse law does not apply to the killing of an animal by the owner or the owner’s agent.

  • NI4NI

    Oh come on! It was only a cat! In all seriousness, that’s a pretty wild law!

    • notfallingforit

      By that logic, when a kid is abused, “its only a kid” or someone chooses to fight a dog criminally “its only a dog.”. Its backwards thinking like that that keeps us from moving forward. It denies responsibility for a single act and allows us to keep doing terrible deeds until it happens enough to demand change. Why not take a stand on one instance of cruelty and say “this is enough”!

      • NI4NI

        Big difference between a cat and a child. The cat bit and scratched his child. What would you do to your pit if he mauled your child? Wouldn’t you want to kill it?

        • notfallingforit

          There is no difference when it comes to taking a stand for a wrong doing. No matter the recipient of the deed, justice should be the outcome, correct? If it was your pet drowned, damn sure you would be up in arms. This is what is wrong in today’s society. Deniability when it doesn’t affect YOU!

          • NI4NI

            Then what are YOU doing about it? Calling your politicians, going to Topeka? What? Spouting your dislike on a web site isn’t doing your part!

        • Katie Lappin

          The cat did not bite and scratch a child. It scratched an adult. Is that reason for torture and murder?

    • Sick of Losers

      YOU are the problem here. Animals are the only innocence left in this screwed up world. A life is a life. NO one has the right to take a that innocent life. Period. As humans everyone tries to justify the fact that we suck. People like you make me sick. Your opinion is crap. And it sucks that you are breathing and taking an ounce of oxygen. I wish people like you could trade places with all the animals in the shelters, I’d rather them be free and you get the needle, you heartless pile of trash.

  • Ice Road Trucker

    Drowning the family pet is a little screwed up.
    If it was a problem drop it at the pound….it will either be adopted or more humanely euthanized. Locking a cat in a box and drowning it is a sure sign of a sadistic mind.

  • grannygetyourgun

    Someone should drown his ugly a$$

  • John32070

    Someone should stick his head in the water for a while and see how he likes it. I agree with IRT, take it to the pound before anything like what he did.

  • Pi-Wacket

    So I take it that in Missouri you as long as you own the animal, you can abuse it all you want, torture it and not be charged at all for animal cruelty?? That’s F’d up!!! Change the dang law!!! What I wouldn’t give to be able to put this guy in a box and dunk him in water and when I let him up for air…meow at him and dunk him some more!!! Dunk 5 times, let him up 4

  • Nagger

    He won’t ever be prosecuted for it if it wasn’t against the law. All you can do now is change it to include drowning cats… Its weird thats its not illegal lol

  • Obama ate my freaking dog!

    Was it Obama? I bet it was that bass turd! He eats dogs, why wouldn’t he drown cats too?

  • Katie Lappin

    Thomas Newhouse was not the owner. He was acting as an “agent” of his fiancee’. Dr. Nancy Russell MD. Why isn’t more attention being given to Dr. Russell – a medical doctor, that stood by and watched AND condoned this horrendous murder? She practices holistic medicing and her office is located in Kansas City North.​ernal-medicine/

    • Tired of Doing Nothing

      AGREED!!!! Lets go to this idiots office and protest. I am sure her patients would love to pull up and see a huge line of people with Cat Killer signs. She is just as much to blame. It’s a CAT – they scratch – it’s a fact. Don’t commit murder – lets hope she never has a kid who wets the bed, this guy would throw the kid in a furnace. Enough BS. Lets organize a peaceful assembly and let our voices be heard.

  • Street Justice

    I say we all find this guy, put his ass in a cage and throw him in a lake. It is RIDICULOUS and shows how backwards the laws in Kansas City really are. Someone has to protect the innocent – as it said in the Dark Knight – “What chance does Gotham have when the good people do nothing?” We must stop taking these lame answers as final fact. This is an act of animal cruelty, and there ARE federal laws to protect them from such acts…. take it to a higher court that has some damned common sense. If the law will not protect the most innocent life on the Earth, we must rise above it and force change in the law, or find other justice. The loophole here is that this crime was committed in front of CHILDREN – Maybe the friggin law can find some way that this was damaging and some form of child abuse to subject this act of violence on a child. If Eric wanted to prosecute, they would find a way.