Man arrested on arson charge

1221 N 3rdPolice arrested a man Tuesday evening on a charge of arson.

22-year-old Robert Fischer is alleged to have started a fire in the bedroom of a trailer home, at 1221 N. Third about 9:30pm.

When fire crews arrived flames were visible. The fire was put out quickly.

The home is owned by a relative of Fischer’s.

Damage is estimated at $3,000 .

  • http://salinapost Iseenit

    Trailer Trash Druggie !

    • Es

      Trailer trash druggie? C’mon you can’t think of anything more creative then that?

    • kcb826

      Do you know this young man personally? I do, and I can honestly say he is a kind and respectful person who is true to his word. He needs a lot of counseling and a lot of support to get him out of a rut he has been in for years. He has tried to do the right thing. He keeps himself employed and is a hard worker. Something in him snapped about a month ago and he was tired of trying. At one point he tried to take his own life. After being released from a mental health facility he goes and does this. Just saying, If the right help were provided for him it could be life changing. Knowing him, this is a huge cry for help.

  • Buddy


  • Buddy

    Jus because the trailer is in the North End you call it trash, well you suck……

  • Tator Salad

    No Christmas invite for him!

  • http://salinapost soulrebel

    99% of the people that leave comments on here are ignorant as $hit