Tires Punctured In Parking Lot Of Apartment Complex

Salina PD ShieldVandals damage tires on several vehicles in the parking lot of the Chapel Ridge Apartments during the early morning hours Sunday.

Between midnight and 8:00am, at least one tire on 7 different vehicles was punctured.

Damage total estimated at $700.


    Sure hope that when/if the person or people that did this grow up, they get to find out what its like to fork out cash for new tires when everything else in life costs so much damn money! Replacing 4 tires is easily a vehicle payment. Not trying to offend but when a woman pushes out a baby they should also push out the babies brain. It seems like that part is being forgotten.

  • http://salinapost soulrebel

    Those “estimates” crack me up

    • THEFK

      I do my best

  • Lucifer

    Does that say “was punctured”?!

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      Nothing gets by you! Yeah, it does say “was punctured” because at least ONE tire WAS punctured on 7 vehicles. If two tires (that would be plural) had been punctured on each vehicle, then the proper verbiage would be “were punctured”. It’s not hard to figure these things out if you would have paid attention in school.