Another Kansas wheat lawsuit filed against Monsanto

(AP) — Another Kansas farmer has filed suit against seed giant Monsanto over the discovery of an isolated field of genetically engineered Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 8.29.44 AMwheat in Oregon.

Harvey County wheat grower Bill Budde sued Monsanto on Friday in a lawsuit seeking class-action status. It’s at least the third such lawsuit filed in federal court in Kansas against St. Louis-based Monsanto since the discovery of the field in May.

Similar lawsuits have also been filed in Idaho and Washington state.

Monsanto has said none of the genetically modified wheat entered the commercial market. The company contends no legal liability exists given the care undertaken, and it has vowed to present a vigorous defense to the lawsuits.


  • sam the man


  • GeeWhiz

    I don’t get it. We’ve been genetically manipulating crops for decades; what is the difference between cross-breeding and altering the dna at a molecular level?

    • Stop MonSatan

      Monsanto has patents on their pesticides and herbicides and their genetically modified seeds that are resistant to those toxins. They have filed lawsuits against farmers who had crops downwind from Monsanto crop fields, when the breeze has blown pollens from their GMO corn onto the neighboring farmers corn.

      You really need to search for articles that expose the evils that monsanto does against the American farmers that drive our family farmers out of business.

      Visit for an article titled, “Monsantos Blatant Corruption…”

      • GeeWhiz

        Ok, I get that it hasn’t been approved by any bureaucrat but I don’t see the difference if the seed is imbedded with pesticides, etc or if you spray it all over the crop and it runs off into our water systems. I’m not being argumentative, just wondering what all the concern [or lawsuits] are about. Doesn’t seem any different than patenting a drug or an electronic device.

        • schmooblydong

          in this case, Genetically Modified means they have reconstructed the genomes of the wheat. if a geneticist were to look at a sample not being told what the source was they would tell you its human dna. is that some thing you want to eat, or to feed to your kids?

          the reason for this is based on the old backwards belief that lead to mad cow diesease, if you feed beef to beef then it will purify the end result. so if you feed humans to humans you will make healthier humans.

          no thank you!!!!!

  • Hmm…

    GMOs = toxic Other countries are smart enough to ban it. We are behind you farmers 100%!

  • sam the man

    NPR has a good article online today about how the USA/Monsanto is trying to bully the Europeans into buying their GMO’s.

  • sam the man

    Monsanto has a patent on these seeds…there is alot more to the story that affects the farmers.

  • sam the man

    There was a recent supreme court ruling that limited class action lawsuits, basically not allowing them but making each sue, which seems like a conspiracy to limit lawsuits against big business because alot of us individuals can’t afford an attorney to represent us in these lawsuits but a class action offers representation…….

  • jimbo


    Frankenwheat, BooooooHaHaHa.

  • Jay

    The scary fact is that Clinton and Obama have appointed more members of the Monsanto Mob to government posts than all other Presidents combined.

    How can we get the Monsanto Mob out of our government and out of the business of putting poisons in our foods?!?