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1. I think it’s a bit alarming that the Salina journal would refer to a chiropractor who is discussing fluoride, as a chiropractic physician. There is no such thing as a chiropractic physician. Chiropractors are NOT doctors. They don’t have the education a physician has or the ability to prescribe medicine. Many don’t even have a bachelor’s degree. Referring to them as physicians is reckless. Sadly, many chiropractors refer to themselves as physicians, and that is even MORE reckless.

2. I wish people could get arrested and put in jail for letting their dogs crap in other people’s yard. Seems like a just punishment to me and would get people to think about others for a second.

3. Islam is the global threat to women’s rights, to the gay lifestyle, and to freedom. Where are the NOW and LGBT organizations speaking out against the Islamic facists?

4. I see the Obama-Holder Fast and Furious gun running crime is still killing Mexican citizens. These guys should be in a federal prison.

5. I called the dispatch at the Police Department. The other night and the lady was so rude. I thought they were there to help us not be rude to us.

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  • SalinaRoach

    @#3… Everyone non-Islam dislikes Islam. Mostly

    • Tony

      Except for attacking Christians, then the gays are teaming up with the Islamic terrorists, like the gay man Floyd Corkins did when he decided to murder every Christian inside the FRC headquarters. Therefore gays are no different than terrorists and haters of Christians, exactly the same hatred shared by their fellow Islamic jihadists.

      • SalinaRoach

        Tony that’s just crazy.

  • My 2 cents

    #5 I have had the same problem. Very rude and disrespectful. We need new leadership in the Salina Police department. It starts at the top and trickles down.

    • downtown

      yeah they are there to make as many arrests and issue tickets to raise money….that is there job….

    • My Opinion

      Did you call for an emergency? 911 is for emergencies only….not to complain about neighbors.

      • My 2 cents

        Called to report a man sleeping out in a field that appeared to be dead. I did not 911.

  • Old Hippie

    #5 If you were calling about firecrackers, the dispatcher was probably fed up with the many and probably useless calls about them. If there was something going on that amounted to something, trivial calls were interference. It wasn’t good customer service to be rude, but there probably were good reasons.

    • skydvrboy

      There are never good reasons for being rude, only bad excuses.

  • ksdad

    #1 I understand what you are saying, but on the flip side chiropractors do a number of things to the muscular/skeletal system that doctors just want to give you a pill for. There are a lot of really smart people that dont have a degree. But DCs- “Doctor of Chiropractic” can write prescriptions. To say someone who isn’t a medical doctor cant discuss fluoride is like saying if you aren’t in Congress you cant discuss politics.

    #2 Arrest is pretty harsh, how about just making them pick it up, that would be a bit more appropriate.

    #3 You should know how those groups work. So long as they get what they want here forget the rest. Id ask Code Pink and the queer groups to hop the next flight to Egypt and pull out their pink and rainbow flags and protest.

    #4 I couldnt agree more… AND NO BUSH DIDNT DO THE SAME THING..

    • GeeWhiz

      So you apparently think it’s ok to use demeaning and ugly words to describe one group of people but not another? Do you refer to blacks as n . . . .s and Mexicans as s . . .s?

    • Who’s Wise?

      Bush didn’t do the same thing? Have you heard of ‘Operation Wide Receiver’. The winner of today’s Monday easily proved lie belongs to ‘Ksworstdad’

      • Who’s Wise?

        *most easily proved

  • downtown

    alot of chiros are quacks. they are not medical doctors. there are different types of doctors…not to be confused with physicians or medical doctors.

    • Tony

      The American Medical Association ADMITS that their doctors kill more than 100,000 Americans every year with malpractice, wrong surgeries, wrong drugs, radiation.

      Chiropractors are unable to kill people with drugs, radiation, or surgery. So I prefer chiropractors for most of my healthcare. Thank you very much.

      • Wayne

        So if you need surgery are you going to call your chiropracter?

  • Bryan weil

    5: If your speaking skills are anything like your sentence structure skills, I would’ve been rude too.

    • Jimmy Russells

      Uncle B? Is that you?

    • 2 Dumb To Care

      Ha ha! Too funny, too true!

  • just wondering

    To those that like to call Mr. Snowden a traitor then I want you to ask yourself if you enjoy having no privacy in your life. Some think he’s a traitor because he took an oath and he is supposed to abide by that oath. If you look at that oath it says to protect from enemies both foreign and domestic. With our government abusing its powers that would make them a domestic enemy. So great job Mr. Snowden for exposing this government and what they are doing to its citizens. We all needed to know what was happening behind closed doors.

    • Tony

      You’re right. See the PBS show online, “Spying on the Home Front” for more behind the scenes information. Snowden is only repeating what PBS already knew.

      • Bob Bowser

        Thinking about Snowden…
        Were our founding fathers guilty of anything less than what he has done?
        In writing the Declaration of Independence they exposed all of the evils that the government was guilty of at that time.
        Snowden has exposed only 1.

    • SalinaRoach

      Lmao it’s been happening longer than we think.

      • just wondering

        I can understand this has been going on for awhile but that still doesn’t make it right. I am glad Mr. Snowden exposed a small fraction of what is actually going on. Their are people out there that think he is a traitor for exposing our governments behind the scenes spying of everyone not just a select group of people.

  • Hmm…

    #1 – *One* of the definitions of “physician” – “a person who is skilled in the art of healing”. Yes, chiropractors qualify. They also have at least 8 years of schooling – education requirements include pre-med and chiropractic college. They are doctors of chiropractic. So sadly, you are the “reckless” one by spreading false information. As far as prescribing medication, that goes against the entire philosophy of chiropractic. By all means, if you want your toxic meds and flouride go to your medical dr.

    • My Opinion

      Chiropractors do not send 8 years in school. But what is worse is the parents that take their kids to one for school physical. Chiropractors have no idea what a heart murmur is. It is a shame that they can put “Dr.” in front of their name. They do serve a purpose and I go to one, but they can not “cure” any sickness. They put bones back into place.

      • tsks

        Anyone with a Doctorate can put ‘Dr/’ in front of their name.

        Chiropractors have to either earn a bachelor’s degree or meet the requirements for pre-med or pre-chiropractic programs before being admitted into a Chiropractic college which is another 3 years of all year round schooling to earn a doctorate.

        • Wayne

          Chiropractors don’t do residencies either, which is at least 3 more years after MD/DO school.

  • downtown

    when my small kids walk on my back, it does the same thing…