OPINION: A Nation Of Wimps

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 6.16.22 AMBy John Fedele

Rush Limbaugh is a bit mistaken when he talks about low information voters. If anything they are too informed, what with all the social media links that spew out half truths and propaganda. Couple that with the half truth or total ignorance of news from the media and those low information voters have more than enough fodder to come up with support for an administration and president that have totally ignored the constitution and the will of the people.

But I can live with the misinformed (or the over informed as the case may be), but I cannot stand the wimps who allow the president and his administration to get away with lies and malfeasance. Everyone knows of the scandals and the cover ups, but no one is doing anything about it.

The so called congressional panels and testimonies are, as usual, just for show, because the wimps who represent the people are too scared to bring any serious charges against any one for fear of being called a racist.

Meanwhile, our free speech is being monitored, private organizations, not friendly to the administration or Democratic Party are being scrutinized, and all of a sudden the FBI and the NSA are looking more like the governments private police force.

Now, as if all of this isn’t bad enough, the people are the biggest wimps of all!

They keep electing the same wimps to represent them. Oh they agree that there has to be a change in the congress, but not their man or woman, because they do so well for the state by bringing pork projects to the state. Slowly but surely we are giving up our way of life in the name of fairness and equality. The recent actions by cities and states, backed by the Supreme Court, is ushering in a new morals and value system for the nation. Fairness and equality is truly American, but fairness and equality at the expense of others in not.

If we continue down this road, our nation, as we know it, will soon cease to be. We will become a nation of wimps, at the mercy of an all caring, dictating government

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  • snipe your comment

    And now Potus and his democrats are postponing Implementing Obamacare until after 2014 election cycle.hmm,pretty obvious.

  • tsks

    So businesses say they don’t want to implement because it is too difficult and complex. The government (‘Potus and his democrats’) say ok and push it back a year so it can be addressed appropriately and made simpler and every republican comes out saying its a conspiracy.

  • bug

    @TSKS.Yes several democrats that are up for election have been backing down on implement Bo care.Not an conspiracy.As an employer, I can tell u it is a confusing p.o .s.Also why is health care tied to employment.

  • Jaycard

    Jon, you lose all credibility when you refer to Rush Limbaugh in your first sentence. The rest of your comments are tempered by his influence over your thoughts.

  • john fedele

    J I reference Rush only to point out that he was wrong. Americans are tooooo informed. The problem is they have not found a way to seperate the wheat from the chaff…Hopefully us folk in Kansas that grow wheat can.

  • wolf

    Good article sad but true. I find it questionable to when they can delay for business but not for individuals.

  • IamMe

    Republicans V.S. Democrats. Always end in the same old sad story.

  • BG

    “Giving up our way of life in the name of Fairness and Equality”. I don’t understand your way of life, I guess. You sound like a southern slave owner in the 1800’s. You can live with the misinformed because you are misinformed. The real reason they don’t do anything against the president isn’t because they will be called rascist, it is because there is nothing to go after him for. He has done nothing illegal.(That statement shows me your true colors by the way) So keep drinking your FOX Koolaid and spewing to your misinformed brethren.

  • john fedele

    BG, You are obviously part of the misinformed. Maybe you should watch FOX…I don’t because i can’t afford that package from COX.
    If you do not see any wrong doing from this administration, your idea of right and wrong surely differ from the majority of Americans.