Crime Stoppers: Police Seek Assistance Identifying Shoplifter

On Friday, 06/21/13, a white male is alleged to have stolen several electronic items from the KMart in Salina.

The subject is wearing a red Hurley shirt, light colored cargo shorts, black shoes, sunglasses, and a camouflage baseball hat with “USA” inscribed on the hat. If you know or may know the identity of this subject, contact the Salina PD or Crimestoppers.

  • Hmm

    Wow Kmart has a much better surveillance system than Walmart!

  • localgal785

    Who wears sunglasses inside a store, that shoulda been the 1st red flag, lol! Waaayyy better than Wal-mart’s surveillance system!

  • momma bear

    looking around everywhere to make sure nobody is watching him, but never looks up to see if a camera is watching him…. ya big dummy! lol

  • Man with the plan

    Don’t worry Salina PD will catch him, but only if he isn’t buckled up

  • Jack Mehoff

    How did he get out with the electronics? I thought that was the reason for metal detectors… Oh well, at least they have good surveillance.

  • Baby LeRoy

    I did see him take anything. Where’s the beef?

  • wow

    in all the “shopplifting videos” they never show them taken anything!!!! y didnt they stop him outside??? some people need to do there job!!!

    • ShadowCipher

      The videos posted are not so you guys can play loss prevention. They simply show parts of the video that can most readily ID the subject. As far as why the person wasn’t stopped; many businesses have a no stop policy. Some have a no stop policy unless there are two LP’s. The policies vary. In this day in age, a good camera man, and quality cameras fill a role most big businesses want to fill.

    • Whoa

      Whoa whoa whoa who’s job is it to approach a shoplifter?? NOT the employee’s that’s a dangerous game.. Kmart doesn’t pay anyone enough to risk their lives for some electronic crap.. Pretty much every store tells employee’s do not approach a shoplifter yourself

  • MRapple

    All I saw was him looking around and putting stuff back on the shelf…

  • Whoa

    Oh and to everyone wondering why video of the people taking stuff isn’t shown.. That’d be because it could hurt the criminal case if he is found and goes to court