OPINION: “Compassionate Conservatives” still Pushing Immigration Lies:


Karl Rove, Bush’s (43) “architect” of “Compassionate Conservativism”, was out promoting the Great Amnesty bill of 2013 this weekend . (Ronald Reagan called these folks “liberal Republicans”, certainly a more adept name.)
Lie One: Our Immigration System is Broken
Rove is pushing the same distortions and lies we have been hearing for decades. The main lie: “our immigration system is broken.” If by “broken” he means that the current laws are not being enforce then indeed it is broken.
Passing a new immigration law because the Executive Branch is not “faithfully executing ” the laws of the land would be like building a new “more efficient” manufacturing plant because your workers are on strike. The problem is that government officials are not doing their jobs not that there is anything wrong with the current system.
This is just like the lies told to garner support for Obama Care. Recall the “health care crisis”? My research showed that was a major farce. Obama promoted that there was “47 million” Americans without health care. Almost a quarter of them were in fact illegal aliens and not “Americans” and over 16% of them made in excess of 50,000 and another over 16% made in excess of $75,000 and chose to be self insured. In reality only about 7 million were chronically without insurance on a non-voluntary basis.
Any inefficiencies with health care system resulted from the government’s involvement in the healthcare system. The uniformed American public was lead to believe, in spite of objective evidence otherwise, that the health care system was broken just as they are being lead to believe the immigration system is broken.
As the old adage goes “”No one ever learns anything from history except that no one ever learns anything from history.”
Passing more laws which will not
be enforced is not a Solution

What we need is for the government to do its job. But, there is no reason to believe that the Executive Branch will enforce any new laws or start enforcing the current laws any more diligently after non-amnesty “amnesty” is granted AGIAN.

In 1982 in an infamous immigration case two opposing Justices identified the problem: The immigration laws had not been enforced since before 1972. In 1986 the promise was made by “Republican Liberals” to Ronald Reagan that if he agreed to amnesty they would agree to toughen up and enforce the immigration laws.

Reagan foolishly accept the offer on good faith and the promise for security and enforcement later in exchange for amnesty now. Dealing in “good faith” with liars and thieves is indeed naive if not foolish.

Ed Meese, Reagan’s Attorney General, said that Reagan later told him that signing the 1986 amnesty law was the greatest mistake of his Presidency.
Recall that President Reagan told the American citizens that the 1986 Amnesty law would be the “first , last and only amnesty ” law. After the “first and last” amnesty law additional amnesties were passed in 1994, two in 1997, 1998 and two in 2000. So a total of seven (7) amnesties were passed between 1986 and 2000. The 1986 was to cover about 1 million illegal aliens and ended up covering over three (3) million. The post 1986 amnesties included another three (3) million illegals.
Due to chain immigration the immigration numbers, both legal and illegal, increased exponentially as they will again.
Since 2000 there have been more mini amnesties and executive amnesties.
In 1986 we were told we were dealing with one (1) million illegals. It turned out to be over three (3) million. In 2006 we were told we were dealing with about ten (10) million but other sources put the number much higher including the American Legion which indicated the number was over 21 million. Now they are telling us we are dealing with 11 million but again other sources are telling us it could be as high as 30 million.
Lie Two: The GOP cannot appeal to Latino unless they Pander to Latinos on Immigration
Rove’s talking points are in lock step with the elitists / globalist GOP leadership such as GOP Chair Reince Priebus, John McCain, Lindsey “shut up you American bigots” Graham and Marco “flip flop” Rubio.
They all predict “doom and gloom” for the GOP (their GOP) if the party does not move to the left and throw out conservative principles such as the rule of law in order to pander to the Latino community. Frankly I do not believe conservative Latinos go for this rewarding of illegal behavior and a breakdown of the rule of law any more than any other conservatives.
Graham is a favorite speaker of “La Raza” (The Race – as in everything for the race) the radical racist open borders group. They just love his citizen bashing and citizen name calling.
The New GOP Globalist Party Scheme
The real plan of the New GOP Globalist Party (NGGP) is to make the GOP a shadow Democratic Progressive Party. That is why they ran (by hook or crook) non-conservative globalist such as McCain and Romney for President. It was a no lose strategy for them. If they won (not likely) they could consolidate their power, if they lost they could play the gloom and doom card and (hopefully) get the uninformed party loyalist to move to the left.
I would rather have no party than a non-principled party that will do whatever it thinks it must for motes. If that is OK with you just join the Democrats.
Recall it was Reince Priebus, Mitt “I really am a conservative” Romney and Speaker Boehner that help to orchestrate and execute the knife in the back to the conservative grass roots at the GOP National Convention in Tampa in 2012. In follow up House Whiner Boehner removed four congressmen from key committees for not following the agenda of the New GOP Globalist Party (NGGP) of looser spending, higher debt limits and more deficits. Those knifed include Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp, Walter Jones and Justin Amash.
The New GOP Globalist Party (NGGP) have even managed to co-opt Rand Paul who says we must do the “decent” thing for all these illegal aliens. (Recall he endorsed Romney over his dad at the GOPAC, was proposing useless NDAA fixes in the Senate and likewise putting out smoke as substance regarding the government’s use of drones and its assertion it could assassinate U.S. citizens. )
Political observers use to say one could tell when Teddy Kennedy was about to embark on a major political undertaking (such as running for President) because his hair would get ever more unruly. I think the same can be said of Rand and I notice his curls have been getting looser and looser every since GOPAC.
First Porkulus now Pork-igration
Reminiscent of the bribery that took place to get the 2009 Stimulus bill (Porkulus) and Obama Care through Congress the 2013 Amnesty bill is being loaded down with pork and favors. The bill should lose on its merits but the packing on of pork should give any real conservative just one more principled reason to shoot it down.
Tyranny by the Congress
Sen. Cruz said of the “gang of eight” bill it is like Obama Care. It will have to be passed to find out what is in the bill. I believe it is well over a thousand pages with all the amendments. Madison said it was tyranny when a bill was so voluminous it could not be read or so convoluted it could not be understood or change so frequently that one understanding it yesterday could not know what was in it today. That is the case with the gang of eight bill including the Hoeven-Corker amendment.
The New GOP Globalist Party (NGGP) is promoting the Hoeven-Corker amendment. (As was Karl Rove.) It is being promoted as the new solution to the “amnesty first security later” problem with the “Gang of Eight[traitors] ” bill. The reality is just a repackaging of more of the same deceptions. It is said to “guarantee” 750 miles of border fence. This will be the third or fourth time we have been snookered on the “fence” since 2006. First it was passed but not funded, the it was funded partially, then it was defunded.
It is not clear to all whether they are saying 300+ additional miles (bringing the total to 700+) or an additional 700+ miles. This was the same game they played last time. The only guarantee we have about Congress is what they say is not what they will do. To guarantee us anything there would have to be some type of “lockbox” mechanism…wait…. I recall the “lock box” did not work with Social Security….never mind.
Hoeven-Corker, we are told , is also going to double the number of border patrol agents. But the issue has never really been about the number of agents on the border but the fact the bureaucrats such as Janet Napolitano have prevented the agents from doing their job.
If you followed the immigration hearing links I sent out last week you will have seen what I am talking about. One of the witnesses , a border patrol union rep testified the administration was tying their hands behind their backs and not allowing them to uphold their oath of office and do their job. If you have been really following this issue you would not need to have heard this testimony to know that this has been going on since the beginning with this administration. (It was going on with Bush as well.)
Will it matter if we have 10,000 agents not enforcing the law or 20,ooo agents not enforcing the law? Let’s go for 100,000 agents!
This is the same B.S. we have been told for decades. This bill and the Hoeven-Corker amendment are not appropriations bills. There are no monies appropriated for this stuff. It is just like the three card Monty with the fence all over again. If and when money is appropriated it can be defunded. It is one big deceptive game.
Today the Democrats moved the Gang of Eight bill forward with the help of 15 “Republicans”. They are: Lamar Alexander, Kelly Ayotte (NDAA sponsor and supporter) , Jeffrey Chiesa, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham( NDAA sponsor and supporter), Orrin Hatch, Dean Heller, John Hoeven, Mark Kirk, John McCain (NDAA sponsor and supporter), Lisa Murkowski, Marco Rubio, and Roger Wicker.
The state and local GOP groups should pass resolutions declaring these folks the “untouchables” and “non-conservatives” . But, sadly, they will do nothing become they are either spineless or “players”. It is easier to say you are a patriot than to be a patriot especially for GOP party people.

Our main focus must be to build knowledge of the source of our Liberty and a healthy respect for what will happen to those who do not respect our Liberty. These 15 “guys” are presenting a “target rich environment” to make our point but atlas it will be a wasted opportunity. The Co-opted would rather “learn to work with the (traitorous) legislators”

For the sake of Liberty,

Richard D. Fry
General Counsel
F.I.R.E. Coalition

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    “What we need is for the government to do its job.” should be the mantra for generations to come.
    This is the source of most evil in this nation… government intrusion into Citizen’s private lives, doing what it was never meant to do, while neglecting the responsibilities it was charged with in the Constitution.

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