OPINION: Hurrah! Brownback is running for Governor again!!!!!!!!!!


What a relief it was to hear this week that Sam Brownback will be running for Governor! Let us look at a list of his greatest accomplishments:

1. He helped put Kathleen Sebelius, the most pro-abortion Governor in the Union, in charge of federal healthcare (and the mechanism for federalizing abortion.)
(In return he received no real challenge from the demos in his run for Governor.)
2. He voted for the Kennedy –McCain – Bush great amnesty act of 2007 before he voted against it (this flip flop took minutes and is on video.) This earned him the tag as “Senator Switchback”.
#It was like the current gang of eight amnesty bill.#
3. While campaigning for Governor he said Obama Care was “unconstitutional”, “socialism” and would “bankrupt” Kansas. He said he directed the Attorney General to file a lawsuit against Obama Care with the feds.
Yet even before he took office he cut a deal with Praeger and Sibelius obligating Kansas to implement Obama Care and its exchanges even if the Supreme Court found it to be unconstitutional.
He kept saying we were going to do it “Our way not the Obama way”. I publicly told him that was not possible and he told me that his analysis and that of others disagreed with me. #I have a video of this.#
Then when the heat got too much he returned the fed’s 31.5 Million dollars because he said the feds were not “flexible enough” #what I had told him and what experts were saying around the nation including Bev Gossage before she followed Sen. Cook and jumped on the Governor’s team.#
He also said due to the feds financial problems we could not rely upon the feds to keep its financial obligations and Kansas needed to be self-sufficient.
Within a matter of a few weeks he turned around and took more than double the amount of money he had returned from the feds and again obligated Kansas to implement Obama Care. He is still implementing Obama Care #Brownback Care# under that agreement with the feds.
4. He gave the Obama Care #OC# contract to Accenture a company formally associated with the United Nations and its Sustainable Development agenda. #Obama Care is a form of Sustainable Medicine.# A few days later the federal government announced it settled a law suit with Accenture #68M# for a decade long period of committing contract fraud and bid rigging. Accenture failed to reveal this law suit on its application for the OC contract with Kansas. Not a problem for the Gov.
Accenture has a very long history of broken contracts and being involved in questionable practices. In fact our own Attorney General canceled a contract with it and kicked Accenture out of the state just a few years prior to the Governor giving it the OC contract.
5. He has stifled just about every major attempt to protect Kansans from illegal aliens over the last two years and has discouraged the legislature from doing anything about it.
6. His Secretary of Ag has been negation with the Department of Homeland #in# Security to allow Kansas to legally hire illegal aliens. A bill was introduced in the 2012 session for this purpose i.e., a full employment act for illegal aliens.
#Illegal aliens have killed Kansans and robbed from us. That is how we got Amanda’s Law. As of 8/24/12. 100,000 of our fellow citizens have been killed by criminal aliens.#
7. When the SRS Director Siedlecki instituted a program to stop the SRS from assisting illegal aliens in committing identify fraud to get welfare, to the tune of tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars, he was let go by Brownback.
8. The Governor is now the number one promoter of Sustainable Development in Kansas. A worse and more dangerous scourge this country has never seen.
9.He has publicly encouraged people to “pray to a holy God”.
Brownback is the poster child for what is wrong with our political party system, our state, our Republic, the GOP and We the people.

If someone handed out the “Pinocchio ” award Sam would get it.

If this is the best, or even as close to acceptable, as Kansas can get we should act like the cat and cover it over and move on.

For the sake of Liberty

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  • snipe your comment

    Never vote for a lawyer,Sebelius,groomed by the Kansas Trail Lawyer Asso.Lawyers are all Pinocchio’s.

  • B

    Oh and he appointed John Bosch as judge for Riley/Clay County who gave a sentence of 2 months in COUNTY jail and 3 years probation/house arrest because someone drove drunk and killed two people! All because he was a good person/student who made a bad decision…………..

  • Bob Bowser

    But Governor Swithback’s a Republican. EVERYBODY in Kansas knows you can win if you put an “R” by your name. Just ask Pete, Charlie, or Diana or any other myriad of politicians who have deceived the public to get elected with no intent to “serve” their party OR their constituents.

  • Bob Bowser

    And Richard, “LEAVE our REPUBLICANs alone”… (not my comment, just repeating it from a grassroots compromiser).

    • really bob?

      treat your daughter with respect bob!

      • Bob Bowser

        mind explaining? ya lost me there.

  • Jesse Fields

    I get so darn tired of hearing all these liberal’s whine about Gov. Brownback. You lost, we won! We will win with Brownback again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jingle bells

      your loosing too unless you are in the 1%

      • Justa Dude

        Isn’t it sad that they’re not smart enough to realize this? If you work for an hourly wage and you vote Republican, you’re not very smuckin fart.

    • Gubenator

      Yeah, trust me you are losing too, you just aren’t smart enough to figure it out. Time will let you in on the secret. You’ll wake up in a couple years with your pockets empty and a for sale sign in your yard and wonder what you won!

  • Tracey

    Gov. Sam Brownback have my VOTE! Excellent jobs Gov. Brownback.

    • who’s wise

      Ya, excellent “jobs” Gov. Brownback… you have the support of “Tracey”, who judging from his/her comment is obviously an illiterate!!! “Gov. Sam Brownback have my VOTE”…God help us!!!

      • babethebeagle

        who’s wise,
        Tracey is a legal immigrant, and English is his second language. How many languages have you mastered? Putting people down for grammar/spelling in a forum is rude. You should have learned courtesy in kindergarten.

        You are the last person that should be criticizing anyone for their post, when you constantly plagiarize.

        • Who’s Wise?

          You still have yet to give even one example of me plagiarizing. Just like the righties, make false accusations to distract from facts! In case you didn’t notice, “Tracey” hasn’t even come close to mastering the English language!

          • Who’s Wise?

            “Tracey” better be thankful that republicans don’t still run this country, he’d probably have to pass a literacy test in order to vote if Sammie had his way! Actually, now that the Supreme Court has struck down key provisions of the voters right act, Tracey may soon see the err of his ways!

          • Who’s Wise?

            Wait a second…I just put two and two together. If it’s the “Tracey” I think it is, talk about someone voting against their own interests! Both economic and social!

  • reason

    Sam Brownback is a do nothing sucking off the koch brother’s teet, he is a terrible Republican and a Terrible Kansan, and deserves the boot.

  • Jinn

    You bring up some excellent points. Don’t forget he gave his pals the Koch brothers millions in tax cuts while the people still pay income tax. He also managed to keep a portion of a sunsetting tax.

    What is sad is that he will win by a substantial margin. Our system has failed us and is run entirely by cooks. They all make backroom deals and the democrats will throw up a worthless candidate who cannot win and even if that person does nothing will change. The elite do not care about parties they own them both.

    They are nothing more than puppets.

  • http://wtci me

    i have been fighting for my disability for the last four years an the state have been paying people thatbhave already passed,i will never understand why someone has to fight for something that is already meet for them,please someone explain.thanks.

    • http://salinapost.com What

      If you can type, get off disability and get a job!

      • heat

        @what…that is just rude. you do not know this persons condition or situation. perhaps their case would be taken care of properly if there were not rampant welfare fraud in this state and nation. give some thought and consideration before being so critical, insulting and rude.

  • jingle bells

    I am a social democrat but I have serious doubts about this disability system of ours…more are on the rolls…for frivilous “disabilities”. just another form of welfare.

    • heat

      (pay attention children)…i am a conservative republican and i agree with @jingle bells on this. some real reform needs to take place. (and that, my friends, is how rational, intelligent discussions begin. not with ideological blinders and name calling)

  • Jesse Fields

    Mr. Fry,

    Your goose is fried. What a nit wit. Just watch…..Sam will win BIG again.

    • R D Fry

      Hi Jesse,
      First , I am a constitutional conservative so this has nothing to do with the “liberals” whining so wake up.
      Second, if you believe that Sam Brownback is a conservative or a constitutionalist then you are very much misinformed. But, don’t feel bad there are a lot of you misinformed GOP types out there. A lot of you are partisans who put the “R” brand above the Republic’s interest like John McCain, Lindsey “shut up you bigots” Graham, Marco Rubio, Romney and the Bush’s. You do not even realize it is those such as these that have so diluted the “R” brand as to make it meaningless.
      I do not know what causes such wide spread ignorance. Perhaps laziness? It does take more than a insignificant effort to stay on top of the political mess which we have a duty to do. And, some of us do not find it fun.
      Self inflicted ignorance is no excuse for not carrying out your moral duty.
      Sam Brownback has lied to the citizens of this state on major issues including Brownback Care which he is implementing after he campaigned against it.
      He practices crony capitalism and is an opportunist and the number one support of Sustainable Development in the state. Sustainable Development is un-American and anti -Christian. But, I do not suppose you know anything about that either.
      A principled conservative does not lie and write it off to politics as usual. A principled conservative follows the Constitution 100% of the time because that what his / her oath to the Constitution requires. A principled conservative lets the citizens know where he / she stands all the time and does not try to hid their position (recall Senator Switchback) because it is their absolute right to know. Sam is like dust in the wind.
      Now really who is the name calling “nit wit”? None are so blind as those who will not see.
      “… ignorance, while it checks the enthusiasm of the sensible, in no way restrains the fools.”
      – Stanislaw Lem, His Master’s Voice
      “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
      Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.