Beef Recall in Kansas

Posted 2 years ago

By Post Staff

A Kansas Beef packaging plant has issued a recall over possible E. Coli concerns. Over 22,000 pounds of raw ground beef has been recalled from

National Beef in Liberal

National Beef in Liberal

the National Beef  Packing Company in Liberal. The Beef was packaged last month and shipped to retailers in 10 pound packages with the user sell by date of June 14.

So far nobody has reported sickness.

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  • NewAge

    What stores were they delivered to, brands etc? This information would be nice!

  • Jan

    Google it….

  • Country Girl

    Why not just include that in the story? Wouldn’t that be important news as well?

  • DTOM

    Yeah, I would like some more information too. Asking for information that should already be provided isn’t an unrealistic request.

  • Really

    If it wasn’t just scanner reports and headlines from AP then we can expect some more there is no real news

  • Libby

    E. coli, mad cow disease, salmonella….you put your life at risk every time you eat, more so when it’s the flesh of dead animals.