Shocked Salina Girl Still In Critical Condition

electrical junction boxesAn 11-year-old Salina girl who suffered an electrical shock while playing in a rainstorm remains in critical condition at a Wichita family.

An uncle of Jayden Hicks says the family has seen some improvements since the girl was hospitalized May 29 but he did not give specifics.

The girl was found lying on two in-ground electrical junction boxes in front of the Campbell Plaza in downtown Salina.

Four other children playing with her and a firefighter who was injured during the rescue were treated and released at a Salina hospital.

Fire Marshal Roger Williams said Wednesday an investigation into the incident is continuing, with a focus on electrical wiring that connects street lights, public restroom lights and traffic lights at three pedestrian crossings.

  • thinkthinkagain

    Such a tragic accident! Praying for her recovery and for her friends and family!

  • Really

    The question is who designed and who approved these two inground electrical boxes where this girl was electrocuted while playing in the rain? The electrical boxes were improperly grounded, they were located in an area where water could fill up the electrical boxes (which is never a good goal), and this innocent little girl was electrocuted, something that the state of Kansas refuses to do with convicted violent criminals.

    I hope the girl can recover, but the length of time she was subjected to violent electrical shocks is not a good indicator of her survival. Where is Mayor Barb in this electrocution of a child? Or is she still worried about buying cheap whiskey on Sunday for her drunken LGBT pals? Sickening.

    • Mandi

      LAME ending there buddy!

      • Really

        Has mayor barb visited the little girl in the hospital? No. Has she contacted the girls family and informed them that the city will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the electrocution? No. Has mayor barb taken any action to fill the potholes in Salina streets or order backup tornado siren systems for the future? No.

        Mayor barb is nowhere to be found on any of the important problems facing Salinans. She majors on minors and she’s been a total failure so far.

        • chrissy

          Really, Have you visited this little girl? Whats your problem against the mayor?! Stay on the subject. It is horrible what happened to this little girl,You’ve made your comment about the mayor already, why keep bashing her? All you are is a loser, a bitter individual. Could you do a better job at mayor? Whats your name so we can vote for you. Instead of running your mouth remaining anonymous.At least the mayor can stand up for what she believes in and not hide.

    • Doh

      I thought your post was fairly eloquent til I got past the first sentence of the second paragraph. Try to stay on topic next time please.

    • Really

      We don’t have a mayor, we have a faker, who has no concern for the problems facing all Salinans – potholes, broken tornado sirens, and a sidewalk that electrocuted a little girl dancing in the rain.

      The mayor has failed to address any of these problems and she needs to tell us why she has been more concerned about lgbt and whiskey on Sunday issues than the potholes, broken sirens, and electrocuted girl.

      • MookieBlaylock

        Did the mayor pee in your cheerios too?

  • http://salinapost getagrip

    Come to think about it, I don’t believe there has been any statement from our mayor. I could be wrong however. City of Salina should have spent a little money and had an independent review from an out of town electric professional. The question of cause might have been answered by now. If the family could afford to have it done, I would say it would be worth the money to bring someone in at their expense for an opinion as to the cause. This might help erase any doubt, if there is one, about a City of Salina employee’s opinion. If the family has retained an attorney, I am quite sure he has already thought about that.

    • boo boo rat cage

      her lawyer will take care of that….

  • NI4NI

    Should it really take this long to determine the cause? Poor thing!!!

  • okay

    At a Wichita family?????

    • Jeannie

      typo obviously. She is at Via Christi.

  • I think

    During lightning storm the child should of been at home in the first place. Secondly it was an accident! Who knew this would of happened? And if it was someones job to make sure it did ‘t happen then fire them
    Third they are not going to make any statements with out finding a problem first, possible law suit, you can’t say JACK.

    • http://salinapost curtiss roberts

      Lightning did not have anything to do with it and ya it was an accident and my family is dealing with it all kids love to play in the water after it rains and so do some adults noone could have known this would happened but it did and we will deal with it the best way we know how

      • http://salinapost getagrip

        You are so correct. Kids love to play in the water after a nice rain. Even at my old crusty age I still enjoy going outside after a rain and as a kid it was so enjoyable to play in the puddles after a rain. Whatever happened I hope the cause will be determined and fixed so there will not be a repeat. My sincere thoughts are with the family for the little girls full recovery and for the others injured. This incident has been on my mind since it happened and everyday I pray for her. I wish in my heart of hearts nothing less than her full recovery.

    • Kelli

      The fact of the matter is that a young girl is fighting for her life and her family is fighting just as hard. There is no need for judgemental comments in reference to what or where she should of been doing! Voice that opinion somewhere else, not on a public forum that her family may read. Lightning wasnt the issue, negligence on properly maintaining and inspecting these electrical boxes was. Nothing else matters except the facts.

  • Doh

    A good friend who is a professional electrician says these boxes are over 20 years old and should be inspected annually. He says the City of Salina has not been doing that. The past several days, though, the downtown area has been crawling with trucks from Precision Electric. I imagine they are performing inspections and/or repairs that should have been done a long time ago. A bunch of us went out to eat the other evening in downtown Salina (days after this accident) and we could see EXPOSED wires STILL on some of the conduits that stick up from the sidewalk along the fronts of the buildings. This was an accident just waiting to happen and I realize that all of the problems cannot be fixed at once but sheesh! Still exposed wires in areas in downtown Salina!

    My heart goes out to the family and this poor little girl. May she have a complete recovery.

  • it’sabouttime

    the city was hoping with the sidewalk sculptures (“art walk”) you wouldn’t see the exposed wires and faulty junction boxes.

  • wakeup

    Hey Really, Q:Why aren’t you the mayor? A: Because then you would have to whine about yourself.