Salina To Allow Sunday Sales Of Packaged Liquor

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 5.56.27 AM(AP) – City commissioners in Salina have voted to allow sales of packaged liquor on Sundays and three designated holidays.

Monday’s unanimous vote clears the way for the new ordinance to take effect in 61 days, unless a petition is filed to block it. The petition would have to be signed by registered voters equaling 25 percent of total turnout in the most recent city election.

The ordinance would allow Salina businesses to sell packaged retail liquor between noon and 8 p.m. on Sundays and on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

The topic first came up two weeks ago during a discussion about microbreweries. There were no comments from the public for or against the proposal at Monday’s meeting.


  • dang!

    follow along lemmings another abilene thing salina follow along

    • tracr

      This remark is completely useless. This is like saying that Kansas as a whole is full of a bunch of lemmings for becoming a state just because 33 other regions were already states before Kansas. Selling liquor on Sundays is no more an Abilene thing than stupid comments are a Salina thing (see above).

      • Herb

        yea, Abilene was just trying to be like Solomon and Chapman anyway

    • Free speech denied

      I said it before and I will say it again I am so glad to live in a town where they do nothing about DUI except when there is special enforcement and then they let them off and it has been awhile since I lost a family member to a DUI crack smoking member of Salina lets ad another day they can drive drunk to the store to get more thanks Salina let’s change the city logo to a beer can and a crack pipe

      • Anon

        Do nothing about a DUI? People are arrested all the time for DUI’s and they are very expensive to get, this is the DUI capital. I fail to see how allowing a half an extra day of liquor sales is going to even remotely increase the number of DUI’s.

  • Yo

    Didnt only 12 people show up for the last election? Shouldnt be to hard to get 25% of that if people are actually opposed to it

  • it’sabouttime

    it’s difficult to get public comment when the meetings are held during the day when most people are working.

    • Ice Road Trucker

      Except for the democrats and other assorted leeches on society that have no such comittments to meet

  • Hot rod

    Thats why they have the mettings when everyone is working. Because they don’t really want the public to have a say what gose on with the city or county and they do whatever they want to do.
    Now we can have more DUI’s

  • the truth

    Great! More drunk hillbillies!

  • JustaDude

    If people are going to get drunk not selling liquor on Sunday will not slow them down, that is ridiculous. I’ve lived in a lot of other states and always liquor was sold in the grocery stores and on Sunday and they actually have way less drinking issues than Salina.

    • TheDudeAbides

      Not to mention that all anyone has to do is drive ten miles to solomon to get beer/liquor. All this ordinance was doing was taking money out of Salina biz’s hands and giving it to Solomon.

      • hi

        So now the solomon store will be pretty much closed down due to this change in law. A significant portion of their sales is from sundays, as is Lindsborg’s store. Now, take their sunday sales, and distribute it between the 16 liquor stores in Salina. Think that is enough to keep the doors open and pay for overhead?

        • Jerry Jerry Jerry


        • Bobby

          The liq in Solomon has been open for decades, before and after the allowance of sales on Sundays. I think they’ll be fine.

          • Hello

            yup!! we like our beer over here. last time it flooded that was the first place people started sand bagging was the liqour store.

        • Irony

          Boo hoo. That is capitalism, deal with it.

    • John

      I’ve never understood the no alcohol on Sunday thing anyway. Why have it at all? Who’s it for? It would be like no cigarette sales on Sunday. Why is Sunday so special anyway?

      • hi

        Sunday was the lords day back in the good ol’ days and many of the sects of religion and members of their church that settled in kansas wanted to keep it that way. Sobering up and heading to church one out of 7 days would probably do a lot of our citizens some good.

        • Jerry Jerry Jerry

          Sounds like a good hypocrites response, act holier than thou and booze it up the rest of the week.

          • skydvrboy

            Hey now, if it was OK for Jesus himself to have a few glasses of wine, it must be OK for me too!

            After all, his first miracle was livening up a party by turning water into fine wine. Surely there must be some significance to that miracle being his first.

  • Jerry Jerry Jerry

    well garsh now wes can gets our booze on sunday instead uf tryin to remember to buy it saturay…thank garsh that was hard werk

  • ಠ_ಠ

    It is possible to purchase and consume alcohol at bars and restaurants on Sundays/holidays now, which puts these drunk hillbillies on the road *after* they have consumed. This will allow people to purchase to consume at home. It will allow liquor stores to be open an additional day of the week *if they choose to do so*, allowing them to make more money.

    I know that there were posts by some of the employees of Brooks and other establishments when this topic was on here months ago stating that they wanted their Sundays off. Discuss this with your employers. This new ordinance does not mandate that liquor stores be open on Sundays/holidays nor does it force you who do not wish to buy alcohol to do so. Move along.

    • ಠ_ಠ

      forgot the quotes. should read “drunk hillbillies” – the truth’s words, not mine.

    • skydvrboy

      Wow… freedom combined with capitalism, what a novel concept! Who would have ever thought of that.

  • Marine

    Talk about an economy booster!!

    • hi

      If you do the research, its about a 3-5% gain in alcohol revenue. Not very significant.

      • Marine

        I guess you couldn’t tell that I was being sarcastic, but thanks for the useful information!

  • Anonymous

    Remember each liquor store in salina has the option of not opening up on Sundays or holidays if they choose not to!

  • josh

    Wow people that drink are really that worried about getting alchol 7 days a week instead of six . Kinda sounds like an addicttion problem. I’ve got my paper ready for everyone against this Sunday sells .. marijuana not alcohol

    • SamgoesHAM

      Yeah I’m with you josh

    • hey

      and marijuana is not an addiction? people that do it now while its illegal sounds more like an addiction to me. you would think people would buy enough beer saturday to cover for sunday anyway

      • YouPeople

        Marijuana is not addictive.. Science has proved this. Educate yourself

      • christians suck eggs

        people smoke weed because their tired of your fake christian happiness. I use torn out pages of a bible to roll my joints. GETTING HIGH ON GODS WORD!

        • Marine

          No, you use the pages because you are too broke to go out and buy actual joints!! This is probably because you are just another lazy POS who depends on your gov’t pay check every week. Do us all a really big favor, and wash your mouth out with buckshot!

          • ????

            you first bible terrorist. no wonder they killed Jesus….

    • ಠ_ಠ

      Wow people that don’t drink are really that worried about getting alchol (sic) 7 days a week instead of six . Kinda sounds like control issues.

    • Vet

      Some of you need to keep up with the news…. The reason this was a change, was to allow the new Micro Breweries the ability to sell packaged products on Sundays.
      ….not exactly a “hill billy” hangout.. Hey – that should be a song title…

  • sh wheet


    • YES!

      go choke on that evil bible of yours.

  • old salina

    So let’s see no sale on sunday is what salina what’s well I must ask myself is this a small amount of citizens that what this or we just complaining because less people will follow the chisten faith then an that just burn you up my self I csn have a nice wine on sunday with my meal.

    • NI4NI

      What are you trying to say? Take a breath and start over. If you drink, it’s nice to not have to worry about getting alcohol the day before. I don’t drink much and the last time I went to Wal-Mart, I grabbed a case of Coors, along with all my other groceries. Almost got to the register before my wife realized it was a Sunday. Had to put it back and go without. It wasn’t a big deal for me, but this just makes it easier for everyone wanting a drink.

  • ksumom22

    What is “packaged” alcohol? Does that mean beer, coolers, etc at convenience and grocery stores (aka: weak beer)? Or are they talking about sells at liquor stores also, to include liquor and strong beer? I know several liquor store owners in Abilene, they weren’t too happy when the Sunday liquor sells was passed there. It was their one day off.

    • skydvrboy

      It means alcohol in a closed container, i.e. not in a glass for immediate consumption. Where it is sold, grocery store, convenience store, liquor store, microbrewery, does not matter. FYI… they can still be closed any day of the week they choose to be closed.

  • Ice Road Trucker

    It’s about time we drove the last nail in Carrie Nations coffin and got rid of this tea-totaling jesus-freak legislation, and got back to people making their own decisions.

    • steve

      God bless you for common sense! pun intended. carrie nation just never got laid. that was her problem.

    • scab scratcher

      Hmmm, tsk-tsk

      • YES!

        scab scrather never got laid either.

  • steve

    If your against this, try shoving your bible further down your throat before you do it to mine. I’ll shove that book of lies up your a**

  • jimbo

    Now I hope grocery stores and quick shops will be next to offer the elixir of a Sunday.


    WITH BEER SELL ALLOWED ON SUNDAY. My illegal booze store will loose money! OH NO! I will lose business to real law abiding business! wake up nazi christians. when make something illegal you create a dangerous unregulated black market.

  • 67601

    more beer sales = more tax revenue, more tax revenue = more money to waste on public art and the river project. plus if more people are drunk when they announce the next waste of public funds they’ll be less likely to protest. Sedate the masses then rob them blind.

  • Lol

    Lol let the DUI page grow longer oh well more money for that lovely art work I guess bahahahaha!!!

  • RealSizzurpSippa

    Soooo…’s Sunday. And there is still no word on if the bill has been blocked or not…..